The letter A is for the word always. As in the Ducks will always be friends. The Ducks will always have each other. They will always be there for each other. They will always have many good memories of their time together as Ducks. They will always fly together. They will always be best friends.

Tammy went on to figure skating fame. Adam went on to play NHL hockey just like he dreamed. Charlie ended up coaching Pee-Wee hockey like his mentor Gordon Bombay. Despite the distance between them and the time that passed, the Ducks knew they would always have the other Ducks around them, through the good and the bad. They would always have the team to fly with them, no matter what happened in life. Because Ducks fly together; Ducks fight for each other when another Duck needs help; and most of all, they had all made a pact at some point or another. The pact stated that as a Duck, they would stick together, forever and for always.

The point should be made by now. Ducks stick together, no matter what; which is why, in the world of the Ducks, the letter a stands for always.

Words from the writer-I really had no idea where I was going with this exactly, so it's just random words coming out of my brain and attempting to be put into a story. Hope whoever decides to read this likes it.