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Once across, however, poor Serina was tackled by an emotional ninja and both fell into the shallow water; she couldn't help but chuckle slightly as Yuffie blabbered on and on about how worried she and the others were.

"Yuffie, I'm happy to see you too, but I'm getting soaked here," the blonde pointed out.

"Oh, sorry," the ravenette realized and pulled her friend to their feet.

"It's ok…I'm not that fragile," Serina joked, but suddenly stopped when she spied Roxas, "YOU?!"

"Wha…" was all the blonde could get out, stepping back slightly.

"You're real?! I thought you just were an illusion," She exclaimed, shocking her friends.

"Serina, what are you talking about," Sora asked, "You've never met Roxas before!"

"I know that, but when I first met you guys, well….technically when I 'tackled' Riku, I saw him," she explained pointing to Roxas, whose blue eyes were wide with surprise, "I also saw a pale-blonde girl in a white dress standing behind Kairi!"

"You saw Namine," the blonde boy asked, grabbing the flustered blonde by her wrists, "how?!"

"I-I don't know," she admitted, "I honestly forgot till I saw you!"

"Why don't we head back to town," the king suggested, "we can all sit down and talk it over…then head back home."

"Oh, that's right and you all can meet Haru," Serina exclaimed happily.


"Your son, Riku," she explained facing the silverette, watching his eyes widen with shock.

Without a word, Sora and Serina lead the others back to town and giving them a slight tour of the crescent city; they found a note on Ienzo's door saying he headed back to Eudora's house for the day.

Taking the electric tram, they arrived within an hour, the others silently watching the change in scenery in awe; at their stop, Serina lead them all to a small neighborhood and walked up to the house she was staying in with her two friends and baby.

"Miss Eudora, I'm back and I brought company," Serina called out as Sora ushered the others in.

"Oh, there you are honey," a gentle voice answered walking in to reveal an older version of Tiana with the same sweet smile and kind disposition.

"Is Ienzo here," Serina asked.

"I'm afraid he was called out quick," Eudora explained, "but the baby is in your room!"

"Thank you," she smiled and then grabbed her lover's hand, "come on Riku…there's someone who's been waiting to see you!"

The others watched the blonde guide the nervous boy to a back room.

"Well then, how about some dinner," the elder woman asked earning numerous 'yes's and 'please's.


Serina opened the door to her present room and walked in; Riku stood in the hallway, nervous and unsure of what to expect. Taking a deep breath, he walked forward; the light in the room was very dim and the moon was shining through the window, giving it sort of a dream-like scene. He saw Serina over to one side of the window, leaning over what he assumed was probably a basinet; she carefully picked up a bundle of white blankets that were squirming slightly.

"Hello my little prince," Serina cooed, "someone's here to meet you!"

She looked up at Riku, gesturing for him to come over; he was hesitant at first, but he walked forward, stopping by the window. The young mother walked up to him and then carefully places the small bundle in his arms.

"Haru, met your daddy," Serina smiled looking up at the blushing silverette, "Riku…this is your son, Haru!"

She pulled the top blanket back slightly and Riku stopped breathing; in his arms was a small, almost exact replica of him. Curious aqua-teal eyes looked up at him, as if trying to read the mysterious man looking down at him; little Haru reached up a tiny hand to Riku's face, touching his cheek lightly. A gentle smile spread across the silverette's face as he lightly placed a hand over his son's, making the tiny baby giggle in excitement.

"He's perfect," Riku whispered, and looked up to Serina, "Thank you…"

"For what Riku," she asked slightly confused.

"Making me the happiest guy in all the worlds," he whispered before kissing her soft lips.


"The time is near and yet not one of you has successfully captured our runaway," Master Xehanort shouted at his counter parts.

"Not that easy ya old coot," Xigbar pointed out, "she's practically guarded by those pathetic friends of hers and she was able to escape that mob of heartless Ansem sent!"

The elder Keyblade master sighed in frustration as he sat back in his 'throne'; the final battle was coming and he needed the girl to finish his search for the ultimate weapon. He looked around at his 11 other darkness', trying to decide who would go next; he finally settled on one of them.

"You," he said, making the cloaked figure sit at attention, "set out and find the girl! And bring her to me!"

"Yes, Master Xehanort," the young man bowed, using a portal to leave.

"Are you sure it is wise to send him," Xemnas asked the other curiously.

"If he fails, the darkness in his heart will fall and only pure light will save him," Xehanort said without a care, "if I must, I can simply replace him with a copy!"

"Heh, tough break for that Terra kid then," Xigbar laughed, twirling one of his sniper guns effortlessly.

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