Both two suns where in the sky, painting the planet orange. There could be heard the sound of red grass whistling. The colossal city stood against the elements, standing taller than any other structure that existed past, present or future. The streets where busy, it's people uneasy. It was beginning. What the soothsayers have predicted, the war to end all wars, the great time war.

"... Is it ready?"

There stood a man, garnishing a majestic scarlet robe. Middle aged, about his seven hundredths. The man was admiring the view of his planet through the office window. He then looked to his back.

"Yes. The progenitor arc is active and primed." His visitor replied

Approaching him was another man wearing the same ensemble. He was younger, only 20 years old. He ambled about nervously.

"I.. Uhm.. Just wanted to ask you something."

"Hmm? Does It concern the prophesy?"

"..yy-Yes. Do you think.."

"Quite frankly, yes. Yes I do. The soothsayers are one with the time vortex. They can see the future clearer than any other Time Lord."


"You asked for my opinion, did you not?" Rassilon sat down. " It is coming. The oncoming storm."

Uneasy silence broke out. The prophesy spoke of destruction. The destruction of Galifrey and it's people. All of the Time Lords wiped out.

"Our reign is ending. Time has entrusted us with knowledge far beyond what could have been accomplished on our own. It gave us years beyond our lifespan and handed down second chances from death. But we abused it, we where meant to observe and learn. Not wage wars and terror."

"... Oh god. I don't want to die! I don't want t-"

"Either way, we shall ascend. Do not let your heart be troubled.."


"Hush. Look." He took out a hourglass. "How would you stop the sand from flowing?"

"..Lay it on its side?"

"You see.."Rassilon placed the hourglass sideways, "Even if time stopped, even if we managed to change a time locked event" The hourglass began to roll "It doesn't mean we have survived. Because time, my dear Lucius, is alive. It knows when we try to cheat it.. And when it finds out, it looks for us, and then.." The hour glass crashed into the floor, shattering into many pieces. The sound pierced the very souls of those who heard. "We may be able to manipulate time, but even for us, time still flows. Time will never wait for one man."


"Lucius. Please deliver this to the Doctor." He hands over a black velvet bag. Lucius unwraps the contents, revealing 6 multi colored gems.

".. But.. Wait. This is-"

"Yes it is. When the time comes, it shall be competed by him, and our legacy will endure. My creation will stand proud as we vanish. For there is no end, just new beginnings. Let the era of harmony begin."

"How will he get to the Eye?"

"He will find a way."

".. How will the Doctor survive?"

"Who says he will?"