Vidia and Tink hid behind a large boulder and held on to each other tightly as the castle exploded. When the noise died down, Vidia peeked her head up to see that everything was clear, and the reign on Razor was finally over. Vidia stretched her hand out for Tink and the two embraced each other lovingly.

"You okay sweetie." Vidia asked as she squeezed Tink.

"I am now." Tink whispered as she squeezed back.

The fairies then shared a passionate kiss as the worse was over, and they no longer had to worry about separating. Vidia then took a piece of her outfit to wrap around Tink's stab wound. Just then, Clank and Bobble appeared on the balloon with Rosetta, Iridessa, Fawn, Silvermist, and all the fairies that retreated to the outskirts, with them.

It was a breathtaking sight seeing all of her close friends safe. Tink and Vidia cheered as the fairies and sparrow men began to praise them for taking down Razor. The balloon landed and Tink and Vidia were greeted by some of their closest friends. From Terence to Glimmer, from Chloe, to Fira. Everyone was alive and well, even Fairy Mary and the ministers.

Fairy Mary approached Tinker Bell with open arms and tears. "I'm so proud of you my dear."

"Thank you Fairy Mary." said Tink as she teared with joy.

"We'd better get started on preparations if we're ever going to fix up Pixie Hollow." said Fawn with a groan."

"Sorry my dear" said the Minister of Summer. "But Pixie Hollow's far too damaged for living now. We'll just have to find a new home."

Tinker Bell and Vidia looked at each other and smiled. "We know the perfect place." Vidia said as she squeezed Tink's hand.

A few months later, the fairies and sparrow men now flourished in the jungle paradise Tink, Clank, and Bobble stayed during Razor's reign. It was perfect for everyone, and Tink even used the power of the moonstone to make the original home tree the new pixie dust tree.

As for the new queen, the fairies and sparrow men immediately nominated Tinker Bell but the tinker knew her duty was to be a tinker, so the position instead went to Fairy Mary, who was honored.

Tink and Vidia watched over the jungle at the top of the hill are held each other while they did.

"I'm so proud of you Tink, you really came through for yourself." said Vidia as she kissed the tinker.

"I came through for us." Tink replied with a smile.

With that, Tink and Vidia kissed each other passionately and realized that it was their love for each other that saved the fairies and sparrow men. After all, love is much stronger than power.

Well that's it everyone. Thanks for the reading the story and tell me what you thought. I'll most likely make more Tink stories but they won't really tie into this as my stories will have separate continuities. However, Tink and Vidia as a couple will remain constant in all more stories. Thanks for reading!