Then the earth shook!

Daphne and Niles where out shopping and had just got back to Elliott bay towers when they felt the ground shake...

Daphne: Niles did you just feel that?

Niles: yes properly just a tremor we do get them here

Daphne: yeah oh well we had better get this lot up to Dr. Crane!

Niles: want me to carry the bags for you they look heavy

Daphne: oh thank you Niles that's very kind

Niles and Daphne made there way to room 101 and suddenly there was a another tremor...

Daphne: oh God Niles that felt even stronger!

Niles: its ok Daphne just a small earthquake!

Daphne: iam scared

Niles: its ok Daphne (hugs Daphne)

Suddenly Dr. Crane opened the door to find Daphne and Niles kissing

Frasier: and where is my dinner?

Daphne: excuse me Dr. Crane i've been busy!

Frasier: yes kissing my brother!

Daphne laughs

Daphne: iam only joking Dr. Crane!