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Warning: Contains violence, and bullying(?)

Loki walked through the crowded marketplace with a small smile on his face. His mind currently racing about a book he was in the middle of. It was a brilliant tale and he was eager to return to it. He only left the palace in the first place because he desired to get his mother a necklace he noticed her admiring. Of course he knew that if his mother really desired to have the piece, it would already be upon her neck, but he decided it would be a pleasant surprise for her anyway.

Loki was actually quite content walking about the shops, seeing all the peculiar and odd objects some people were selling. He also took notice to how beautiful a day it was. The sun was shining brilliantly, giving everything a joyous glow. Of course his momentary bliss would be ruined, however, when a putrid voice reached his ears.

"Asfrid! I see you are not wearing the gown I purchased for you. Are you really so ungrateful of the gifts I give you?"

Loki recognized the voice immediately; it was the voice of the Warrior Garik. Garik was an arrogant fighter around the same age of Thor. He would be highly respected, due to his stunning ability, but his pungent personality repelled any right-minded people from seeking out his presence.

Loki heard Asfrid's soft voice reply, "I meant no disrespect, my lord. I just consider the gown a bit . . . revealing, I suppose." She looked down quickly, as Garik's mocking laugh rung out.

"That is rather the point. I need something to look at, don't I?"

Their unequal conversation carried out as Loki searched fruitlessly for the necklace. The Prince tried to avoid detection, but it was much too bright for him to slyly lurk in the shadows. So really it was only a matter of time until the dreadful voice boomed out, "Oh look what we have here, Prince Loki."

Loki groaned internally, his patience already wearing thin with the dull ignoramus, and turned around.
"Lord Garik," he greeted stiffly, and then warmer, "Lady Asfrid." Garik glowered as Asfrid smiled and bowed.

"So, what is the silver prince doing out all alone without his big brother to protect him?" Garik asked condescendingly.

Loki gritted his teeth, though other than that he appeared perfectly calm. He understood that Garik was just trying to bait him into a fight, which would not go too well in Loki's favor. However, Garik struck a chord. Loki was just so tired of being compared to his older brother.

"Oh, I wasn't aware you could construct a sentence that had more than ten words in it. Well done, I'm quite impressed." Loki flashed a quick grin, then when back to looking for the necklace.

"Hey, listen here you little twerp!" Garik responded indignantly, and then stood in front of Loki.

He was quite a bit taller than Loki, but that didn't stop the green-eyed trickster from responding coldly, "I am your Prince and you shall address me as such."

Garik pushed Loki back roughly and replied, "Or what? You're going to go and get your big brother to protect you?"

Garik began stalking forward when Asfrid ran up to him, trying to stop the inevitable fight. "Stop it, you've had your fun, let's go!" Garik shoved her behind him, right into a brick wall.

"Know where you stand, wench!" He spat out bitterly.

Loki was appalled. While he wasn't exactly what you called a feminist, Asfrid was one of those rare people who were actually kind to Loki. Kind to everyone, now that he thought about it. His anger rose dangerously as she lay on the ground, looking frightened and embarrassed.

"Leave now." Loki said calmly. But this calm was frightening, the calm before the storm.
"Make me." Garik bit back, before throwing a punch at Loki, Loki was light on his feet, however, and dodged it with ease.

Garik responded immediately, charging at him again, only to have Loki slip away, once more. Loki was tempted to teleport away, but he knew that if he did, then the true extent of his magic ability would be revealed. He'd been trying for so long to keep his talent hidden. He knew if he exposed it now, that Odin would soon get word. He'd probably be disappointed in him for spending so much time perfecting what was often considered a feminine craft. So Loki simply dodged another punch as they circled around each other slowly.

"What, you're not fighting back?" Garik muttered tauntingly. "You know-"
But he was cut off as Loki attempted to kick his legs out from under him. Loki misjudged the angle however and Garik caught his foot and pushed him back.

"Nice try." Garik muttered haughtily, then lunged for another attack to which Loki, again, dodged swiftly. They continued in this pattern for a long while. Garik's frustration rose with each failed blow.
After misplacing yet another kick Garik shouted, "Let's end this! Fritjof, now!"

Loki had no time to react before another skilled warrior, Fritjof, came up from behind him and landed a punch at the back of his head. Loki fell forward, only to receive a sharp kick to the ribs, and then found himself pulled up and moved; Garik holding him by his arms, pushing him forcefully against the ragged wall. Loki felt the position rather painful, but did not try to fight back, knowing that not only was he outnumbered, but also injured and disoriented. He did not even have the presence of mind to teleport himself out of the precarious situation.

"Do not make me into a fool, have you got that?" Garik spat out darkly.

"You don't need me to make you into a fool; you do that all by yourself." Loki muttered against his better instinct, he knew his mouth would get him into even more trouble, but Loki simply couldn't resist.

Garik's face turned red with rage, and before he could physically retaliate, someone grabbed his arm and tried to pull him away. It was Asfrid.

"Get off me!" He shouted in her face.

"Leave him alone! You've made your point! There is nothing left for you to accomplish here, please, let's just leave." Asfrid begged, though the anger in her voice was distinct. Garik dropped Loki roughly and began glaring at Asfrid. He walked towards her menacingly but stopped suddenly as a voice reached his ears.

"You really don't want to do that." Garik and Asfrid turned to see where the voice came from.

Thor Odinson walked into the scene with authority, his breath caught when he noticed his little brother lying haphazardly on the ground. He knelt beside him, and carefully rolled him on his back. The injured Prince let out a groan.

Thor stood up cautiously and turned to glare at Garik. Garik took a step back, surprised at the hatred and anger he saw in the golden Prince's gaze.

"You have dishonored yourself, and your family. How can you look so content with yourself after the acts you have just committed?" Thor asked, trying to control his anger. Thor knew that if he got into a fight with Garik, Loki could end up getting even more hurt.

"He had it coming." Garik said, but in that moment he didn't sound so certain.

"Not only did you attack a Prince but also someone who was younger and less experienced. And on top that, you had another warrior assist you. As if that wasn't enough, you dare disrespect your bride to be?" Thor could feel his anger rising, but he knew he needed to make a point.

Garik was left stunned, for he had never been called out upon his actions before.

"Lord Garik, the Odinson's make very bad enemies, and I know you'll find this out sooner rather than later. I can tell by the outcome of this fight that my brother was not actually trying to injure you, so I would count yourself very lucky." Thor smiled to himself as he noticed the small crowd that had gathered around started to eye Garik suspiciously. He knew it would take a very long while for people to start seeing him as anything other than an enemy of the mighty Thor.

Asfrid walked away from Garik towards the golden Prince despite Garik's protests.

"And what do you think you're doing?" Garik asked desperately.

Asfrid ignored him and looked up at Thor sincerely. "Thank you, my Prince Thor."

"What for milady?" Thor asked confused, but smiled despite himself.

"I was only marrying Garik because my parents knew it would be a benefit to marry such a mighty warrior. But now that he has been declared as an enemy of the most powerful brothers in Asgard, my parents will be relieved, even gleeful that I left such a vile man." With that, the lovely and simple Asfrid left the scene, looking the happiest she had been in months.

"If I were you, I run right about now." Thor said casually, though even a fool could see the dark glint in his eyes. So that's what Garik did, he ran. Thor knew he wouldn't stop running for a long, long time.

Thor knelt down again to Loki and gently helped him sit up.

"Loki? Are you all right?" Thor asked with concern.

The raven haired prince groaned again but answered, "I'll be all right." Then he gasped. "I think I may have broken a rib though."

"Can you walk?" Thor asked.

"Theoretically." Loki took Thor's support as he helped him stand. Loki put an arm around his midsection, and his other arm around Thor's shoulder, while Thor shifted Loki's weight so it was more on him then his injured brother.

"Can you not heal yourself?" Thor asked, his brow furrowing. For it seemed even Thor himself didn't know the true capacity of his own brother's abilities.

"Yes, but I'll need to get to my spell books. Can you help me get to my room?" Loki asked. Trying to keep the uncertainty out of his voice.

"Of course." Thor responded as they began hobbling off. About half way to their destination. though, Loki began chuckling.

"What's so funny, brother?" Thor asked, confused.

"Did you see the look on Garik's face? Priceless. I thought he was going to faint!" Loki said laughing again and this time Thor joined in.

"I have a terrifying presence. what can I say?" Thor responded proudly.

Loki eyed him skeptically then started laughing again.

"What? I do! I'm a mighty warrior may I remind you." Thor complained.

"Yes and you are also the idiot who climbed a volcano just to get mother a particularly attractive flower." Loki reminded him smirking.

"Okay how was I supposed to know it was about to erupt?" Thor said trying to defending himself.

"Oh!" Loki exclaimed, and Thor looked down in concern.

"Loki? Are you all right? Are you hurt?" Thor rattled off, confused.

"No, no, it's just I went there in the first place to get mother that necklace she was admiring, and I guess we know how that turned out." Loki explained quickly.

"I knew it! Sif said I was crazy for thinking you went there for the necklace, people really should start trusting me more." Thor said smugly.

Loki opened his mouth about to explain why people should not trust his advice of all people, when Thor held up the necklace.

"I guess you're just lucky to have such an amazing brother as me." Thor smiled as Loki's face lit up.

"Okay, you win; you are the best brother in all the nine realms." Loki responded, while rolling his eyes.

"I know." Thor said, handing him the necklace.

"Thor?" Loki asked more quietly. "Thank you. For helping me out I mean. You didn't have to."

Thor smiled. "Brothers should protect each other shouldn't they? And besides, it was about time that somebody put that fool Garik in his place."

Loki smiled back and rested his head on Thor's shoulder as they walked back to the room. Thor was right; brothers should always protect each other.

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