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Darkness… that is what surrounds the hearts of evil intent and those who seek unimaginable power. However, power does not come without consequences, and yet…for Xehanort, it was mere child's play. Of course, the power he did seek was running for her life and had escaped his grasp by using the path of light to travel to another realm. He did, fortunately, contain the one thing she will need desperately if she wanted to unlock her true form ever again.


In the now peaceful world of Radiant Garden, everything was peaceful and serine; Leon, a young man swore to fight the darkness was making his rounds near the castle perimeter. Since the original occupants had returned, he volunteered to sweep the grounds and keep an eye out for any heartless, nobodies and whatever kind of evil tried to wreck his home world. He was nearing the old ruins when a high scream came from the old court-yard and he rushed into action.

1hr earlier….

"Where the hell am I?" Serina said to herself when she woke up. Actually, that was the only thing that came straight to her because the only other thing that came to her was her name. She was lying on a dusty stone floor in a dark, round room. From just looking around, she guessed she was in an abandoned castle but it just didn't feel right. She felt dizzy and her body ached like crazy; the cause…multiple cuts, scratches, bruises and deep gashes on her abdomen and the middle of her back. It took her 15min to find some type of medical supplies and when she found only gauze-like fabric, she bandaged her wounds to the best of her ability. Her attire, however, was in worse shape: her once regular shirt now looked like a gothic-mid-drift and her pants were now short-shorts with frayed ends. She spent some time wandering the castle grounds, looking for something to keep her warm. Entering what seemed to be the main lobby, she found a long, black coat with a hood, and after putting it on she picked up the weird weapon she had been carrying since she woke up: it looked like some type of sword but it was shaped like a giant key!

Finally she found the front door of the castle, and struggled to open it since she had lost a bit of blood. When she got outside, the first thing that surprised her was the huge gorge that the castle sat in, but when she looked back at the castle itself…she realized why it felt so wrong: in her mind's eye, a dark, black aura surrounded the entire grounds! She didn't spend another second there and took off towards the gorge. She finally found some ruins of an outdoor courtyard after what felt like half an hour and sat down to catch her breath; she didn't have to look to see that her bandages were half-way soaked with her blood. Suddenly, everything felt too quiet; looking up she saw numerous black forms emerge from the ground and the canyon walls! The first thing that came to her mind was to run, but she only made it to the middle of the courtyard before her legs gave out; then when she tried to fight them off with her weapon, her mind started to go black. With the last ounce of her strength, she did the only thing she could do: she screamed for help.

Leon got to the courtyard maybe a minute after he heard the scream; upon arriving, he saw a mass of heartless surround what looked like a human figure. Rushing in, he was only a few feet away when the heartless were scattered by a dragon-type monster:

He then noticed that it was standing protectively over the claded figure. Without a second thought, he started attacking the heartless, taking them out one by one, but with the dragon's help, the fight ended in less than ten minutes. Leon cautiously walked over to the dragon, but it growled threateningly as if to say, 'touch this person and I'll kill you!' He then placed his gun-sword on the ground to show the beast he meant no harm; "I just want to help your friend. If I can see what's wrong with him, then I can probably save them," he said calmly, but in a serious tone. The dragon sniffed at Leon and when it sensed no intimate threat, it slowly moved to one side but it turned to its master and whimpered as if trying to wake him.

Leon got on the other side of the body; but what first caught his eye was the weapon in the guy's hand.

"A keyblade… don't tell me it's..." he said as he turned the figure onto their back. To his relief and surprise, it wasn't Sora, Riku, or that Lea guy who lived in the castle. Instead, under the black hood was a young girl about Yuffie's age, which was 17-18 yrs old; but the dragon started nudge her coat as if it wanted to show him something. Carefully, he removed the girl's coat and finally saw what the dragon was so worried about. In the next second, he gathered the girl in her arms and started running back towards Radiant Garden. As he ran, the girl's keyblade fell from her hand and vanished before it hit the ground, and her dragon followed Leon matching his speed perfectly.

As he reached the bailey, a familiar voice caught his attention, "Hey, Leon! Up here." When he looked, he saw Aerith and Yuffie standing in the bailey windows. When he got up the stairs, he took a minute to catch his breath and explained everything that had happened. Aerith advised that she should be taken to Even in the castle and the two of them would tend to her wounds. Yuffie quickly bonded with the dragon, who took a quick liking to her, but still followed them towards the nearly, recompleted castle.

Serina woke up a few days later to a sea of faces staring at her, which then caused her to start panicking. The blonde doctor, Even, took all of 30 seconds to calm her down and explain how Leon had found her and brought her to the castle for proper treatment.

"Wait, I'm not back in that dark-aura castle am I?" she asked with great concern. They all stared at her as if trying to figure out what she was saying.

"Are you talking about Maleficent's castle, the one out deep in the gorge?" Yuffie asked.

"I don't know whose castle it is, but a yes on the gorge," she replied. Leon and his friends were shocked how she came from there and asked how she came to be there. When she said she didn't remember, Ienzo, Even's apprentice came in with her test results and confirmed that she was speaking the truth because she came back positive in the amnesia test.

"It's safe to say that whatever happened to Serina, her memories have been completely erased," he explained to the others. It was decided that Serina would stay with Aerith and Yuffie; she would also receive training in magic and fighting so she could defend herself better, but she would have to come in twice a week to receive tests and have her wounds checked and sewn up from her training. Over the next five weeks, Serina's health, stability, and training improved greatly; her memory however was still showing no signs of returning.

One day, after fight training with Leon, Serina was standing in the bailey with her loyal dragon, Zero, and staring out over the horizon she felt a sudden twinge in her mind. A quick vision of three figures, two boys and a girl, all wearing some type of magical armor and all of them were wielding keyblades!