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As much as Charlie might have wanted to ensure Edward and Bella were never alone together, he conceded the point rather quickly. Bella had to sit through the ever embarrassing 'are you being safe' discussion - which Edward actually would have paid good money to see - and Renee called to make sure Bella renewed her birth control.

After Bella died of embarrassment, they all fell into an easier rhythm. Charlie grumbled. His respect was hard earned but grudgingly granted. Bit by bit, as he saw for himself how well Edward treated Bella, his ill temper began to ease.

Still, he left them alone as seldom as he could, so when he left to go visit Sue on another long weekend, Edward shouldn't have been surprised when Bella was in his lap the second they couldn't hear his car anymore.

There was nothing sweet about her kisses. They were hard and fast, and the way she wiggled on his lap, grinding up against him, made her intentions clear. Just in case he had any misconceptions, her hands were between them, quickly undoing the button of his jeans.

Edward groaned. "Bella," he murmured warningly, trying to catch her attention. His body was betraying him quickly, holding her tightly, his hands running over her back, down to her ass as his lips sought to match her kiss for kiss. "Bella we-" Kiss. "Should go-" Moan. "Upstairs."

Out of deference to Charlie, they relegated their sexy shenanigans to when they were at his house or - even when her father was gone - her room. The last thing they needed was him walking in on them again.

Bella pulled back only enough to rid herself of her shirt. Traitor that it was, his hand went immediately to her breast, his thumb brushing her nipple. She gasped as she put her mouth back to his. "Can't wait that long," she mumbled against his lips.

"Oh, God." His words were a growl. "You make me so crazy, Bella. So absolutely out of my mind."

Again, her kiss was gone from him. She slid off his lap, dodging his hands as he tried to grab for her. Had she come to her sense?

But no, she only slid to her knees, her hands pushing his jeans and boxers down enough to pull out his cock. "Bella, we need to - Fuck!" He hissed as her hot, wet mouth enveloped his cock, and she took him so he hit the back of her throat.

Keeping her hands on his shaft, stroking two fingers from his base to the tops of his balls, she released him from her mouth long enough to smirk at him. "That's the idea."

His body bucked up as she took him in again. "Holy Christ," he whined. "That mouth. Where did you get such a filthy, talented mouth?" His fingers threaded through her hair

She looked up at him from underneath her eyelashes. With her lips wrapped around him, watching his cock disappear and reappear from her mouth, Edward was downright flummoxed.

This impossible girl, this woman, did things to him he would happily spend the rest of his life trying to unravel.

She worked him until he was slick and hard and then she stood, pulling him up with her, pushing up onto her tiptoes to kiss him even as she tugged at his pants. He tugged at hers. When their pants and underwear fell into puddles on the floor at their feet, Bella gave Edward a light shove at the center of his chest. She pounced instantly, straddling him and swallowing any protest he might have with her fervent kisses.

His hands firm around her bottom, Edward stood. Bella gave a little groan of protest but quickly wrapped her legs around him, attacking his mouth. He had every intention of getting her into her bed, but he faltered on the stairs, utterly unable to go any further. He set her down on the steps, pushed her legs apart and was sheathed inside her in seconds.

There was absolutely no way this position could be comfortable for her, especially as quick a rhythm as he set. But Bella didn't complain. She shifted beneath him, so he was deep inside her. She had one hand braced on the stair above her, the other cupped around his neck, occasionally gripping the hairs at his nape.

As he moved in her, he swallowed her moans and the whines he elicited at the back of her throat, trading her his own. She was only the lion now: predatory, on the hunt.

If he had any breath left, he would have told her. She didn't have to hunt him. He was hers. Plain and simple - she had him.

Because he couldn't speak, he tried to show her. Couldn't she feel it in the way his body moved to be part of her? The way he moved in her then - like he could never get deep enough. He wanted to disappear in her. He would let her consume him entirely and live happily. He breathed her name in moans and sighs between long, deep kisses. She was the taste on his tongue, the rush of heat throughout his body, the coil of pleasure crying for release and begging to be prolonged all at once.

Bracing his arms against the wood steps, he arched his upper body away from her, driving his hips hard against her, when he came.

Edward's arms were shaky as he held himself aloft, not wanting to pin her to the stairs. He kissed her forehead and then her lips - mere soft brushes.

Gradually, Edward became aware that something was off. Bella was clinging to him, her arms wrapped around his neck, her lips occasionally seeking his. She was trembling - a reaction he had the oddest notion it had nothing to do with their lovemaking.

When he was reasonably sure he was steady, he stood, sweeping Bella up into his arms. She buried her head at his neck, saying nothing as he carried her to her room and laid her down on the bed. Instantly, he was over her, his body covering hers. Now that they were on a soft mattress, he pressed his weight into her as he kissed her.

He kissed her until they were breathless again and then lay his head on her breast until they calmed.

"Not that I'm going to complain because that was ridiculously hot," he murmured, rolling onto his side, keeping her in his arms. "But are you going to tell me what's got you so twitchy?"

That she didn't deny it told him how truly disturbed she was. He kissed the side of her head, trying not to feel so nervous, and waited for her to speak.

"I got accepted to the University of Puget Sound... and to USC." Her voice wavered and broke a little at the end.

Edward suddenly understood what was making her so upset. It was the same thing that made his stomach twist sickeningly at her news.

But he set aside that innate fear and hugged her close. "That's wonderful, Bella." He peppered kisses to her nose, her cheeks, her lips. "I'm so proud of you."

Her smile was shaky. She splayed her hand on his chest, stroking her fingers against his skin. "I was thinking... What if I don't want to go?"

"Bella," he sighed. How much he wanted to tell her to stay forever. They could make a life in this little town. They could be happy. His parents had been.

Her parents... not so much.

"You have to go to school - whichever school you want most," he said gently. "I know you don't know what you want to do with your life, and that's okay. You don't need to know for sure - not right now. But you need options."

"What about your options?" she asked, raising her head.

"I made my choices about school. I had those options already," he said slowly. "And I'm not about to prove your father's fears right and take them away from you." He stroked her cheek lovingly. "Dream big, sweetheart. Dream bigger than this little town. It doesn't mean you won't end up back here - it just means you understand the whole world is at your feet. Go to school. Open doors - it doesn't mean you have to walk through them."

She gave him a wry smile. "You sound like one big greeting card."

He laughed lightly, cuddling her close.

"But I don't want to leave you," she whispered, her voice trembling again.

"Oh, baby." He closed his eyes. For a moment he let himself feel the panic, the pain it would cause if she were to move on, away from a small town cop like her mother had. "That is the last thing I want, but you deserve the room to make big choices with your life."

He kissed her forehead for a prolonged moment. "I love you, and I'm not going anywhere. But I want you to have the room to figure out what you want for your life without feeling like you're tied to me or to this place.

Holding her at arms length, he cupped her face. "Who knows, Bella. The sky is the limit, but maybe you will want to come back here, open up a book story or... I don't know... a furless cat store."

She wrinkled her nose and laughed. "No."

He gathered her close again and kissed her nose. "Maybe you'll let me take care of you, and we'll raise five kids."

"You want five kids?" she squeaked a little.

"I said," he spoke firmly, staring at her pointedly. "Maybe you'll decide that's what youwant." He tilted his head a little, speaking as nonchalantly as he knew how. "And maybe you'll decide Forks doesn't have enough to offer you."

Her worried eyes found his. "And where does that leave you? Us? What if what I want doesn't align with what you want."

He ran the back of his knuckles down her cheek and looked at her with a completely serious expression. "This, what we have, is an adult relationship. You and I... we're going to be making a lot of choices in our lives - for ourselves and for us. They're probably never going to be easy." He sighed. "But Bella, I can't see that there's much I would deny you."

"What do you want, for us, right now?" she asked.

"I want you to choose where you want to go most and not worry. I meant what I said. I'm proud of your accomplishments. I will always be proud of you." He brushed the tip of his nose with hers. "Choose where you want to go, and we'll make it work. We can cross every other bridge when we come to it."

Bella sighed and snuggled closer, her skin to his. "Sky's the limit?"

Edward shifted again, rolling onto his back and bringing her with him, her little body draped over his. "Not even. Baby, we're going to shoot for the stars."

~The End~

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