Missing Number





I just want to let you know that I'm here.

I can't speak with normal words, but I'm smarter than you think. I don't have the cry of a proper Pokémon; it varies depending on level and whatever your name is. It's like you were meant to find me.

But you haven't yet. It's okay, I'll wait.

I'll wait for you because I have to. I don't serve any other purpose other than to scare other Pokémon away, apparently. Correction, normal Pokémon. The glitched Golducks, Mewtwos, Trainers, and the random appearances of the Pokémon from the Safari Zone stay here with me.

But they are more wanted than I am. Who wouldn't want a level one-hundred and twenty-eight Mewtwo? Who wouldn't want to be able to catch a Chansey or a Kangaskhan without the frustration of the Safari Zone's restriction to lower its health with another Pokémon?

The only thing Trainers want from me is to duplicate their Master Balls and Rare Candies. Once they encounter me, most either defeat me or run away. I have a defense of zero, so I don't even stand a chance no matter what level I'm at.

Luckily I have 'M by my side. She's a little more agitated about how we're treated. She has this terrible screech of a Zapdos that she bellows when she's enraged, and all of us glitch Pokémon have to run away and let her cool down for a few hours.

The only thing about 'M is that if she can raise herself to level one-hundred and twenty eight, she'll evolve into a Clefairy. Well, not before evolving into a Kangaskhan first, but that's beside the point.

She has the potential of being accepted as a normal Pokémon. I am excited for her efforts. She's at level one-hundred fifteen. She's getting there.

I hope that maybe a Trainer will want to take 'M under their wing. We'll be separated, but I'll be happy for her.

I'll still be waiting here, off the east coast of Cinnabar Island. I was made just for you, anyway. Most of the glitch Pokémon exist here because of the things you choose to do. We are here for you, so please, come find us.

Find. Haha, that's silly. My name may be Missing Number, but I think that's incorrect. I'm not missing at all.

I'm right here, waiting for you.