So, here is the new chapter of Second Chance, and you may remark a difference in how I write jutsus. I have decided that I am combining the Japanese Term for what sort of style it is (Fire-Katon, Water-Suiton) and the English translation of it. I went this route because I am more comfortable with it, so no flames please. Also, WARNING, it is going to get a little gory this chapter. If you are squeamish, I apologize.

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Naruto sighed in boredom. It was his dad's third lesson with him and Rock Lee about fuinjutsu, and they were still talking theory for the most part. Lee gave his undivided attention on the matter, but Naruto didn't keep focus. It wasn't out of some expected genetic entitlement that he would be a master fuinjutsu user, but out of a disinterest on the style itself. Despite his father's best interests to make the lessons exciting, such as demonstrating how to create an explosive tag, Naruto was barely feigning interest.

The current matter the former Hokage was lecturing about was in relations to the special paper needed for most seals. Lee broke up the lecturing with a question. "Question, Minato-sensei!"

Minato stopped mid sentence and acknowledged the statement. "Ask, Lee-san."

Lee doubled checked with the notes he had been taking before speaking. "You said that this chakra paper is by far the best conduit of the seals, but you also mentioned how everything had the potential to be used for a seal. Does this mean if I put a storage seal on a boulder, it could be used as such?"

Minato smirked, remembering asking that same question twenty five years ago from his sensei. "Well, it is possible, but the effect is far diminished. And the boulder is not exactly a stable environment to put a seal. It would most likely just end up blowing up in your face. Seals need smooth surfaces, because the ridges on materials like stone or natural wood destabilize the seal and make it a de facto explosive tag."

Lee thought about that comment for a moment, before jotting something down in his notes. Naruto, who happened to catch his father's explanation had a question. "So what would happen if you put the seal of an explosive tag on a rock? Would it be a really dangerous explosive tag then?"

Minato shook his head. "Hardly. The seals would become less reliable while being set, and the impact is lessened. If you put an explosive tag on a tree, you will knock it down. But if you were to put the seal itself on the tree? Some damage, but it will live to see another day." Neither blonder noticed the fires of thought burning in Rock Lee's eyes, as if he had a great epiphany.

The lesson continued for a few moments longer, before Minato looked out the window and realized it was getting well past noon. He turned to the duo. "Alright, lesson is over for the day. Lee, I think you should spend some time at the training posts, I've seen an improvement in your taijutsu overall but I know with your problems that your abilities in the art are of the utmost importance."

Lee nodded his head. "Yes, sensei! I will go there immediately. I will see you tomorrow at 8am for the team meeting." He saluted his sensei before turning to wonder. "And Naruto-san, have a wonderful day as well."

Naruto nodded back to him. "No problem, bushy brows. Hope you have a good day as well."

His father followed suit. "Have a good day, Lee-san. I will see you tomorrow." With that farewell, Rock Lee left the Namikaze estates and headed to the training grounds. Alone now, Minato beckoned his son to come outside without saying any words. Naruto followed suit, curious what was going to happen next.

Standing in the large clearing of the front yard, Minato smiled. "Naruto, I have seen a remarkable improvement for you in both taijutsu and chakra control. Your form has finally reached the level it should be at, while you have total mastery of the tree walking exercise. For these successes, I have decided to teach you the first jutsu I ever learned. Raiton: Thunder Wave."

"Thunder Wave?" Naruto looked at him curiously.

Minato didn't bother explaining, as he planned to show him. He flashed through the four handsigns needed for the jutsu at a lightning pace, before bellowing out, "Raiton: Thunder Wave." With that, a wave of electric sparks flew through the air from the direction of Minato towards Naruto. Naruto tried to dodge the attack, but it was too late. He found that he couldn't even move now. His whole body was numb, and most of his muscles had seized up. All in all, it was uncomfortable. After about six seconds, the effects began to fade and within fifteen Naruto had regained his full mobility. Testing his muscles, he turned to his dad with a puzzled look. "How did you do that?"

Minato began to explain. "This jutsu is your basic run of the mill Raiton style technique, C-Rank. It is a shorter ranged jutsu they funnels the electricity in your body and the air towards your opponent and uses their nervous system to help paralyze them. It doesn't last too long, and can be overpowered with burning your chakra reserves, but it is very effective in a fight for tactical purposes and against those who don't know how to counter it."

Naruto took in the information, and began to nod as if he understood. "So you use electricity to stun your opponent?" It turns out, he did understand it. Somewhat. Honestly, his second response would have been, 'So it is shinobi magic, right?' But he was glad his dad nodded.

"Exactly. So now, I want you to memorize these hand signs first and show me you can quickly perform them. Don't push any chakra into it, just the hand signs." He repeated the signs at a slower pace, and watched as Naruto formed them with him. After a few slow test runs, Naruto knew he had gotten it. So, he quickly flashed through the four handsigns and held his hands out in the air, "Raiton: Thunder Wave" he mimicked his father, making sure not to pump any of his reserves into the technique.

Minato nodded sagely. "This is perfect, Naruto. Now, this is the tricky part. You are going to have to pull the chakra from your body and imagine it becoming electricity. Imagine the air around your body becoming electricity as well. Then, perform the handsigns, letting the chakra run through you, before you push it towards me."

"Wait, so I am attacking you?" Naruto asked him, a little worried for his safety.

Minato was quick to extinguish his fears. "Don't worry, I am more of your practice dummy. I won't get hurt, you should know I am made of stronger stuff then that."

Naruto still had a worried look on his face, but he steeled his nerves. "Alright dad, here it comes." He went quiet for a moment, following the advice of his father. Then, he quickly performed the handsigns before pushing his hands out in the air, hands still in the final sign. "Raiton: Thunder Wave."

There may have been a spark or two, but nothing certain. Naruto looked down on himself, but his father was sure to nip that in the bud.

"Don't look down on yourself Naruto. Konoha wasn't built in a day. Let's try it again." Minato watched as his son was quick to agree with him and prepared to perform the jutsu again. 'He has your determination, that much is clear." He thought to himself and his Habanero.

They practiced for a few hours, but it was largely fruitless. Minato was beginning to feel the air get excited by his son's technique, but nothing concrete had manifested itself yet. Naruto was disappointed, but Minato reminded him how long it took for him to create the Rasengan, as a reminder of the length of time it could take for jutsus. Naruto only sighed, and challenged Neji to a spar when he returned from his trip to the Hyuga clan to see those who were worried about him and cared for him, which Neji did the same to an extent. He had been refused, which led to an awkward dinner, but there was no build up off the incident and a few hours later, they all went to their respective sleeping quarters. While his son and godson slept, Minato stayed up to attack his new personal goal.

He quickly sat himself in lotus position and brought his hands together. A bit tacky, but effective for what he was trying to perform. He had begun meditating in preparation of going to Mt. Myoboku and formally undertaking the sage training again. He had tried years before, but never had quite managed to complete the necessary balancing needed. He knew it was a matter of when he had time between his team and his sons, but he needed to complete this training as soon as possible.

Quieting his thoughts, he let his body relax as attempted to meditate. A few minutes in, he felt his body getting pulled into a new space. Was this the nirvana the monks attempted to meditate for? Somehow, he doubted it, both logistically and factually. Opening his eyes, he found himself in a giant cube, made up of bricks that had chakra chains embedded visually upon them. In the middle of this giant cube were giant bars that stretched beyond the light, the light that had no source. This world confused Minato, until he saw out of the corner of his eye a flash of the creature behind the cage bars. He realized he was within the confines of his soul, protected by the dying act of his love with the beast that helped kill her.

"Kyuubi, I know you are behind those bars. Let us speak." He demanded, walking towards the cell and finally noticing the seal that confirmed his thoughts.

Without a sound, the Kyuubi walked out of the shadows, shocking Minato. Why was he so…small? He stood a mere two and half stories high and stretched for nearly thirty meters. It was big, but this was barely a foot of the beast he knew. Was it controlling his size for some reason?

"My abductor. It seems we get to finally meet." It spoke in a rough voice, completely bitter.

"Yes, we do. I hadn't planned on meeting with you, but I see how this could be advantageous. So, how have you been within this seal?" He questioned the bjuu.

"I have lived with the pain of that day for over 11 years, human. I was ripped in half by your seal and my body gouged by Shinigami in an attempt to claim what your mate stole from him. I have been in hell." He spat at the Hokage.

"So that explains why you are so much smaller. Shinigami took your essence and shrunk you to this size." At this deduction by the Yondaime, the bjuu laughed. It saw his jailor's confusion and decided to explain.

"My essence? Do not make my laugh, human. I am this size because it brings me the least pain. If you wish to see the true me, I will grant you the honor of being haunted by those images." He spoke before suddenly morphing. Minato wanted to ask a different question, but could only look on in horror as the beast expanded to his regular size, Minato choking down the vomit that tried to escape his being. He had no idea that this was even a possibility.

The left side of the Kyuubi's face was normal, but as you moved past the nose, you began to see the fur stripped away and, at the point parallel to his earline, the skin as well. Beneath his upper lip, the beast had no fur or skin to speaking, merely tendons that demonstrated how the monster's mouth worked. His arms and legs were disaster zones as well, as there was molted flesh, visible tendons and, with his left front paw and entire right rear leg, merely bone to support this goliath. His chest was hit worst of all, as it was tatters of flesh hanging onto his exposed ribs. His organs were visible, and a disaster zone to boot. His left lung was rotten, and with half of his stomach and his intestines were gone, the acid from its existing half dripping onto the concrete with an echoing hiss. His tails were not as bad a sight as three of them were whole, but two molted while three were stripped in areas of skin while the final one was in tatters as whole portions had been stripped away from the beast.

"When I say gouge, I mean he stuck his hand through your mate's barrier and ripped away as much of me as he could." Minato was disturbed at watching how the muscles moved as the Kyuubi spoke. "He ripped and he clawed, and I suffered. I suffered because of you. But at least you did not go unscathed."

Minato began to freak out when the Kyuubi said that. He vaguely remembered the conversation he had when he woke up, about how part of his soul being ripped away from him. This must have been the parts ripped from the Kyuubi. He looked down onto his body, to see what he had lost.

He nearly had a heart attacked when nothing below his left shin was there. His leg randomly stopped midway through the shin. He had no idea how he was keeping balance. He looked over his body, noticing with a fright that his entire right hand and wrist were lacking skin and tendons, just a flab of muscle. He ran his good hand over his face, hoping for no deformities. The odd sensation over his left ear gave him pause, and a second touch confirmed he was touching his brains.

"Stop this." Minato spoke in a frantic voice, closing his eyes. He had never imagined this, he truly was sorry for what had happened to the Kyuubi, who now lived in a fate worse than death. He had begun to feel less than human, getting to see what his soul looked like now. "Go back to normal, you said it was less painful, right?"

"Indeed it is." The Kyuubi confirmed. Minato opened his eyes, and the world was back in the pleasant fantasy of a tiny Kyuubi and a fully skulled Minato. "Now, human, you could pay for your sin and release me from this cage."

Minato was tempted to do so for half a second, but shook his head. "I apologize for your suffering, but I refuse to release you. At best you will leave Konoha alone only to be recaptured by another village and at worst you finish the job you began eleven years ago. I refuse to release you."

The Kyuubi couldn't help but be slightly impressed. He had never thought to think about getting resealed by another hidden village. But he still couldn't let the human get away with refusing him. "I may not be the being I once was, but I will still find a way to escape and punish you for your insolence, abductor! Now leave my presence."

Minato paused for a moment, pondering how he would actually leave this construct when he found himself in his room again. With a sigh of relief, he decided to stop his meditations for the night. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep after what he had seen, so he decided to undertake an action that would distract him. He would create another brand new jutsu.

Elsewhere, a blonde haired man grinned as he led his batch of disposable chunin out of Iwagakure. Sure, they knew diplomacy, but he didn't see much of the point. No, what he was interested in was giving their destination a show they would never forget. He was an artist of the highest caliber, and set the stage for his explosive art in such a volatile venue. Sure, the old man didn't like his art but he hoped to get some new converts to his view of the world in good ol' Konoha.