Hey guys! I am sooooooo bored! So I wrote this, tada! This is actually kinda based off of one of my other stories; only this isn't very similar, at all. Oh and I truthfully do not own Teen Titans, but someone does, just not me.

Dead meat, a dead dog on the road somewhere couldn't hold a penny to Garfield Logan.

Outside Raven stood in the dripping rain. Garfield Logan couldn't hold a penny to her.

The two had met before, heck they lived in the same tower, but neither one knew what was happening to the other, nor did they care.

Raven popped up her hood, letting the rain drip on it instead of her head. Mirroring her own movements she took it back off. Then she took off her cloak all together and shivered in the freezing conditions. Quickly she wrung it out disposing of all the water then she shoved it back over her small shoulders and clipped it around her neck.

Inside he hunkered in the warmth of the tower. Sure I was there, but death didn't catch me. Farther he crept inching lower into the quilts on his blankets. He ruffled his short green hair around. 1 day, without a word.

Raven didn't let such things get to her, people come and people go, yeah right. Raven couldn't tell where the water had come from that was currently sliding down her cheeks, the sky, or her eyes?

"Beast Boy trust me! I won't let you fall!"

"I know that you won't Raven!" Beast Boy called back his voice swaying from nerves, he couldn't shift due to his injuries and things were looking bad for him.

Memories, Beast boy had them too.

"Raven! Raven! Stop, Raven!" he called standing in the mist of everything.

He tried to catch her limp body as it floated down, down far away. He could fly after her perhaps, but monsters lurked in the crevasse.

Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy all dead, she was the only one left.

"Beast Boy, my magic has you, you'll be okay!" the unknown monsters of the darkness lurked threatening to take him away. He was bleeding heavily the slash across his neck spewing out blood. Both of them knew that it was too late, but hope remained.

Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven all dead, he was the only one left.

He heard a hiss, Raven had fled. Her body taken by the creatures of death, her blood had left her and she had hit the floor.

He lowered himself under the blanket and cried for the loss of his friends.

Raven did too, only she did it on the inside.

"Beast Boy, Raven our friends have left us!" Starfire cried into Robin's shoulder. "I know," Robin, moaned trying to stay strong. They had just witnessed 2 of their greatest friends get cut and then bleed to death, all because of a stupid mission and a horrible villain.

Cyborg cried too, alone in his room for the loss of his best friend.

It had happened so fast.

Ok this is probably the worst fic I've ever written, but whatever. Incase you don't get it, Raven and Beast Boy are really the dead ones, but they think that they're the only ones alive. Yeah, I don't get it either XD. Please no flames, I wrote this in like 30 minutes of course it sucks.