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Soren was looking the horizon when He felt the hot wind in his face. After analizing the weather conditions, he knew right away that there was a fire at Silverveil. The branch on which he was perched trembled when another owl landed at his side.

"Sir, there was a fire at Silverveil." It was Poot, the second in command of the weather interpretation chaw.

"Yes, I noticed. Gather all the owls that are double-tapped. Bubo needs some bonk coals…

"Yes, sir!" and then he flew toward the hollow of the members

Soren kept looking at the sky. It was already dark when he felt a immense sadness after remembering of his beloved nephew and previous king: Coryn.

"Coryn, I swear to you that I'll try to be a king as good as you were. Now that you soul is in Glamoura, I hope to look at the stars and chose the right decision. Guide us to a better future."

And after his silent speech, he flew to the dinner room. Poot was waiting with Martin, Ruby and Wensel.

"Only them?" asked Soren

"Yes… the others are training in other chaws."

Soren then, called Octavia, the kielian snake that was the nest maid of Ezylryb. She reached then with five raw voles. The silence was almost absolute, until Ruby said

"Soren, I think that we may need someone from the Search and Rescue chaw."

Soren looked to her and blinked.

"Why? It's just a burning in Silverveil."

"One of our slipgizzles arrived some minutes ago and said that he saw a family of Snowy owls that lost the hollow. Maybe there might be more lost owls and…"

Everyone looked to Ruby and then, she concluded.

"…and he said that the fire wasn't normal."

Soren was starting to be interest in the fire

"How come it wasn't normal?" asked Martin

"Well… he said that the fire was uncommon. He burned much stronger than a normal fire and, for some reason, the fire didn't spread. He made a circle around one tree after burning those around it."

Suddenly, a Spotted owl entered the dinner room and said:

"I bet is a kind of crowning."

Everyone looked immediately at her.

"Otulissa! What are you doing here?" asked Wensel.

"I was just passing by when unintentionally I heard Ruby's description. If the fire burned the trees around, while the fires jumps from tree to tree, it is a crowing. But still, I have my doubts…"

Soren finished his vole and said:

"Poot, call Gylfie and Eglantine. If I'm not wrong, they were at the library. Ruby, wake up Digger. He is at the hollow. Martin, call Twilight. He is helping Bubo with the battle claws and ask him to bring one. Maybe we will need it. And you come with us too, Otulissa. We will need your brain.

Otulissa was excited. That would be the first time that she would fly with the Weather Interpretation chaw after becoming a ryb.

"You can count on me!"

While the owls of Ga'Hoole were preparing to fly, Shard was starting to wake. He opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the book.

"Mom? Dad? Someone is there?" he asked, but all he could hear was the wind. "I'm alone for now." He went to the edge of the hollow and looked to the sky. It was almost the time of the first black. "How long have I been asleep?" He went back and held the book.

"Let's see what mysteries you have…" and then, he opened it and tried to read the first page. As he already imagined, he understand almost nothing, but he didn't gave up. He tried to imagine what each unknown word could mean and let his gizzard guide him. His translate looked like this:

"I can predict the future. To prove that, the first living being that is reading this has the same name as me: Shard…"

Shard was shocked and thought that the translation was wrong, but definitely the word written was "Shard"...

"I create a language that allows me to talk with the owls. It is a language that has words in Hoolian and my own language. The humans language…"

Shard realized that anyone knew that the "Others" were called "humans". He was the first person to discover it.

"I wrote another nine books. If you want to know more of my story and perhaps, more of yourself, search for the others books. To prove that I have no reasons to lie, the first one to read this, that is Shard, is a Snowy Owl and…"

Shard was startled again when the prediction of the book was right., but he noticed that the book ended there. All the other pages had the same words.

He closed it

"For Glaux's Sake! Now I'm curious… I will try to collect all the nine!"

At that moment, Shard's parents entered at the tree. Shard decided to don't tell anything about the book to his parents.

"Oh, Shard! You finally awake! Are you feeling well?" asked Mary.

Shard blinked. No, he was not feeling well, but he didn't know why.

"Sweetheart, of course he is feeling strange, He looks like a Great Gray!" said Dain while was laughing at his son's face.

Shard looked to his feathers. "So… it was because of this that I have been feeling weird." Until that moment, he hadn't noticed that his feather were as dark as a coal.

"I only hope my feathers don't stay stained…" said the owlet and started to laugh too.

A feature that Shard doesn't possess was the vanity. Lots of owls liked to impress others with the vanity, but Shard was the unique owl that his parents knew that had the audacity to be himself while trying to impress someone: a owl that is happy, funny, curious, a bit lonely and not vain.

"Do not even think about this, Shard!" Said his mother, perplexed. "Go take off those soot from your feathers before you stay like a Great Gray forever."

"…or a Spotted owl." Completed Dain.

Mary gave him a withering look.

"What? It's true! I already saw Barn owls and Snowy owls that were full of spots because of the soot!" Dain said gesturing his wings as he tried to explain what he said.

Shard enjoyed watching the gentle bickering of his parents, but he really needed to take out all that "black" from his body, and them, he flew to the lake that was near the new hollow.

After washing himself, he noticed that only one of his feathers became stained. "Mom is not going to like this…" and then, he looked at the direction of his old tree that was still burning. "how could this happ…" His thought was interrupted after listening to soft beats.

He turned his head from side to side and then, his hunter's senses sharpened when he noticed a fat vole. He hadn't eaten since he woke.

Shard then, flew high and saw that the vole was inside the tree, in a part that had already burned and was on the ground. He was approaching with caution and when the vole left the tree, he dived and killed the animal with a strong peck at the head, just like he saw his mother doing.

"Not bad for the first hunt." He said happily and then, swallowed the animal. When he was about to leave, he looked to where he was. It was the part of the tree where the nest of his father was. He then, stared at the wood that had some scratches. He recognized his father handwriting at the wood. It was difficult to read due to the soot and the moss.

Shard then had an idea. He knew that if his mother discovers that one of his white feathers became stained, she would be mad. But, nothing would happen if she didn't found out, right? He plucked his stained feather and he felt a little pain, but nothing serious. He tried to copy the scribbles on the earth that entered in that part of the tree.

"OK, this is a B… this is the Q…No, it's not the Q… it's the O!...

He spent some minutes there and when he found out what was the word, he felt a stir on his gizzard. It was like a tempest were inside his body. He knew that that word was very important, although he didn't know the meaning of it. Only one owl could answer his question: his father.

The white owlet flew a little strange because of the missing feather, but he fast stabilized the flight.

"When he reaches the hollow, he went trough his mother very fast, so that she could not see that one of his feather were plucked and went straight to talk with his father.

"Dad? Can I ask you something?

Dain was distracted while was putting the moss inside the improvised nests.

"Oh, Shard? Come on, when couldn't you ask a question to me?" he didn t even noticed that Shard took longer than the expected to return. Shard spoke at once.

"Dad, what is 'Boron'?"

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