== Eridan: Meet and talk with Sollux's fathers.

Sollux came back from upstairs after putting his cell phone back in his bag and sat next to you, careful not to sit on his tail. "So when're they comin' down here to pick you up?" You wished Sollux didn't have to go and call his parents, but he had to. Besides, you really wouldn't be able to explain this to your dad.

"Papa ith getting out of work right now and he'th picking up Dad then coming to get me." So his papa had to get his dad just for this? You didn't really like the sound of that. "Papa thaid he wanted to talk to you, too." Oh great, another thing you weren't looking forward to.

Why did you have to bring Sollux over tonight, anyways?

Oh right, you wanted to know if he was a troll or not.

Well, looks like you got your answer.

Sollux whines and sits back against the couch, his ears lowering as you look him over. He seemed to have yellow freckles where he normally had them, meaning along his cheeks, under his eyes, and across his nose. They were sort of cute in your eyes.

Anyways, his tail kept twitching as time went on, you two just sat in silence, the fire crackling the only sound in the house. It was a little awkward; you didn't know what to do. You just kept staring at those horns of his, wondering what they were for. As soon as you reached your hand over to graze one, he grabbed it, his claws slightly digging into your hand. "Don't. Fucking. Touch. Them."

Giving your hand back to you, his ears slick back and his tail seems to thrash more. It was adorable, but you guess there must be a reason for why he said that. It made you wonder why he wouldn't let you, and why he had just basically growled at you.

Sollux starts to play with the tip of his tail in his lap after he lets your hand go. You start to wonder when his parents will be here. "Hey, Sol? When will your da-"

"Not long, not sure though." He responded, twirling some of the fur at the tip of his slim tail. You really didn't want to wait that long, you wanted to just get this over with. Before you could stop what you were doing, you reached over and started scratching behind Sollux's twitching ear. Okay, maybe that was stupid. Wait, what?

This was priceless, sure he stiffened and his eyes were wide and nervous, but he started purring like a cat. A fucking cat. You couldn't help but to smile at that adorable little noise in his chest. His eyes fluttered shut and his tail was swaying gently and slowly. He was leaning into the touch and you even saw a little flush come to his face in yellow. Wait what yellow? Oh right, trolls have different colored blood.

The next thing he did surprised you. It looked like he wasn't even thinking like himself anymore, he crawled right on your lap, lying on his stomach and spreading out. His tail wagged slowly back and forth, sometimes hitting the back of the couch as you continued to scratch behind his ear.

Seriously, you couldn't believe that this was happening right now, Sollux would have never done this, and you know it.

The two of you stayed like that for quite some time before you heard a knock on the door, along with a doorbell. Must be Sollux's dads. All at once you stopped the scratching and you got him off your lap. He got himself together and both of you got up to go see who was at the door.

Peeking through the peephole, you saw two men that looked worried and anxious. One looked very much like Sollux, the other, well, not so much. Sollux looked worried, and he whimpered, his tail curling around his legs and his ears lowered. Biting the bottom of your lip, you undo the locks to your double doors and open the door.

You didn't even have time to blink before the Korean man that looked like Sollux grabbed his son in a tight hug. The other man, who had black hair walked in quickly. "Shut the door." He said sternly, and you listened, locking it afterwards.

Sollux and his father were talking, Sollux's head buried in his chest while the brunette whispered things to him. His other father was right by his son's side, rubbing soft circles in his back. You could hear Sollux whisper 'I'm tho, tho thorry, papa." Over and over again.

"Could you show us where your bathroom is?" The Korean man asks nicely, and you point down the hall.

You start to explain. "Just go down there and take a left at the second door, sir." He nods and whispers something to Sollux before the two padded down the hallway.

Left with just his other father, the man looked to where his son and husband were going before turning around to face you and fuck you were scared you would get the crap beaten out of you for finding out about all of this.

The two of you stare at each other in silence. The only reason you weren't talking was because you were waiting for him to say something first. But, maybe you should say something so he understands this a little more. "Look, Mr. Captor, I had no idea-"

"It's fine. Ampora, is it?" You can't believe he just interrupted you, but you decide to nod you head anyways. "Okay, listen, just don't tell anyone about this or Sollux and everything will be fine." Okay, that made you a bit nervous. They must really try and hide this as best as they could.

Then you heard the telltale sounds of Sollux and his other father coming. The man looked concerned and kissed the top of Sollux's head in between his horns, making him flush. That was adorable. "Thtop it, papa." He hissed, and you looked worried. His father though, he just bopped the tip of his son's nose.

You just can't believe how yellow his cheeks are, it's hilarious, but you don't dare laugh. "Sollux, go get your things so we can head home." The Korean man obviously had trouble talking in English, but wait, you start to wonder if possibly, Sollux can speak Korean like his dad most likely can.

That would be pretty kickass.

Anyways, you just stand there as Sollux walks up the spiral staircase and you're left with his fathers. They don't seem like bad people, quite the opposite really, but you're worried what they'll do now that you know about Sollux.

The two men are whispering a few things to each other that you can't hear besides hearing your last name and Sollux's name a few times. You really hoped that you would be able to see your crush again. Even if it was after all of this was over and you were never able to see what he truly looked like again, you would never forget today.

Coming back from downstairs with his bag, the Korean man had apparently brought a hoodie for Sollux and had the troll slip it on.

You still can't get it across and inside your head that this is what Sollux actually is.

It's weird to think about, really.

Anyways, they grabbed their son's tail, well, the black haired father did, and you watched Sollux squeak like a baby. That was adorable. The tail thrashed as his father stuffed it in his pants. Once it was done, Sollux was grumbling and putting the hood over his head. Luckily, at least you think so; the hood had holes in the horns for him.

Each of the older Captors said that they'd get in contact with you either tomorrow or the next day, and you said sure. You didn't know why they would have to say that, or why they would need to talk to you after this whole thing, but who knows.

After they walk out the door, you run upstairs to your room, thankful that your father wasn't home to see that. Grabbing your laptop from the shelf in the wall of your bed where your pillows leaned against, you started it up. Maybe Sollux would be on? You sure hoped so, you had a few questions to ask him.