Weeks have passed since Misaki came, she, Yankumi and Shin somehow bonded..

every time they are going to hang out together she was always tagging with the two...

It's Friday..6:00 in the morning when Shin's phone rang.. he was still sleepy.. he picked up his phone.. he was ready to throw it outside when he saw the caller Id..

"Yankumi?" he asked.. he was half amuse, excited and irritated at the same time..

he clears his throat before he answered the phone..

"SAWADA!" she yelled causing Shin to move the cellphone away from his ears.. Shin grinned..

"What the hell" he said attempting not to voice happily thinking that the first thing he heard early in the morning was her voice..

"Sawada.." she said while sniffing causing him to panic a little.,.

"Hey what's wrong?" he asked in a clam voice..

"Shin.. help me.." she said.. his heart almost jumped hearing her calling his name..

"What's wrong..? oi.." he said with a little bit of panic in his voice..

"I'm in trouble Shin.. I need you,," she said.. while she continue sniffing..

"I'll be right there.." he replied.. as he finished preparing for school.. he dashed into her house..

"Oi Yankumi what's wrong?" he said..

Yankumi's eyes grew wide as she saw him then leaped out and glomps at him..

"Good thing you came" she said while squealing while hugging him.. His face flushed at the moment..

"what's wrong?" he asked.. Yankumi was still clinging into him..

"Shin help.." she exclaimed.. Shin wasn't so sure why Yankumi started calling him by his first name but he was sure it feels good to hear..

"What's wrong?" he asked once again..

"You know Shin, my family have to go on a family meeting together with the other heads of some Yakuza families around Japan." she explained..

"So?" he asked in a low tone..

"Uhmm I-I" she mumbled..

he looked at her in the eyes..

"Shin I need you to take care of Misaki.." she explained.. Shin shook his head..

"Please? I'm going to bring her to school.. so that she won't be left alone at our house.. but I can't teach with her around..I need at least one person who could look out for her.. coz you know.." she mumbled the last sentence,,

"My classmates and everyone in the school are like perverted aliens right?" he added..

Yankumi nodded.. before she looked at him with teary eyes and puppy dog look..

Shin regretted the time he looked right into her very eyes.. He sighed in defeat..

"OKay.. just don't disturb me when I'm sleeping.. 'kay?" he motioned to the little girl..

Misaki smiled at her big brother.. he was indeed a perfect candidate to be a brother in law..

Yankumi hugs him again happily.. grateful to him that he was welcome to help anytime and anywhere..

After the three of them left for school.. Yankumi was consulting Shin on how to convince the vice-principal to let Misaki stay with her..just for today..

She was in the middle of the two.. mentally grinning at herself at the thought how her big sister and her big brother red lion looked like a married couple with her as their daughter..

When the three of them came to school.. time to bring their plan into action.. Shin left and make his way on the 3D's classroom while Misaki and Yankumi walked to the faculty room to convince the vice principal to agree with Misaki being with Yankumi but just for today..

Good thing Misa-chan was such a pretty girl for the vice principal can't refuse with her begging puppy dog eyes..

When they are about to enter the room Kawashima-sensei asked Yankumi if she could talk with her for awhile..

Misaki while staring at the 3D room wandering what's inside.. she was sure she can hear lots of voices.. male voices.. when the idea of Shin being in class 3D she grinned happily.. she looked at her sister talking with the school nurse..

She was excited to meet her class so she went and open the door.. the 3D gang all stand up and gazed at the pretty girl looking at them with amusement in her eyes..

The perverted aliens gained too much energy that all of them argued with each other by just looking on who would be the one to introduce themselves to her.. when suddenly..

"Is Sawada Shin here?" she asked..

The 3D guys looked at Shin who immediately raised his head from sleeping after hearing a familiar voice.. Shin rolled his eyes then went to her and taps her forehead..

"Convinced him?" he asked then the girl nodded and smile at him..

He smiled back.. the 3D gang gaped at them with their jaws hitting the ground.. they were sure she's not Shin's sister just like Natsumi.. so maybe...

"Shin you bastard.." Uchi said..

sHIN looked at them..

"You had a girlfriend all along and you're hiding her from us.." Noda said..

"And she's a pretty one!" Minami shouted..

Shin rolled his eyes.. Misaki understood the situation..

"My name is Yamaguchi Kumiko.. please take good care of me" she bowed as the other 3D guys looked at her in realization on what she just said..

"Yamaguchi..?" Uchi exclaimed..

Just then Yankumi barged inside the room..

"Misaki.. why didn't you wait for me..?" she asked..

"Ah~ onee-chan! I was excited to meet your class.. and besides.." she paused.. as she went to Shin and cling on him..

"Big brother red lion is also here" she said in an excited tone..

The 3D guy's jaws drop to the ground again..

"Onee-chan...?" half of the class said while the others said..

"Big brother red lion?" they looked and points to Shin who was smirking at them..

After awhile during their homeroom time..

Misaki was sitting right beside Shin.. the 3D guys were looking at her dreamily..

"Kawaii~" as they all said in an synchronized manner..

"Oi.. don't dare you guys.. do something ridiculous to her.. I'll kill of you.." Yankumi said..

"We won't" they said.. not looking at her but just looking at the pretty girl sitting at the back..

Yankumi sighed..

"By the way..." Kuma said.. wondering about something..

"Misa-chan.. why did you call Shin big brother..? and what's with the red lion..?" he asked..

causing the others to think as well..

"I'm sure she called her big brother cause he's older than her.. but what I don't get is the "red lion thingy" Minami asked...

Misaki looked at Shin then turned to Yankumi.. she immediately get the cue on Yankumi's eyes not to expose something about her family matter.. but unfortunately that doesn't involve Shin being her future brother-in-law..

"Cause he's my brother-in-law.. Shin onii-chan and Miko-onee-chan is going to be a husband and wife in the future so I guess it's okay to call him big brother.. don't you think" she asked in a calm and sweet almost dreamy voice..

The 3D guys looked to Shin terrified as he just rolled his eyes away from them concerned in not meeting their gaze.. not contented with Shin's reaction they turned to see Yankumi who's face was flushing from the sudden revelation.. She also looked away from them as fast as she could..

That left the 3D guys suspicious, curious and amused at the same time..

When Yankumi left Misaki with the guys.. they immediately gut her trust.. so she was always seen hanging out with them..

The morning was fine.. but not until the afternoon came..

Yankumi asked Shin to come with her for awhile that she had to go home and get something which she can't bring alone.. of course she would ask Shin.. who other people in their school knows about her identity..duh?

She asked Shizuka and Kikuno to look out for Misaki.. she can't afford to leave her with the guys she trust them for sure but knew so well how trouble maker they are..

When the two of them came back the whole 3D was on a fuss..

"Misa-chan is gone!" Kuma yelled on their faces..

The two looked at each other then reacted.. Yankumi was worried but so is Shin.. She might be a yakuza but she's not as skilled as her big sister who's a total war-freak..

When they asked what happened.. the whole group explained to them that Misaki was taken by a group of punks..they looked like a yakuza members..

Shin ordered them not to meddle with the business for he thought that they would probably face one hell of an opponent.

They refuse at first but one stare down with their ring leader made them back to their seats..

Yankumi knew that even though they might not do anything now with Shin around, they might still be looking for her later..

"Shin.. let them.. please.. right now I need their help.." she asked with a begging look on her face which Shin could definitely not refuse..

Shin sighed then he nodded., as he ordered the guys to separate ways and looked for her..

Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse..

Misaki was tied with her hands on her bank.. she clearly knows that enemies of her family might've done this..

Shoot wrong timing.. although she manage to take down some of them.. still many were left to deal with..

One of the guys came to her.. he looks like a total punk.. not to mention he got a much perverted look than those of 3D..she thought,.

The guy held her chin up.. She was fighting but the guy was strong.. or it's just that she already consumed her strength...

When he was about to plant his lips over hers.. a sound of something caused him to moved away from her..

Just as then she saw Shin and Yankumi standing on the destroyed gate itself..

"Touch her and you're dead.." Shin said with a deadly tone.. the yakuza guys stepped back..

He was looking deadly serious.. Yankumi too was having a glare that everyone of them can translate as the look "I'll Kill all of you"..

"Miko-onee-chan..Big Brother Red Lion" Misaki said in relief..

As the guys put the pieces together..they realized that the heiress they were looking for was in front of them.. together with the ever-famous Red Lion whom everyone said that a guy who's also a perfect candidate in being the 4th Oedo boss..

The 3D gang were looking for Misaki's location.. when they figured out where she was brought.. they immediately run on warehouse #07

When they arrived they saw a bunch of scary looking guys piled up in a weird manner just like in the manga.. They were all beaten into pulp..

When their eyes searched for someone they saw Shin and Yankumi removing Misaki's ties..

"Wow did Yankumi kick their asses once again?" Uchi asked..

"No Shin did.." she responded quickly.. actually both of them were the ones who kicked their asses but she can't say that..of course.. SHin and Misaki knew it quite well..

The 3D gang sighed in relief.. As they know that their little princess is safe..

Next day..

Misaki drop by the school before she went back home..

"Come visit us next time 'kay?" Shin asked..

She nodded... "thank you big brother.." she said smiling when she reached up to try to kiss Shin to express her gratitude..

Yankumi put her hands on her mouth and drag her down.. "Oh no you don't.." she said in attempt to protect her sister but the guys seemed to misinterpret her point..

"Woohh Yankumi is jealous" Kuma shouted as the rest of the guys started teasing her., Shin smirk.. as he gives her glances which can only be described as looks of affections and l-o-v-e.

"Miko-nee-chan..Big Brother red lion.." she faced the two.. "I have a favor to ask" she said.

"What is it?" SHin spoke for the both of them..

"Next time I came back.. I want to see both of you standing in the altar and exchanging vows" she said..

Yankumi tilts her head before she nodded cluelessly.. surprising Shin and the others.. Misaki giggled.. 'She was clueless as this kinds of things..' Misa-chan and Shin thought.. 'She probably have no idea what meant..' both ideas were running on their mind..

Shin smirked before he nodded.. "Sure.." he replied which makes the 3D's jaws dropped to the ground again and again and again..

When Misaki's car left.. Yankumi bid her goodbye to her beloved sister,,

"Come back anytime Misaki!" she shouted as she waved her hands and watch the car until it disappeared..

When the two of them were finally alone.. Shin was grinning which caught the attention of Yankumi..

"What are you grinning at?" she asked.. Shin looked at her..

"When should we stand in altar and exchange our vows?" he asked which makes Yankumi remembered that she just nodded on the idea Misaki gave before.. her eyes grew wide and her face turns red..

Shin grinned before he flicks her forehead,.

"Let's go home..stupid.." he said..

But his mind was continuously showing a parallel world where he and Yankumi were walking on the aisle together.. wearing the same ring.. and having the same surname =)) that was definitely a good world..

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