This isn't Shinigami's stomach.

These were the first thoughts of Konoha's legendary Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze, as he regained consciousness. The last thing he remembered was telling Hiruzen to make sure Naruto was seen as a hero, and now he is…

Where am I?

His eyelids were currently closed, so he slowly opened them, shocked at the amount of effort he had to use to do such a miniscule task. The first thing he saw was a concrete wall, with some lights illuminating the room. He heard some noises, so he turned to where he thought the noise was coming from. He saw that they were a few medical machines, indicating, from what he could tell, blood pressure, heartbeat, and things like that. He saw something that looked like an IV drip, and realized it was connected to him.

What the hell is going on?

He began to look down at himself, and realized he was wearing a hospital gown. He could tell he was almost skin and bones beneath that gown. He also realized that he had almost no energy in him, as he could barely muster the energy to move his hand. He wriggled a few of his fingers, and lifted it a few inches, but that wasn't much. He began to try and speak. "Hello?" His voice was still there, but it was a mere hoarse whisper than the commanding tone he was used to using. Trying his best, he spoke again.

"Hello?" It wasn't much louder, and nobody was coming.

Determining that he would stay alone until somebody came to check on him, his mind wandered to the important question.

How am I alive?

His mind raced through the events of the Kyuubi attack and sealing. The Masked Uchiha attacking, threatening his son, controlling the Kyuubi, before he managed to defeat him. He had escaped, but he knew he would be back. Part of the reason why he sealed the Kyuubi into Naruto was that he would need all the help to beat that Masked Uchiha. And he was not sure that his body would have been able to handle the full Kyuubi being sealed into him and going with him to Shinigami's stomach.

On that note, is that portion of the Kyuubi still with me?

He wished he could move, and check the seal, but that was impossible at the moment. His mind continued on the thought of the fate of the Kyuubi, or the half sealed in his son. Minato's contemplative demeanor brightened immensely as he thought about it. He was alive! He could raise his son! He could be there for him! A smile formed over his lips as he thought about it.

He suddenly heard a new sound, breaking the sounds of the medical machines. He noticed the door finally, and saw the handle was moving. The door opened, and instead of some kind of nurse, he was surprised to see 2 boys and a girl sneak into the room. Deciding to figure out what was going on, he closed his eyes, pretended to still be asleep.

"See Kiba! I told you! It's the Yondaime Hokage! He's still alive!"

"But…how? How is he alive? He was supposed to have died with the Kyuubi eleven years ago!"

Minato nearly cried out loud, but kept his composure. 11 years! It had been 11 years! How was that even possible? He must have been in a very deep coma, and finally have awoken. He knew little about medicine, but knew someone with the ability to think and have motor control after that long should be impossible. Then he remembered the state he was in physically. The nurses must have made sure to heal his mind, so it never deteriorated.

"I don't know. I just know, here he is."

"How the heck did you find him again, Naruto?"

Naruto. Naruto? Naruto! My son! My son! Minato wanted to spring up and say something, but he soon realized that going back to a resting position and closing his eyes was a bad idea. He seemed to be stuck there, as he had lost the energy to move. Annoyed, he decided to keep still to listen.

"I told you, I pulled a prank on that chunin who shoved me into a trash can so he chased me all over. I had to hide, so I went into the warehouse building to see if I could find a place to hide. I found a spot, and realized there was some light coming from the floor. I found the trapdoor, and decided to look around. I had to sneak around a few guards, but I was checking rooms to see what was here when I found him!"

"A-a-amazing, N-Naruto-kun." This time, it was a female voice.

"I know, right Hinata? So, do you believe me now, Kiba?"

"No way! We only got here this time due to my nose, and Hinata's eyes. It would have been easy if we had Akamaru, but Hana nee-chan is doing his check-up. If we had so many problems, no way a dead last like you could do it by yourself."

"That's n-not true, Kiba-s-san. N-Naruto-kun could do it b-by himself. He is r-really good at this k-kind of stuff. He c-can do anything if he p-puts his mind to it!" It was followed by a squeak.

"Thanks, Hinata! I didn't know you believed in me like that. Nani, Hinata? Hinata? Are you okay? Wake up, did I squeeze you too hard?"

Taking in memories from long ago, he could see the picture of what was happening quite well. His son was a stealthy prankster who apparently didn't do well in class, Kiba must be the same Kiba Tsume had, and Hinata must have been Hiashi's daughter, who was quite shy and seemed to have a crush on his son. The irony of Hiashi's failed attempt to get him and Kushina to sign a betrothal contract between the two after he found out he was having a girl was not lost on him. Feeling his energy coming back to him, he opened his eyes and managed to whisper aloud. "Naruto."

The surprise of the three intruders was obvious. Hinata, a petite girl in a big jacket with lavender blue hair in a hime cut, was just awakening and was on the ground, having fallen over in surprise. Kiba, with red cheek marks and a big grey jacket jumped and began to look at the Yondaime. But Naruto, his Naruto, with spiky blonde hair, wide blue eyes, whisker marks, and wearing an orange jumpsuit just looked confused. He thought it was understandable; the man did just suddenly awake and say his name.

"H-h-hai, Yondaime-sama?" Naruto was obviously stunned by the development. Minato quickly realized that Hiruzen hadn't told Naruto about his parentage, which made sense. Iwa was still angry at him no doubt, and putting Naruto in the crossfire of that village was at the top of the list of ways NOT to protect him.

"Come. Here." He called him over, causing Naruto, still wide eyed, to shuffle over to his bedside. Then, slowly, he forced his hand up. He could barely lift it higher than a foot off the bed, but it was high enough to put his hand on his son's chest. He could feel Kiba and Hinata look very intently at the two of them, wondering what was about to happen.

Naruto looked down at the Yondaime's hand on his chest, unsure what to do. He looked back at the man, now smiling, and asked, "Yes, Yondaime-sama?"

Minato took a big breath, and said two words that meant so much to both of them.

"Hello, son."


A little project I wanted to do after I reread A New Chance by Hektols. This will not be a priority by any means. It was just a thing I wanted so start, and see where it goes from there. Just tell me if you like it.