Authors Notes: Oh dear. Here be my first every FiM story. Wrote fan fics for Adventure Time, but never for FiM.. Dis gon be interesting. 10th Doctor BTW. In normal, human like, form. Check this story out in FiM Fiction, Updated first there. Adventure Time Fics are on HIATUS btw.


Chapter 1 - When She Knocks Four Times.

The bell rang.

The cloister bell only rang when the TARDIS or the Universe is in danger. And I'm pretty sure it is right now. Here I am fidgeting about the controls. Pulling the air breaks, well... I think their air brakes, even if there is no air in space. Why is this even happening? Black Holes are strong, sure, but this? I have not seen a black hole that, even the very fabric of time cannot escape, and that's brilliant! Like a super charged black hole... Or maybe one of those HumVacs the humans made. Man, how I loved to get on of em for the TARDIS..

The bell rang for the second time.

"ALERT: TARDIS IS NEARING BLACK HOLE." That annoying voice! Wait a minute... That's my voice. Oh right, Voice Interface..

"I KNOW! GAH! Why the bloody hell are you on, anyway?"

"You requested for Voice Interface earlier"


The bell rang for the fif-..

Wait a minute. Third time. The bell rang for the third time.

"TARDIS power is currently at 20% and dropping. Probability of escaping is 0%."

"Probability of survival?"


Of course. Time Lords knew how Black Holes work. We know that whatever is inside is anti matter. We even have one back in Gallifrey. What we don't know is WHAT anti matter is. I mean, we do. But we don't know what it does to us, or does at all. I've encountered the insides of a black hole before, but not all black holes are the same.

Plus that black hole was being controlled by a psychopathic Time Lord who threatened to destroy the universe as revenge to a race that yields him as a hero. And if the cloister bells rang, then this one will probably destroy the TARDIS and destroy me, inevitably. Thing is, the TARDIS exists in all of time and space. Destroying it means destroying all of time and space. But maybe, just maybe...

Something DID call for me. A signal Time Lord's used to use.. Hmm that doesn't sound right. A signal the Time Lords used before. Much better. I think. I'm a Doctor! Not a English professor, and I'm not much of a doctor in that regard either. Not medically but you know... Wibbly wobbly.

So here I am, putting the universe at the line for a hunch. Just another day in the office, or in this case, the phone box.

"Well then...ALONZY!"

Disengaged the air breaks and sent the TARDIS plummeting into the black hole. I hope I know what I'm doing. Well... I don't know. But, you know. I hope I knew what I just did. Or...Well... Can't be worst than the Daleks, I suppose.

The bell rang for the fourth time.

Or was it sixth?