Peter's teacher had called his parents into class one day during third-grade. Apparently, one of his classmates, a boy named Zayn, had been messing with him during their lunch break. Zayn had slapped Peter with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, for the sole purpose of starting a fight. When he was confronted, Zayn had claimed to not know what happened. Peter, the boy wonder, grew angry with the kid and spurted a spider-web at his head, knocking the boy's "Dragon King" beanie off of his head. The whole class froze on the spot.

As the two boys rolled around, throwing lame punches and kicks, their teacher called both of their parents. After school, both of the boys' parents walked into the classroom. Zayn's parents, who were already furious, stomped into view. A woman with red hair walked into the room next, followed by a man in dark shades and a maroon—near purple—over-priced jacket. The man, presumably Peter's father, stomped the snow from his boots before fully entering the room.

"Sorry we're late, Jean, we were at a meeting," Peter's dad started, walking over and putting a hand on his son's shoulder. "I believe you've met Natasha—she's Pete's cool aunt."

About a million questions ran through Jean's head (she heard that Tony had gotten married a few years back) but she settled with a smile, shaking her hand. The parents got acquainted with the boys' teacher. During that time, the only other sounds heard was the squeaking of the exercise wheel in the class gerbil's cage. When the whole situation was explained, Zayn had received a Cloudygram, and his parents had taken him home.

"Tony, is there something... special... about Peter?" Jean asked him privately before they left.

"Nah. He's just your friendly neighborhood kid." He nodded his good-bye, catching up with Natasha and Peter. "Hey, Peter, let's go get some ice cream, and get some for your papa." Tony leaned down and whispered, "Good shot, by the way."

Peter laughed at that.