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"I was shocked, when I reached the scene, to see that you and Kushina were still alive. I would have thought she had already passed because of the Kyuubi being released from her, and I thought that Shinigami would have already taken your soul. I noticed Kushina was making motions and suddenly struck you with a chakra infused strike to your stomach before she passed on. I managed to get to you, and you told me about your final wish before you 'died'. I left with Naruto, to get him to safety, while I told my ANBU to get your bodies to safety. I made the announcement, and was shocked by the backlash and calls for Naruto's execution. I then made it a law that no one was to speak of the Kyuubi inside of you, Naruto, so that you had a chance with the younger generation. Upon returning, I was greeted by an ANBU who told me that you were in fact still alive. You were put on life support, and I and a few medic nins inspected you to see how you lived. I noticed the alteration to your seal, from knowing the basic design from Naruto's seal and, fearing what that meant, called for your student Jiraiya to return from his duties to see what it meant."

"He was back within a few days, and inspected the new seal, until he had determined what had happened. The motions I saw Kushina doing were in preparation of a seal, a powerful seal she had learned in her studies of her clan's fuinjutsu scrolls. It had been apparently created during the times of the Nidaime, when he created that jutsu." The children already knew so much, but there was no reason to reveal to them the existence of that jutsu. "A seal to seal one's soul to their body. You see the…practical uses for it to counter that jutsu, but Kushina used it for her own purposes. To try and prevent the Shinigami from claiming your soul. It worked, for the most part…"

"The most part?" Minato asked, wondering what that could mean.

"Kushina attempts were focused on your soul, and not the Yin portion of the Kyuubi, so the Shinigami took as much of it as it could. It also tried to take your soul, but the seal worked mostly. However, it was able to take a small, but sizable portion of your soul."

"What exactly does that mean?" Naruto asked, the first to voice the question to what did it mean if you lost part of your soul.

"From what we can tell, it does not mean you will became more "soulless" or "heartless", but instead will limit your capabilities. A full soul has full capabilities but a non-whole one…"

"Means I can't be the shinobi I once was, ever." The realization hit Minato really hard, that he could never be able to protect the village he always cared about like he once did.

Sarutobi nodded. "Yes, but you can still be a fine one, Minato."

The three kids looked at one another. "A-ano, w-what about the Kyuubi in Y-Yondaime-sama?" Hinata stuttered out, wondering what happened to it. Was it fully gone?

Sarutobi looked at her, and back to Minato. "Consider it a blessing that a portion of it was still left in you, Minato. If it had been fully extracted, you would have died due to the damage once incurs when a piece of one's soul has been ripped out. It has also kept your mind intact, a blessing in itself."

Minato nodded. "I have to say so. I think…I think it is helping with my energy as well. I felt so tired when I woke up, but now, but now I feel like I could do so much." A small grumble was heard. "Especially eat."

Sarutobi nodded. "Of course. I will retrieve a nurse to get some food for you, while another can watch over you three." He looked over them. "There are quite a few things we will have to discuss before you are let go." Sarutobi then made a seal that normally would make Naruto Uzumaki famous. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." Two Sarutobi's appeared, and left the room to fufill those tasks.

He then turned to Naruto. "Naruto, I have to tell you… that I'm sorry. I know you may hate me, for keeping your heritage or the secret of the Kyuubi, but believe I thought it was in your best interest. And I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you better from the scorn of the villagers."

Naruto shrugged it off. "That's okay, Jiji. It doesn't matter, you at least tried your best." He sat on the bed, next to his father. "I know now, and I have my otou-san with me, so everything will get better!" He ended with a smile.

It warmed Sarutobi's heart, the real smile Naruto gave. "Yes Naruto. Yes it will."

Minato took a breath to take it all in, and decided it was time for him to get and now his son. "So, Naruto, tell me about yourself. I want to know about my son."

Naruto gave a grin as Minato learned about his son. "Well, I'm eleven years old and live in a pretty okay apartment by myself. I love to prank people, especially big jerks. I also like to garden a bit, "Nartuo kicked Kiba in the shins when he gave a slight chuckle, "and train to become Hokage some day!"

Minato gave a smile. "So, you want to be like me, huh?"

Naruto gave a slight blush at the realization. "I guess that's right. I always looked up to you, wanting to be like you. Who would have ever thought you would be my dad?"

Minato gave a small chuckle. "It's good to know I was your idol, even thought I wasn't around." He let out a sigh

"What is it, dad?" Minato loved hearing Naruto call him that.

"Oh, its just, I can't wait to begin teaching you. This…coma has been stopping me, but I promise, I will make that up to you and you will become Hokage."

Naruto took a gulp ."Do you mean that? You will help me and everything."

Minato suddenly pulled his son into a hug. "Of course. That is what a dad is supposed to do, help their kids achieve their dreams

Naruto froze for a moment, then slowly hugged back his dad. "Thank you." Was all that he could say, as he tried to keep his eyes dry.

Hinata gave a warm smile at the heartwarming scene, and Kiba looked on feeling happy for his buddy and a bit jealous about Naruto's luck of getting his father back. Sarutobi watched on with a smile on his face, when the memory of one of his kage bunshin came back to him. "Food will be here in a moment, Minato." Minato broke from the hug slowly, turning to his predecessor and successor.

"Thank you."

Sarutobi began to nod his head, but was stopped by the dispelling of his other Kage Bunshin. "Also, a nurse to watch you three is on the way. I apologize, Naruto, about having to break up this reunion but there are some important issues I have to talk to your father about immediately."

Naruto hesitantly accepted. "Alright, Jiji." He got off the bed, and stood with Kiba and Hinata. Two nurses soon entered the room, one ushering out the trio and taking them to a separate room while the other gave him a meal of rice with broth, fish, and some pickled vegetables. Bowing to the two leaders, she let them leave.

Minato began to eat his meal as Sarutobi began to cast multiple privacy jutsus and seals to make sure his conversation with Minato went off in total secrecy. Minato quickly devoured everything on his plate, a not unexpected action from someone in a coma for 11 years. Finishing off the second of two glasses of water given to him, Minato set his tray to the side, signaling to Sarutobi that he was ready to talk.

"I have to say, I'm surprised." Sarutobi admitted to the blonde, who was slowly trying to move his legs to get the blood circulating/

"About what?" Minato asked, unsure what he could exactly be surprised about.

"Your anger. Why is it focused on Kakashi, and not myself, or Jiraiya, or your best friend Hizashi Hyuga?" He was going to mention the fate of the man's friend later on.

"Simple. I expected Kakashi to be the one to step up and raise my son."

"Isn't that a little unfair? He was barely a teenager himself when you went into your coma, he had lost all of his teammates and then his sensei. A boy taking on that sort of duty, under those circumstances…" The Hokage tried to defend Kakashi, a loyal man who he thought shouldn't be getting the blame.

"True, he was a bit young when it happened, but he has had eleven years to get over it and stop the same pain and loneliness that he went through when his father committed seppuku from occurring to my son. I may have made sensei his godfather, but I even told Kakashi that, if something were to happen to me and Kushina, that he was to raise Naruto in our place. A few years leeway, sure, but what happened? He abandoned him, Sarutobi. Abandoned him. That is something I will not soon forget."

"I never knew…you told him?" Minato nodded to his question. "But still, why do you feel no hate to me, or your sensei, or your best friend?"

"That is not completely true, Sarutobi." Minato corrected the man. "I am a bit mad at your three, but I know you each had good reasons. You were, no doubt in my mind, going to be named Hokage again, and Biwako, your wife of 40 years, had just died. You also were here for Naruto, I can tell simply by the name he calls you, Jiji." Minato smiled at that. "I thank you for your efforts, but I cannot help but wish you had done more."

"Jiraiya should have been there when Kakashi failed his duty, as godfather alone he should have had a role in Naruto's life, but he has his duties as spymaster for Konoha which keep him away for long periods of time. He couldn't bring Naruto along, and simply leaving him here alone for months at a time might have been more cruel. If Kakashi had done as I asked, then he could have done so. No, it was quite possibly for the best Naruto and he did not meet yet." His demeanor cracked into a smile. "And my son wouldn't be perverted like he is." Sarutobi decided to let Minato learn from his son about how perverted he actually was. Damn Oiroke no Jutsu, he couldn't help but thinking to himself.

"As for Hizashi, well, he is a branch member of the Hyuga clan. If he had wanted to adopt my son, he would have been marked. And had I woken up to find this out, I would probably kill Hiashi for putting that damned mark on my son's head, a mark which I still have not figured out to cancel or remove. Though while I see he has the stolen the heart of his niece, something he hasn't realized yet, what is his relationship to his son, my godchild, Neji?"

Sarutobi sighed, not wishing he would have to bring it up this soon. He had also forgotten about Minato's status as godfather over him. "None, but it is not by Hizashi's choice. It is a sad tale, but one you must know. Kumo tried to attack us after the Kyyubi's destruction to our village, but we repelled them and forced them to sign a treaty roughly three years." Minato grumbled at the actions of the Raikage A, but he was not surprised by what the man had done. "They sent their Head Jonin to sign the treaty here in Konoha, but it was a damn ploy. They used it as an attempt to kidnap the Hyuga heiress, the very girl you met. She was only three at the time, there was little she could do, but Hiashi… but Hiashi was brutal when he caught up with and killed the man. That was when things got bad. Kumo claimed innocence, and threatened to restart the war unless they got the body of Hiashi Hyuga."

"What did you do?" Minato, had he been at full strength, would have already been making plans to 'talk' with the Raikage, and he was not looking forward to hear how this story ended.

"I told the Hyuga clan to obey. As precious as that one person may be, the safety of Konoha overrides the safety of any one man. Hiashi was ready to obey, but the elders made the suggestion to use Hizashi, his twin. Hiashi confessed to me he tried to stop it, but Hizashi told him it was his way of being free, of escaping the mark. So, Hizashi's life was ended and he was sent to Kumo. They were quite angry with us, but we were able to claim it was Hiashi's and they were forced to honor their commitment."

Minato sighed, and laid back. After a minute of thinking, he smiled. "He found a way to escape the mark. Way to go, Hizashi." He looked up to the Hokage. "Anything else of note happen?"

Sarutobi nodded. "Yes, something that ties directly to your masked Uchiha."

Minato nearly jumped out of his bed. "What?"

"Well, if Itachi is correct, that masked Uchiha was in fact Madara Uchiha."

"Madara? Impossible? He died… he died decades ago!"

Sarutobi nodded. "I wish that was the case, but it is not. No, Itachi is certain that it is Madara."

Minato glared downwards, his fears about the dangers of the masked man realized. Then, an obvious question hit him. "Itachi? As in Fugaku and Mikoto's child? How did he find out?"

Sarutobi sighed. "He is now an undercover agent for Konoha in a group called Akatsuki, a group Madara secretly fronts."

"Akatsuki, isn't that the name of the group of rebels from Amegakure?" Minato asked.

The old man nodded. "Hai, but they reformed after their first failure and have defeated Hanzo and taken control of Ame. Their goals beyond this…we fear might include the Kyuubi, but we are not sure."

"Anything that damned Uchiha is involved with is sure to be trouble. How did you begin to suspect this Akatsuki group?"

"Jiraiya found them on his hunt for Orochimaru, apparently they let him join. Then, their leader convinced Itachi to join once he was on the run, where he met up with Madara again."

"On the run? Again? What exactly did Itachi do?"

Sarutobi told him. About the suspicions of the Uchiha clan based on the eyewitness testimony of multiple ANBU who saw an Uchiha flee the scene and knowledge that only a Sharingan can control a tailed beast. The Uchiha clan deciding they were being mistreated. Plans for a revolt. Itachi, the prodigal ANBU captain acting as a double agent. The Uchiha's getting suspicious. The orders of extermination handed down from the elders. Sparing his little brother. The lie that everyone was told. The revelation of an accomplice, a masked Uchiha named Tobi, who he believes to be Madara.

Minato listened to all of this, and mourned quietly. He knew many of the Uchiha, had trusted his life to many of the Uchiha, and he mourned their lives, and decision that brought them death. He mourned his wife's friend, his rival, he mourned the Uchiha.

Somberly he began to swing his legs off of the bed, letting them dangle off the floor. Then, with great care, he forced himself to stand up. Sarutobi rushed him, making sure he didn't fall.

"Minato, you have just been in a coma for over a decade! You need to rest until your body is ready." He sternly told him, not wanting something bad to happen to him.

Minato used his bed as support. "I have been resting for a decade, if anything I need to move around. And don't worry, it seems the Kyuubi's chakra, whatever is left of it, is helping me get better at an incredible rate." He let go of the bed as support and made a step for the door. It wasn't pretty, but it was progress.

Sarutobi made his way next to him. "Why are you in such a hurry to move?"

Minato didn't say anything, but forced his legs to move forward. He managed to make it to the door before he needed a rest. His legs, despite the healing properties of the Kyuubi, were aching from the sudden use. He put his hand against the wall, giving time for the pain to dull. Sarutobi was still next to him. "Minato, there is no need to walk to get Naruto. I could send for him."

Minato just shook his head. "Not Naruto." He grabbed the door handle and opened the door, marching his way through. It was then when Sarutobi realized that Minato was only wearing a hospital gown.

"You realize you need some clothes first? You are only in a hospital gown."

Minato looked down, and realized this was true. "Fine," he spoke. A nurse in the hallway, the one that brought him food, caught his eye. "Nurse-chan, bring me a pair of clothes and a bouquet of red roses."

The nurse simply nodded and complied.

Sarutobi was confused. "What are the flowers for? Where are you going?"