Long ago there was a battle with beings of darkness who anihalted anyone and anything that got in there way they were feared through out the galaxy even the most advanced of civilizations fell but there was one way to defeat these beast.

And the only way to beat them was by using the mighty and majestic creatures known as the SPECTROBES but only a chosen few could control and posses them but the last spectrobe masters were Jenna and rallen of the nanaoiro planetary patrol. Rallen defeated the krawl leader krux however his generals escaped with the battle won everyone was happy but at a price rallen lost his left arm he then decided to give up being a spectrobe master as did jenna both the cosmolinks and prizmod disappeared since then rallen has become commander of the npp ,with jenna as his lieutenant and wife there has been peace in the last 17 years. But this story focuses on different individuals from a different universe and how they will change how the universe thinks.

You know how you have that day that doesn't make any lick of sense well that's how I felt today cause after today things will never be the same again. Ok everyone line up said the teacher"today they were going on a field trip to some excavation site there was a kid who had black hair that went down to his ears he was at the least 5.9 his brown skin went well with his brown eyes,his attire consisted of black combat boots black jeans he had a white muscle ti and over it was a red unbuttoned shirt.

Man I hope this thing is as big of a deal as there making it out to be said the boy "of course it's a big deal were looking at items of history "the girl had auburn hair that was in a high ponytail she was wearing blue lacoste jeans had a short sleeved purple shirt ,and she had a cross necklace "Maya what is with you and old things "what a girl can't like old things?

" I always thought women loved jewelery ,shopping ,and babies "where the hell didi you get babies from " the boy who was wearing blue jeaned shorts and was wearing a gray shirt that had a gryphon on it he was also wearing a blue jeaned jacket.

It's just well uummm"Jay you are completely hopeless "said a girl who had blonde hair in a ponytail she wore jean shorts that went above her knees she had on a white buttoned down shirt with a tie that wasn't actually tied"I am not hopeless I just forget sometimes that all Sayaka.

OK now that everyones accounted for lets get on the bus"Jay was sitting on the left side of the bus with Derek"and on the opposite side was Maya and Sayaka as they were finishing there conversations they arrived at the site everyone stepped off the bus. The teachers and the people who worked there told them to go to which sites.

Hey you guys know they say that an unknown dinosaur fossil is here "man this isn't as fun as you said this would be maya "ummm dude shes currently busy looking at some rock she found".

"I know am not a big fan of dirt but this is 't worry miss it just gets easier as you go said a kid who was in his group he had a brown vest on and blue jeans with the left leg torn and he had a bandana on his jet black hair hey Damien whats up said Sayaka "hey umm who's your friends "oh this is Jay, Derek, and Maya "well yoou guys wanna hear a secret?

Depends what the secret asked Derek"well I was dusting off this bone and whatnot when I heard some guy who works here were talking about some secret up on that mountain.

"Hey did you hear "hear what "the reason this site only gets any visitors cause theres some big secret" "yeah I heard there suppose to be some type of passage to an old abandoned mine that has treasure or something" "yeah I .. oh shoot we need to hurry get back to work!

"Yeah if anyone found out who knows who be on this anyway lets get the cabin sets up.

SO what do you think" wait there are cabins here so were staying a night here"yes Jay but that's not the point point is who wants to come with"I'll go better than dusting off rocks"sure why not "well might as well tag don't want you guys having all the fun "Maya what about you"weeelll I think I wanna stay with the rocks"MAYA!

Alright alright I'm kidding so when it gonna start" tonight.


Jay, Damien,and Derek were all in there cabin still in the clothes they wore today they waiting for the teachers and few workers who stayed were inspecting the cabins and making sure everyone was asleep and whatnot after waiting them out Jay whispered "hey guys you awake and ready"yeah "yo"ok gentelman operation make some memories before we grow old start now, said Jay!

Man were are they should have been here about 10 minutes ago "you think they got caught Sayaka "I don't know"as Sayaka was walking she put her back up against a tree but two hands came up from behind her and made a roar "RAGHHHRRH"ahh ah hah ah ahhha "oh man that was hilarious "guys that's not funny "you;re right am am am ... am sorry.

"Well ok now that were all here lets go "the group was walking through leaves and twigs and trying to stay together seeing as how they only had 3 flashlights "ok it's official we are lost"were not lost ...were just sidetracked"dude just admit it were lost "stop yelling at me!

Jay was ignoring them until he heard a sound it sounded like a heartbeat " yo yo yo .. hey guys y'all here that? Huh I don't know what are you hearing asked Maya"I don't know but whatever it is it's so loud ..and it's this way" hey wait " everyone then stared to follow Jay and Maya"woah hey am staring to hear something to but it sounds ,said Sayaka"what" soon the whole group started hearing things they did not understand.

Guys this way it's getting closer "they started to see light and they came into a clearing that was shined by the moonlight "why here 'I can still here it but I just ..it doesn't make any sinceaahh "Jay had fell into some kind of hole "woah ahh ahhh uff ...ooowww"Jay"Jay"Jay"January" "how many times have I told you don't call me January anyway am alright everyone come down but not at the same time. "What he said?" " I think he said come down at the same time"no no no. Everyone was now in the hole with Jay" "ow I said not at the same time Damien "sorry"hey guys this tunnel it extends "yeah" "ladies gentelman I can safely say we found what we were looking for,"the group then proceeded down the trail they all noticed strange lines that seemed like some kind of technology but seemed different from there owns.

I've never seen anything like this before "hey Derek shine the light over here said Maya"what he shined on was a picture that had people being terrorized by some type of monster with no legs but had long waist that appeared to be it's leg it had tentacles that seemed to be it's body.

" Those things are ugly" "hey but check this one out "this picture had a man who stood in front of the monster and faced it with some other type of monster besides that were pictures of those" "check out this green one it's glowing" "no it's not this bird looking ones glowing"you're eyes need to be check this one that looks like it's from the Mayans is glowing"but what about this blue dog thing"actually guys all of them are glowing and... so is that" "they all looked to see some type of rock thing in the corner glowing they all walked with precaution,"sooo do we touch it asked Damien?

Umm I'll touch said Jay"" as he did he started seeing images of how this thing got here(listen my old friend take of these untill the time for when the threat is near find the ones who will be our successors " the man then placed something in some kind of pillar.

Woah holy .. guys we have to take this thing with us"soon after he said that a door opened in front of them" keep moving forward said Sayaka ""Sayaka was also carrying the rock which was still glowing as they came closer to the end they were all surprised what they found was a room with the glowing lines Derek and Maya started taking pictures ,guys we have made a discovery "how can you tell?

"This place must be of some advanced culture and hey Jay what are you doing"this thing it's glowing and it's the thing I saw in my vision"as soon as he touched it the crystal jumped out of place and started floating .

Suddenly it started speaking and a picture of a face appeared"greetings young masters you have found my gift only those are worthy can find this place those who have a kind heart can accept them, those who are open minded can understand them ,and those who are worthy can control them you few have been chosen for a greater purpose I now give you the power to use the SPECTROBES"spectrobes said everyone?

The crystal stopped transmitting and it split into five pieces the pieces flew to everyone's wrist what is this thing?

" I don't knowww...woahh" the whole place started moving and the door shut ",it won't budge said Damien"the whole place rised up from the ground revealing what it looked like a spaceship soon the whole place became remodeled and everything actually looked like a spaceship the ship started flying and it shot a beam and a portal appeared." Everyone hold on to something ""all were passing through the light for some reason Jay could swear he saw the rock thing move it actually was moving" "guys tell me you see this ""soon they passed through the portal and Jay and Damien could see they were falling into some type of building" BRACE YOURSELFES!

As he said that both Jay and Sayaka fell back towards the ship it made a tough landing nearly scratching a building or two but they landed far away from what appeared to be a city there was trees and grass everywhere.

My lord theres an energy source it seems the spectrobes have returned" I see so it seems ..send one of are newest vortex and fill it with 20 at the least krawl lets test out these new masters.

Staring from a building was a man with reddish orange hair he looked at the window taking in the scenery and noticed some ship all most crashing into his building but before it passed through he noticed it looked oddly familiar "commander Rallen that ship it's"I know it's ahhhh!

The women with long pink hair walked over to him"it;s nothing call every and any patroller to get to that crash site right now ... and so it begins?

Ow ok who's not dead " ah"ugh"ow"ok next time am driving and ow "Damien then felt something fall on his head and noticed the creature looked like a giant cat from china it's skin was red and had blue marks on the face"Jay what is this thing"oh that is or was that rock thing and "both Damien and Jay looked at each other until the moment of silence was broken" what the hell happened to your hair the hell happened to mine the hell happened to yours both said in unison. Jay hair was now long and went to his neck and it was a little spiky in the back,Damien jet black hair had turned into a brown hair and stood up like (vash the stampede sorry couldn't explain it right)" hey could you guys keep it down can't a guy get some sleep" Derek still had his black hair but it now had blue highlights and was really spiky " Derek hair "huh.. haahh what is going on"I don't know said Sayaka "she seemed normal for some reasons did Maya.

Guys I need some air "same here "everyone was walking out of the ship and saw how beautiful the land was and how there was fruits none of them have ever seen before and they all looked to see a city with a bunch of tall towers " man where this thing take us "I don't know but I like it "as Jay was about to come out he found a grip under something on the ship he grabbed it but nothing happened.

Well nother mans trash nother mans treasure well guys looks like were exploring and " he was stopped when a dozen of what appeared to be those flying ships you see in cartoons but what really caught there eyes was when the red creature started barking "huh what is it?

"Maya whats wrong with him" hey get away you have to get away oh no" the man stopped talking and threw somethings at them " hey those kinda look like this thing I have and "BOOM"HUH?

Everyone was stifled with fear when the giant vortex spread around them including the ship blocking anyone from entering but they could see"NO NO! "Commander sir what do we do sir" hope that this wasn't just luck they got here.

What's going on how we get here and what are those things asked Maya? "I don't know but they seem real familiar" yeah and look out " the things had tried to surround them but each one of them dodged ,there was a total of 24 "each of them had been separated Maya and Derek were together and Sayaka and Damien were together while Jay was alone "guys hey guys I.I..I don't know what you are or what you want but I won't let you hurt my friends!

All of a sudden his arm started to glow and what popped out was a red lion thing and some type of yellow tiger the monster cringed back a little "woah what are you guys " we are the spectrobes" you have awakened us and your allies can summon spectrobes to "wait can all of them talk"yes but only you can understand all the elements soon your friends will be able to.

I see well then spectrobes attack " the yellow tiger rolled up into a ball and made an exit for the red lion and Jay to pass through " hey guys meet my new friends these wrist things have them in there so bust them out !

Huh well if Jay did maybe I can to cause am not dying today,"as soon as maya jumped she went higher then she thought she would and then her wrist glowed to and out came something that was walking like a raptor it face was orange and had what appeared to be horns on the shoulders they both landed Maya was on top of her new beast friend "huh am allright "do not worry my lady so long as I am here no krawl shall hurt you.

Their heart felt moment was interuppted by a flash of water and Derek riding it "so it seems we are once again summoned to fight thank you umm" "this creature was blue and was on four legs and it had red eyes "my name is ryza master but you can call me storm"ok lets rock!

Where Sayaka and Damien were still surrounded"man what did they do "I am afraid I am afraid however I am to beautiful to die here" and I won't die without puting up" FIGHT BOTH SAID. Then a bird with brilliant feathers appeared out of Damien's wrist and looked like it had an indian coat picked him up and they began their assault from the air attacking and swooping down on the enemy.

Sayaka was a monster with a mace for a tail and it had horns like a ram on the side of his head and the yellow tattoos that inscribed his body. Man these things have no respect for anyone little woman help me protect the nature "I shall " wow this awesome man you are amazing " thank you goo oah hoh but do you always want to feel this way so you may always be part of the sky "yes " well then you and me shall get along great" "the both of them yellied goo oah hoh.

Man whoa we are beating the crap out of these things ok guys lets finish this " Jay tiger friend rolled up in a ball and went full speed and combined his attack with storm who was passing through all of them with his barrage of water slices.

Maya's raptor charged at a few in front of them and spinned upward sending high in the ari but hey were given no break when the bird of Damien sliced through them like an arrow.

The few remaining the red lion and mace tail stood side by side as the red lion mouth began to catch fire and spit out a flame that took the form of it's fangs ,while mace tail smashed the ground with it's tail and sent shockwave flying toward them combining the finishing move to be more vortex then started to regress untill it was no longer there "the people who had came toward them were astonished as they saw a sight some hadn't seen in a long time and others who thought were myth.

"See this men these are the spectrobes " the group looked behind them to see a man with one arm and red orange hair"you're the guy we saw " yes"but none of that is important you have taken you're first steps to becoming a spectrobe master you can hear the voices of all the spectrobes" you can only hear the plant"you can only hear the water"you can only hear the sky"you can only hear the earth.

However that will not stop you from controlling other spectrobes "you mean there are more of you asked Sayaka"yes young sky-high but you must focus self control"and restraint my lady for once you understand all of us"you can truly be a spectrobe master.

I shall be with you untill the next time we make a storm"sure"well until next time you need me seedling"oookkayyyy"so until the next time we must take the sky goo oah hoh"untill we have to protect showing the strength of the earth"right "untill we must fight as one again.

The spectrobes each returned to there respective wristband.

By the looks on some of your faces your wondering what happened and why you can only understand one element well most of you "I want to oohh"Jay said everyone" he fainted don't worry it happens the first time for now rest and need not worry I shall explain everything later"it was almost as if this man before us knew what we were and that everyone had fainted I don't know who this guy is or where I am but I think whatever we've gotten are selves in I think it has only begone.

Sir the scout Tex did not return however we made a shocking discovery it umm"speak up welp "there was more than one cosmod"what said the three figures behind him"impossible do you tak him for a fool "gerebelus hold your tongue" my lege"how many ...howmany!

Five sir "I see leave me be ..so they spectrobes have return but these new masters have no idea who they're dealing with no idea.

Ok I got the inspiration to do this fic from spectrobes:legends I don't know if this is gonna be as long as my other but I'll just spin it untill next time