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"But mom..." Said the owlet complaining

"I already said. No! You barely learned how to fly and already want to hunt?" responded the white owl facing the exit of the hollow.

The little Snowy Owl looked to his claws, disappointed with her answer.

"Shard, stop being childish." This time, was his father who said "Give it some time and you will see that you will be hunting before you notice."

Shard did not always understand the phrases of his father, but for him, that meant ''It is too early''

"All right..." he said a little despondent

And then, his mother went to the hunt. Shard knew that she wouldn't be back for some time. The hunting was scarce during that time of the year.

"Shard, I'll go out a little..." The father said while opening his wings. " It seems that our Rabbit's ear moss it's over. Maybe I'll be late for dinner. Tell Mary that if I'm not here when she arrives, that you two can start eating.

"No problem..." He said distracted while was looking the landscape that the nature has offered him from the entrance of the hollow where he lived: Tall trees covered with flowers, the stars were shining brightly at the sky just above a lake that reflected the light of the full moon.

The time had passed and his parents didn't showed up. The owlet simply didn't mind being alone. He was used to the loneliness. He didn't change his view for a minute. That landscape really mesmerized him. Shard kept looking at the view and he would be looking until dawn if he was not awakened by a strange noise. He knew immediately that something had fallen from the sky.

He flew to the site of the crash and found a book. Upon examining it, noticed that the book was old, the pages were yellow and the language in the book seemed to be half Hoolian and half a unknown language. "What in the name of Glaux is written in this book?"

He looked at the book again and was paralyzed for a few minutes when he found out who was the author. It was himself! His name was written in the book. Shard turned the book and on the back was a picture of an animal he had never seen before. The animal had no beak and no feathers. In the place of the wings, he had two members with four cavities within the limits of its extension and in the place of the thin paws with claws, he had two fat rods covered with a kind of wide tissue. He sighed. It wasn't he who had written the book...obviously.

"Would this be that animal that all the owls refer to as 'The Others'?"

He could not stop thinking about the content of that book and did not think twice when he decided to decipher it. Soon as picked up the book in its claws,he flew into the hollow where he lived and hid the book under his nest." My parents already should be coming. I will leave to read it tomorrow... "

Just as he finished his thought, his mother entered in the hollow screaming for his name.

"Shard! Shard!"

The owlet leaved his nest and found the mother gasping.

"What happened?" Was all he could say.

"No time for questions! We gotta get outta here!" She said as fastly as she could while trying to take a deep breath.

"Get out? But why?!"

"Can't you see that the forest is on fire!" She screamed.

Shard ran for the exit and saw something scary. The fire was making a perfect circle around his tree. Where was the wonderful landscape that he was seeing just minutes ago? All he saw was flames and more flames. He had never heard of a fire that burned so intensely and with such perfection. It was almost impossible to escape. "I'll be burned alive!"

"Come with me." Said Mary determined

"To where?!" Shard said terrified.

"To the top of the tree... and try to not go yeep!"

The white owlet thought that going yeep was the minors of their problems."How we are going the leave this place?!"

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