Author Note of the Introductory Kind: Hello! Long time no see! :D So this is my first Thor FanFiction, so have mercy on my soul ;) I'm just kidding bash away as you please! XD So this series will just be a bunch of short little one shots about our favorite little Aesir Princes! :D I'm actually writing these for school, they're technically called 'free writes' but I figured if I HAVE to write them, I might as well post them here because why not? So enough of me being a dork, let the story begin! :D

Little Loki Odinson, Prince of Asgard, was sitting in his mother's, Frigga's, garden. He had his favorite spell book in his lap and a look of great concentration on his face. In front of him sat ten rocks about the size of small his twelve year-old hands. Closing his eyes he put his hand above the rocks and murmured ancient words with timeless properties. He opened his eyes and grinned as the rocks were now about six feet in the air. But this is child's play, the raven haired prince thought to himself. Excitement now flashed in his clever emerald eyes, which always stood in stark contrast to his snow pale skin.

As he was about to attempt an even greater feat, lifting a large boulder that sat next to a golden apple tree, a loud yell broke his concentration.

"Loki!" Loki jumped slightly in surprise while the rocks plummeted at a frightening velocity. Then a blonde haired, blue eyed Thor came into sight.

"There you are, brother!" exclaimed the 15 year-old prince.

"Thor," Loki started off bitterly, "I was in the middle of something." The green eyed trickster then turned back around and picked up his book from where it had fallen off his lap.

"But, Loki! How can you sit here practicing your tricks while I am completely and utterly bored? Come now, brother! Let us go spar!" The smaller prince placed his head in his hands in exasperation at his older brother's enthusiasm.

"I do not wish to fight you! There's so much I can learn."

Thor eyed Loki skeptically, "Brother, I don't think knowledge will prevail over strength on the battlefield."

"Ah, but that's where you'd be mistaken, knowledge allows you to outwit your opponent, and cleverly placed words may allow you to avoid confrontation all together!"

Thor smiled, "And that is a skill I'd say you have mastered you little silver tongue!" Thor punched Loki's shoulder affectionately. The raven haired prince smiled at the unexpected compliment. With a regretful glance towards his book he stood up. "Very well, I'll go spar with you."

"Loki, you are the best brother in all of the nine realms!"

"Race you!" Loki yelled as he sped away.

"You little trickster!" Thor called as he began laughing while he started chasing his younger brother. Frigga smiled at the scene before her; her two sons laughing and simply enjoying one another's company. Oh how she wished this could last forever.

Well there's that! I hope you liked it despite the length and my terrible and pitiful knowledge towards the comics book and Norse mythology. Please feel free to correct me on anything and tell me what you think! Thanks to everyone who read it! Hugs and cookies to all! :D