Inside a white room was 5 beds and in one of those beds was Jay slepping until komaniu started jumping on him "ow wo ow ok am up am up're that thing if you're here then that means"bark bark"hey wait up"he was following komainu down the really long and white hallway"how long is this thing gonna go? "Bark bark..bark bark"he went through an automatic door" better be worth it"he passed through the door and he was in a big command room filled with people in a uniform" where in the world am I"you're at npp who "calm yourself.

My name Rallen am commander of the npp come follow me lets get you into some clothes"what are you talking about am in oh?

"This place is the planet kolin you and you're friends are not in your own dimension"huh"oh and speaking of your friends they've been waiting for you"really where are they and could you tell me what this thing is! "Komainu..hello my old friend as you can see I am no longer you're master.

Am sorry if he's your's we brought him home so you don't have to charge us with thieft"no he not mine he's yours,now"so um rai ral railey was it" "rallen and about your friends your the last one to wake up and one of them woke up 20minutes before you I think she's still in the infirmaray"really who is it!


Ow ow ow man aren't you guys supposed to be some advance humans but you still have shots pain in my"SAYAKA!

"Huh Jay you're awake my am suprised everyone thought you were in a coma"nah am good and ow ok now that was mean. "Sorry about that just had to get a sample ok you can put your clothes on now it's your turn"am sorry what"oh yeah this is standard presigure"huh woah woah wait me and needles don't go so well Sayaka tell them "" was no longer in the room with Jay" "ah firetruck.

See now was that so bad "hey you're not the one who felt like he was getting probed!

Right now Jay would you like to get out of the hospital part of npp and look at the rest of it "cite seeing sweet and rallen were now on a converyer belt to the other side of the building"wow so you run all of this"yes the npp is dedicated to protecting the peace in the universe and on Kolin.

"So, you're intergalatic police huh"that's one way to sum it up I guess this building were heading to is it the one with mission briefing and"there are a total of 4 buildings of the npp each with a briefing room so right no were just gonna wing it ok.

"Allright so what's so ahhhhh"this is the hangar bay of this building" woah this ship is huge "come on this way one of your friends past the simulator and beat one of our b-class pilots.

HUHHHH who "d.d.d Derek"wow looks like everyone is having some fun here" now then come with me to my office you're friends should be there by this office is big"not as big as you're head stupid"GUYS!

"I Am so glad you're here Derek I heard you'll be able to fly a spaceship" "naturally my talents are amazing"hey Jay guess what guess what guess what? "What Maya?

"Ok you know komainu here turns out he is a spectrobe too" "am sorry what? Yeah the form we found him in was a fossil and"don't tell him everything Maya at least not yet cause we haven't told you everything yet"so you've been lying said Damien?

"Not exactly lying but walking around the truth" you're that women who was with me said Derek" "yes this is Jenna my liuetant and wife"WIFE said everyone!

Yes but the reason she is here is simple as are you we were the spectrobe masters before you I thought after I killed krux we were done with the krawl and spectrobes but it seems the universe loves proving me wrong.

17 years have passed since I defeated him and lost my arm and when I sent komainu and my ship I told him to pick people that were worthy I never expected him to bring back five teenagers from a different universe. The krawl are back and it looks like they got some new friends I am asking you will please join the nanario planateary patrol AND HELP US BEAT THE KRAWL ONCE AND FOR ALL!

White Room

Well um can we have time to think rallen please sir"sure take your time"everyone was now heading back to the room where they all slept at "thanks for bringing us back to the room Jenna "no thanks but think real hard cause the krawl have killed millions maybe even trillons of people.

They've even killed our mentor and friends home planet he's the last survivor of his star system plus the spectrobes are the only thing that can stop them just think good cause whatever decision you make we'll take it to heart.

"That takes the pressure off of us said Derek"but do we really wanna get involved in this,"Maya we well these things are like a part of us now aren't they said Damien" "I think we should stay we have a responsibility right, said sayaka"we really need to think about this Jay what about you, you got anything to put in?

"Me I am staying"huh"huh"huh"huh"yeah I mean like Sayaka said we have a responsibility but this is about what we wanna do am staying cause I don't want this kick-ass city to die!

"I can't leave you here by yourself cause you might make things worse said Derek" "well I wanna see my maya again said Maya.

"I wanna get in touch with the nature guy said Sayaka"damien you"I mean I just met you guys probably 2 days ago and what not but I only know about Jay and Sayaka and I just met Maya and Derek the night we came here I just sorta fill outta place.

"Don't you shouldn't fill outta place at all man you're my friend plus were all spectrobe masters in traning .. we all have more in common dude so don't go sad on me it dosen't suit you or any of us were all settled" "yes "hmm"yo"yeah"let's go.

Jenna what do you think about them" "they are inexperirenced" "I know but can we really ask them to fight our fight"it's there decision my love just like it was our decision to become masters and to be married"jenna was now in rallen lap hers leg hanging over him and her arms wrapped around his neck". Jeena you don't have to blame yourself for my arm that was me being reckless and careless I am just glad I still have one arm to hold you with my love"I am too but I would love to hug something much softer"both of them were sharing a short passionate kiss that was interupted by the door ral..? Jenna was still in Rallen's lap"oh I see you have made your decision what is it?

"All of us have decided to stay and beat the krawl and join the npp" "oh thank you everyone"Rallen walked over to everyone and gave them a hug.

Now then follow me Jenna get it ready"yes love"uum get what ready"where are we going?

"I am going to take you all to a special place here is the elevator that's gonna take us oh by the way hang on "the elevator was able to hold 10 people with out it being cramp" "doctor wright were coming to the temple so get it ready and bring us down hang on"in a matter of seconds the elevator was going down faster than a normal elevator it felt like they were inside a roller coaster. "What is this? "Why so fast? "Where we go" "mommy" "am gonna puke"don't worry were almost there.

Training Temple

"Man so these are them huh" it was professor wright but he had a goatee and his hair was now in a blaze hairstyle"come on this way "what is this thing asked Maya?

"It kinda looks like the ruins we found back on our planet"yes and no now step in here"wait a minute this isn't some kind of portal to another dimension right" no"oh it just teleports you inside"what ok here goes something I love you momma"!

"Can't live with him can't live without him wow hoo said Maya "goo oah hoh yelled Damien"this better be awesom e" "said Derek" "last one banzai said Sayaka.

The group was now inside a big blue room that suddenley beacam a grassland with a watefall"this temple is for traning you all fought on luck yesterday if you're in a real fight and you aren't lucky you're good as dead now Jenna start at level 1.

Krawl appeared before the group were the same krawl from yesterday only they were clear blue"these are krawl are like dummies sometimes they wil hit you sometimes they won't if you hit them each krawl has a different look ,size,shape,appearance and power you have to make the best of yoour own and the spectrobes power now begin.

The krawl rushed at them "huh woah Jay Rallen someone tell me how we get them out first exclamied Derek!

"Rember how you felt when you were attacked "I was scared for myself and my friends I felt useless but that didn't stop me from fighting that didn't stop me from being myself SPECTROBES I SUMMON YOU!

Jay tiger and lion friend appeared once more"remember huh I didn't want to lose to Jay so I brought the storm"hey there"hya strom" "I wanted to be strong" "ghayh my lady aren't thou safe" "yes Maya"I am free as the sky goo oah hoh"GOO OAH HOH"I've always thought of myself but now I want to change so come out ogre.

"Good level 2"now about 30 krawl appeared"ok guys lets rock simba tony attack"the red lion and tiger took to thier names and attacked with simba biting one and shooting a blast at the other the tiger rolled ina ball and ranover 2 the other spectrobes now rushed in assisting there comrades spiko had slame one and gave another a good combination punch.

Mayarex had bolted on on and landed on the counterpart storm and aobi were both zigzaging through the crowd of krawl.

Impressive stop the simulation am going down there and prepare my glove" "hey wait minute we weren't finish said an annoyed Sayaka"you are done with the spectrobes traning now time for your traning" "Rallen walked in he room he had a glove that went all the way to his shoulder plus it had a glowing ring on the side"now all of you come at me with your best shot now that the spectrobes have gone back into cosmods I have to whip you all into shape.

"Are you sure because" come on"well you heard the man haha "Damien gave Rallen a high kick to the head and brought it down but missed" "legs witout balance are useless"ogfhh"he grabbed Damien leg and kicked him in the gut.

Damien "that's it"both Jay and Derek were coming at Rallen from bothsides"you see this arm is special"Rallen had hit the ground and a shockwave hit the both of them "now both of you are gonna fill this"Jay got the big arm while Derek got the his other hand both went flying to the other side of the room.

"Come on maya we can beat him gaahh"haugah"this ring I can also use it to stun detach 2"2 rings went flying at Maya and Sayaka and wrapped them selves around the two "stun shock 14"ahhh"ahh"stop ,return"well that was almost to easy".

"Hey the three of us aren't done"Derek ,Jay ,and Damien I am impressed detach"this time his big arm went off"huh said the boys with a bewildered look?

"I just wanted to show it to you now I'll show how I became commander"listen guys he only has one arm so I bet he makes up for it with his legs said Jay" "try to go for the side where he has an arm "lets go.

The three rushed him from all sides "wow you all actually know something"huaah"Derek like I said with damien no balance useless" "Derek's flying kicke was caught and he was sent flying to Damien" "just you and me huh..I won't give up!

Jayslipped him under his legs but his feet came into his face and a knee to his temple" looks like I got my work cut out for me huh I'll teach all of you some hand -to-hand combat and the weapons we give you cause this is just your fist day on the job" "Rallen walked out the room"guys "huh"yeah"ahh"what"there in no way in hell he is human we got a long way to go.

Here is the next generation don't know how far am going with this but am gonna enjoy getting there