On the outskirts of Pixie Hollow leis a forbidden realm where rouge fairies and sparrow men dwell. Rouge fairies and sparrow men are the unfortunate former members of Pixie Hollow that have somehow betrayed the fairy community. The leader of the rouges is Razor. Razor is Queen Clarion's brother who felt that he should be king, but when it was decided that Clarion was the one worthy of the throne, Razor attempted to murder her, but obviously failed. Razor was then banished to the outskirts as punishment.

Even before his banishment, Razor was a fearsome fellow. He stood tall, just as tall as his sister. His hair was raven black and his skin was much paler than Clarion's. He always wore black and red, and nothing else. His most notable feature was his sharp vampire like teeth, which struck fear into many whenever Razor would merely smile. Appearance aside, Razor was undoubtedly intelligent and cunning. He often manipulated others into doing his bidding. He's also known for his fiery temper, which often led to the death of whomever's annoying him.

As centuries would pass, thousands of fairies and sparrow men went rouge, and Razor decided to wait until the number of rouges was big enough to finally make his move on dominating Pixie Hollow. On the first day of winter, the one millionth rouge entered the outskirts, and Razor found this to be the perfect time to act.

"My poor rouges!", Razor announced. "Today marks the one millionth time Queen Clarion has turned her back on one of her pixies! For centuries we've been lying in this dirt infested wasteland they call the outskirts, and for centuries they've been living the highlights!"

The crowd cheered as Razor ranted, and his trusty, yet bumbling minion, Scrump, stood aside him cheering him on excitedly.

"Now that we have enough warriors", Razor continued, "we shall make our mark and dominate Pixie Hollow, turning it into our domain!"

With these words the crowd applaud uncontrollably and Razor smiled down upon his rouge followers, absolutely certain this plot cannot fail. After moments of cheering, Razor continued on.

"Prepare yourselves my friends, for tomorrow we attack, and no one, not even Queen Clarion, shall get in our way! Rouges unite! Rouges assemble! ROUGES DOMINATE!"

The speech ended and Razor returned to his quarters, with Scrump following behind.

"That was magnificent sire!" Scrump said excitably. "I can't wait until tomorrow."

"Neither can I my friend" Razor replied. "Soon Pixie Hollow will be infested with rouges, and I shall rule as king."