I've always wanted to try writing drabbles (which are short little passages exactly 100 words). So, I chose to write a set about Konohana's kind hearted little klutz. If you're curious about the title, I decided Hiro would fall best into the year of the rabbit for the Chinese zodiac. Honestly, I think it hits him spot on, so I chose it as my title. I hope you enjoy these! I'm going to try writing 100. Woo!

The First Drabble: First Appearance

"Can I help you?" she asked curiously, surprised that a kid would show up without his parents. He wasn't from the village. He looked so very… cute. If her son was that adorable, she'd never let him out of her site. His large, innocent eyes were a dark coal color, and he only looked to be a child, maybe 12 or so. His soft looking hair was dark brown, his bangs in his face. Overall, he really was very cute!

"Dr. Ayame?" he asked curiously. She nodded and he looked relieved. "I'd like to train as an apprentice under you."

And with that I immediately stray from game cannon. Hiro was actually born in Konohana, and only left for the city to attend medical school (according to his date dialogue). However, in my set of drabbles he's just lived in the city his whole life. His parents are both still in the city. Also, his eye color may be dark brown. However, his official wedding attire art has his eyes depicted as dark grey. So, I'm making them coal grey.