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Emmett had commented not two minutes before what an easy job it was: being a cop in Forks.

"You jinxed it," Edward growled a split second before he threw himself out of the passenger side of the cruiser.

"Get the girl!" Emmett ordered as the two went barreling forward.

They were on a stretch of highway not far from Newton's Olympic Outfitters when they saw what looked to be a woman struggling with a blond man. As they approached, they watched the little brunette drive her elbow into the man's stomach, heard his snarl of, 'fucking bitch!', and then her pained scream as he backhanded her hard. It was only when he saw the two cops almost on him that he let go of her, throwing her to the forest floor.

Edward went to her, trying to help her up while Emmett tackled the asshole perp to the ground. The woman shoved him away violently, trying to get to her feet but tumbling back down again. "Get off me!" she shouted.

"Miss, you're fine. We're cops."

She looked up at him, her big, frightened brown eyes sending a jolt down his spine. Was it because she was so fierce looking? She looked like a tiger ready to pounce, which was ridiculous because she was the size of a kitten.

"I'm fine," she insisted, pushing his arm away as she tried to get to her feet. "I'm fine!"

She wasn't. She was shaking like a leaf and seconds from falling again.

The blond man was raving and though she was trying not to, she flinched when he directed his venom at her, struggling in Emmett's grip to get to her again. Edward stepped in front of her, his arms out protectively.

"We've got you," he said softly. "I've got you."

Her lower lip trembled.

For some reason Edward couldn't name, he reached out to stroke her cheek. She was a pretty little thing, and it was killing him that she was so scared.

Her eyes locked with his, the brown watering over. She stumbled one step forward, into him, and he wrapped his arms around her, holding her as she shook and wept quietly. Edward closed his eyes, wondering how he could even notice how her little body fit exactly against his, her head tucked perfectly under his chin, at a time like this.

"Pathetic little b-" the blond man began, but Emmett hauled him up, pushing him face first up against a tree.

"You have the right to remain silent - which I adamantly request-" he dug his knee into the man's back "- you take me up on. Because, son? Congratulations. You just assaulted the chief-of-police's daughter."

Edward's back stiffened in shock.

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