Chapter 4: Pressing Need

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DistantDark wanted me to mention a couple things about this chapter. We realize that it would probably take quite a bit more time to make Derek act on his deeply suppressed emotions, but we don't want to go on for 800 more chapters just to get to the fun stuff. Also there really isn't enough of Danny in the show to really understand how he would behave in the situation he finds himself in here. Don't hate us for what happens to him here.

Derek slams the door of his Camero, seething in rage. He could hear Isaac whine from inside the still shelled out Hale house. The younger wolf could clearly sense his fury, but the Alpha couldn't bring himself to care. It took all of his self-control not to barge into Stiles' bedroom and claim him then and there. Derek had demanded for Stiles to stop seeing Danny, but the stubborn teen obviously hadn't listened. They were out on a date. And to top it off, Stiles had been avoiding all of his calls and text messages. The teen was doing this on purpose. The Alpha clenches a fist, trying not to shift. Isaac appears on the porch, looking over at him uncertainly. Derek knew that he needed to calm down, but his mind wouldn't stop replaying what Danny had told Stiles. Danny had feelings for Stiles. His inner wolf snarls at the fact as Derek growls. Before Isaac could ask what was wrong, the Alpha takes off into the forest, shedding clothes as he runs. He needed to get away, to open space where he could think.

As soon as Derek makes it to the tree line, he shifts into his Alpha form, running even faster on all fours. He hears the crunch of leaves as Isaac runs behind him, trying to catch up. The last thing he wanted to do was talk to anyone. When he hears Isaac starting to get closer, he relaxes slightly, realizing that the Beta wasn't going to try to stop him. He could sense Isaac was there merely for support, and to make sure the Alpha didn't go on a killing spree. After all, there weren't that many deer left in the forest from last time Derek was pissed off.

It was strange for him to actually have a pack. He never wanted to be Alpha. It was always supposed to be Laura. She was the strong one, the leader, the one who had picked him back up and tried to make him whole again. He was never strong enough, never gave her the support she had given so freely to him. He had been running, chasing his own tail when she had been killed.

He didn't deserve to have a pack that actually cared for him. The broken teens he chose to become his Betas were never supposed to be anything other than back up for fighting the hunters. But of course, Stiles had to ruin all of his plans. The teen actually held the pack together. He had a way of keeping all of the Betas in line and making them feel like they belonged. It was something Derek had never been able to do. In a lot of ways, the hyperactive boy was everything Derek wasn't. He balanced the Alpha's harshness and provided compassion. Something Derek had never been great at showing.

Derek had known when he first became an Alpha that Stiles would make a great mate. He tried his best to stay away from the teen, always trying to push him away. However, Stiles always found a way to wiggle back into his life. Derek didn't want to taint the optimistic boy, didn't want to drag him down to his own miserable level. Anyone he ever cared about always wound up dead, and he wouldn't let that happen to Stiles.

Derek howls in misery, finally slowing down. He hears Erica, Boyd, and Jackson howl in the distance, sensing his pain. The Alpha makes his way to a natural spring, and sits down, staring up at the crescent moon. He hears Isaac sit down next to him silently before sending a glance over to the older wolf.

"Derek, you're not alone, not anymore…" Isaac states quietly, his eyes shifting down to the small stream. Derek huffs, lying down on the soft bed of pine needles that coated the forest floor. He rests his head on one of his large, black paws, turning away from Isaac.

"You deserve to be happy." Isaac presses, trying to get through to the older wolf. Derek growls in disagreement, his fur bristling. "Just talk to Stiles." The Alpha's head whips around to look over at Isaac, his bright red eyes widening. Isaac sighs, hugging his knees to his chest. "We all had a feeling that something was going on between the two of you…you were shoving him around more frequently and both of you have been staring at each other when you thought the other wasn't looking. Stiles is smart, and surprisingly patient. He'll understand why you've been tough on him recently if you just explain why you were doing it." Derek huffs again, lying his head back down on his paws. He lets out a low growl in annoyance as Isaac nods, understanding what his Alpha wanted.

Isaac rises to his feet about to walk off, when he hesitates, hearing Derek let out a soft whine. He glances back at the older wolf curiously. Derek gets up, and slowly pads over to Isaac, as if he was unsure of himself. Isaac cocks his head to the side, trying to understand what his Alpha was doing. Derek sits back on his hind legs and presses a large black paw on either shoulder of the lanky Beta. Careful not to knock him over, he nuzzles Isaac's neck cautiously, enjoying the feel of the teen's curly hair against his nose. He allows his body to relax from the comforting scent of his pack. The younger wolf smiles softly, relaxing as well. Derek quickly trots back over to his spot by the spring and flops back down, clearly done with pack-bonding-time. Isaac's smile widens as he turns on his heel, and takes off back into the trees, letting his Alpha have some time alone.

Derek wakes up naked in his large bed, slightly dirtied from the previous nights romp. Dirt aside, it's the clearest his mind has been in a long time. Isaac's words had stuck with him. He deserved to be happy, needed to be happy. Not just for himself, but also for the pack. Laura had taught him that. An Alpha must be a symbol of strength, and to anyone that was really paying attention, Derek's broken emotional state came across as shattered, not strong. It was time to start putting himself back together, just like he was doing with this broken down, old house. After all, it's what Laura would have wanted, what he owes her.

The Alpha sighs, slips into some fresh clothes, and heads out to the front of the house. Isaac is chatting quietly with Erica and Boyd on the porch as the contractors start unloading their tools. He told the three wolves to watch over the humans to make sure that they didn't destroy anything. It was a Saturday, so they didn't have to worry about ditching school. He needed to restock his food supply since the Betas wouldn't stop raiding his now working fridge.

After warning the Betas to behave, Derek slides into his Camero, and starts the car, smirking ever so slightly from the roar of the engine. He glances down at the red line on his gas gauge, indicating he only has a quarter of a tank, and his good mood instantly disappears. He sometimes forgot how much gas his car devoured. Derek scowls, starting the long trek to the only gas station on this side of town.

Derek pulls up to the first empty pump and instantly tenses. He slips out of the car, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Stiles was leaning against Danny's Yaris, casually kicking stones around with his feet as the jock pumps his gas. The Alpha slams his door closed, with more force than necessary, causing the teens to jump, quickly snapping their heads in his direction. Stiles' honey brown eyes widen in panic as Danny seems to have the audacity to glare. Derek was about to approach, when the jock suddenly grabs Stiles' wrist and yanks him closer to his broad chest.

"You could do so much better than that prick." Danny whispers before tilting Stiles' face up by his chin and pressing their warm lips together. This definitely had not been part of the plan. Stiles lets out a strangled noise in the back of his throat as Derek roars in rage, self-control be damned. He had just decided to fix his life, and he wanted, needed, Stiles to be with him while he did it. Some hormonal teen wasn't going to take Stiles away from him before he had the chance to let him know how he really feels.

Before Stiles could even blink, and Derek could even really realize what he was doing, he was suddenly pinning the pale teen to the hot black metal hood of his Camero. Derek found himself hovering over him with his hands pressed on either side of the teen's face.

"Didn't I tell you to stay away from Danny?" Derek hisses as Stiles stares up at him, his eyes wide in a mixture of fear and something he couldn't quite place. The flush slowly appearing on the pale teen's cheeks and rapid pulse mixed with the scent of arousal had Derek leaning in even closer.

"D-Derek?" Stiles chokes out, his breath hitching as the wolf lightly skims his nose up the soft skin of Stiles' neck.

"Mine." Derek mutters before his hot lips claim the teen's beneath him. Derek has to restrain himself from sinking his teeth into the warmth of Stiles' bottom lip. Stiles freezes for a moment in shock before his eyes flutter closed, letting out a soft moan as Derek slips his tongue into his mouth, demanding dominance, and asking for acceptance. The nervous teen kisses back, matching the wolf's desperate pace. God, how Stiles had dreamed about this very moment. He had woken up to a raging hard on after every one of those dreams and now was no different. He reaches up, fisting Derek's dark locks, pulling him closer. Derek lets out a low growl in the back of his throat before focusing on the creamy skin of Stiles' neck. Stiles' breath catches as he feels the wolf nipping at his collar bone.

"D-…Derek! We're in p-public, and oh God Derek, Danny!" The teen manages to gasp, squirming under the wolf. Derek merely leans back slightly, looking down at the human in annoyance. He glances over to the empty pump where Danny's car had been. The wolf smirks in victory before quickly dragging Stiles to the passenger side of his Camero, and shoving the spazzed teen inside, cutting off his frantic rant about being kissed by two guys in the space of 10 seconds. Derek saunters over to the driver's side, and readjust the hardness in his jeans before slipping into the car and peeling out of the small gas station.

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