Chapter 1: Coincidence Is a Hindrance: Part 1

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"Lovely! You're all here! They all look so full of youth and energy. Makes you feel alive," Doug said, in his fucking annoying Welsh lilt. "They look like a right pack of fuckers to me." I said. "Naomi! No swearing in front of the kiddies! Look, here they come." A swarm of little shits ran towards the table I was serving and jump up and down, wiggle, and scream. Christ on a bloody bike! Can't they be still for five minutes? Doug, probably noticing my discomfort says, "Go ahead and take a break, Naomi. I'll occupy the kidsters." I nod, "Thanks, Doug, but you do know I've got 20 more minutes until, right?" "Oh, yes! Of course, Naomi! I just enjoy doing what I do." I nod at him and smile. "Right," I say, before opening up the black door to the staff room with my key "Fucking hell!" I sigh. A fucking nut house. I WORK at a fucking nut house. I need to get out of here. Now. Maybe Doug will let me leave early. After all, he fucking loves this place. If I hadn't known better, I would've thought he was a paedophile. I look at my surroundings: A small room, just big enough to fit a three-seater black suede couch, a black small coffee table with a clear ashtray on it, a stack of stupid looking magazines sitting on top of the night stand next to the ashtray, and me, Naomi Campbell, yes that is my real name, flopped out on the couch, arms every which way and that, legs spread open. I'm wearing the stupidest employee outfit ever. A yellow button down shirt with green polka dots all over it, a tye-dye purple, white, and orange tie, hot pink skinny jeans, and some black Vans. I look like shit. My medium length peroxide blond hair hangs in a pony tail and my bags are the size of my grandma's tits. Why the hell would a person ever dress like that? I work at Chuck E Cheese's. I know, I know, you think they don't have those in England, or anywhere in Britain, because they're only found in America. But, no, they've decided to build one in Bristol, of all the bloody places. If you're like me and don't know what Chuck E Cheese's is, well, let me explain. It's basically this very colourful place, that brings screaming headaches, at least 100 fucked up kid's arcade games, a ball pit, a fucking mass of tubes suspended in the ceiling, and its a sanctuary for annoying children. You know, the Kim of tubes that kids can crawl into, and slide out of?

Yeah, those. Oh, and about 400-500 baby demons come here every day for a birthday party, and order every slimy, greasy, diabetes-giving meal on the menu. So, here I am. Laying down on the couch, wanting my shift to be over. I guess I'll sweet talk Doug. He'll say yes. The cunt has to. Doug is actually dressed even worse than me, and to add insult, he can wear regular clothes! He's the manager for fuck's sake! I can still picture him prancing around in his half red half green trainers, orange pants, red clown nose, neon yellow face paint, brown and grey polo, sporting a shit eating, but welcoming grin. I get up off the couch, hoisting myself up, and crack my back. I pull out my key and lock the door on my way out. I try to put on my most in-pain look ever. I hunch over and make struggled attempts to call out Doug's name, but the sound of my pretending-to-be-ill voice is being over powered by the 300 children, running around, screaming like banshees. He still doesn't hear me. He's standing near one of the clientèle's table. I jog towards him, and place a hand over his shoulder.

"Hey, Doug. I'm feeling a bit shite; can I take off, and go home early?"

He squints, "You looked perfectly fine just a few minutes ago, Naomi," he says, rather suspiciously.

"Oh, er... Yeah, I uh, I just got my monthly."


"My period, Doug. Oh the horror! I'm shooting out red rivers, and I don't want the children to see!"

"Oh, my! In that case, go, go, go! I'll just have Lee and Tanya take on the rest of your shift."

"Thanks, Dougie!" I pat him on the back as he turns away to assist a mum with her son's birthday song.

"Oh, and Naomi!"

"Yes, Doug?"

"Oggy Oggy Oggy!"

"Yeah, you too, Doug!"

After I make sure I'm out of sight, I sprint towards my black crossover, making sure nobody I know sees me. Actually, I know no one. I just moved to Bristol, and as sad as it is, I'm Billy No Mates. I'm 24, what do you expect of me? I'm young, not 54, so yes, I should have at least one friend. And come to think of it, Doug doesn't exactly fit the description. Oh fuck. I go to roll down my window, only to see that it's looking like it's about to rain. I roll it back up, and drive towards a stoplight and see a burst of exuberant cherry red towards my left, in a blue Dacia duster. Her light turns green and she speeds off before I can properly look at her. My light turns green as well shortly after and I drive towards my flat. I hobble out of my car and lock it, open up the wide, clear glass door that is the barrier between outside and what I call home. It's about to rain so I'm trying to get my arse inside, pronto. I walk up two flights of stairs, and finally reach my humble abode. I stick my key inside, unlock it, and scramble in.


I awake to the sound of my phone going off. I slide the unlock bar, and I'm greeting with my mother's cheery and rather irritating voice. "Naomi! How is it coming along, dear?"

I sit up, wearing nothing but knickers and a pig shirt, I say croakily and groggy, "Mum, do you know what fucking time it is?" "Of course, darling. It's 8.30 PM."

It's only been 3 hours since I've gotten off work? Wow. But still, nobody fucks with my sleep, even though I feel rather rested.

"So, are you going to go find a nice girl and shag her tonight? Naomi Dear?"

"Mum! Really? Is that all you wanted to ask me?"

"Well, I do have a right, dear. You're 24, and you need some human interaction."

"Yeah, I'll socialize but do you really think I'm just going to lay some poor girl?"

"Hm... I guess not."

"Ugh! Bye, Mum!"

"I love you, too."

I hang up the phone and lay on my bed, sorting through my thoughts. That girl. That flash of infrared, far too bold for the colour spectrum, her hair colour an outlaw, almost cast astray. I wonder what she'd look like. What colour were her eyes? Jade green? A lost, icy blue? Muddy, warm brown? "Why am I thinking about her? I'll probably never see her again." I gaze up at the sandy tab that enclosed my wall, and grab the grey remote that is occupying the space next to me, turning on the telly, and watch an episode of The Doctors. The episode is titled, "Dare, Double Dare, Truth," and just my fucking luck, it features two redheads, I groan in frustration. I don't even know her name and yet everything around me reminds me of her. I rollout of bed, stretch, put my iPod in its dock that is sitting on the nightstand and press play.


I snap my eyes open, cast them toward the red glow of my alarm clock, casting cherry pigment across the room, leaving me a trail of the woman in its wake. I need to go for a drive. Now. It's only 9.24 PM, anyway. I roll out of bed, prop my self up on my elbows and sort through my closet. Wow, I'm actually bothering to try to look good! Usually I can't be fucked, but the thought of seeing the girl with the hair on fire made me feel kind of nice. I sort through some clothes, settling on a black short sleeved tee with a pink woman's body outline on it with the sleeves rolled up, a black and white pencil skirt, black tights, and olive green Converse high tops. I walk towards my bathroom, opening the door, flicking on the almost dead light and stare at myself. I run my left hand over my right cheek, carefully running my fingers over invisible scorching red hue the unknown girl had left without even knowing. I'm torn, I thought to myself. Mum's right. I need to get laid.


I let myself out of the flat and into the garage where I parked my car, unlock the door and slide into the driver's side, the right. I start the ignition, put my car into DRIVE and zoom off. I come to a halt at another stoplight, looking to my left and right to see of the girl would end up next to me, but a sign of the exuberant light like I had known hours before.

I had to know everything about her. Why is your hair red? Why is it so bright? Why are you so stunning? Did you think about me like I did about you when you sped off? Why do you drive an SUV? Do you like big cars? Is your favourite colour red? Because now mine is. I wonder what she looks like, if her features are as delicate as her rose locks. Suddenly, after minutes of mindless driving, I am partnered with the same stoplight that I had been with when I saw her. Her. Just that word sounds so nice, and here I am, sounding like a nervous shit, when I don't know anything about her.

Except that her hair is red. Shut up, thoughts! A blue SUV rolls up next to me, softly playing the Beatles. The light hasn't changed yet, so I sneak a look at the person to the left of me. Her! My heart beats anxiously and my lungs struggle to keep the tempo. Her light turns green once more, and so does mine. I get into the same lane as her, thinking she won't notice because she did not once acknowledge me ever. She parks up at the entrance of Tesco's and I smile at her choice of groceries.

I follow behind her and park my car next to hers. She throws a quick glance at me and smiles while un-buckling her seatbelt and hopping out of her car as well, just five seconds behind me. We walk together in slow but steady rhythm, my eyes staring straight ahead. Her face. I saw it! Creamy white skin, struck with the privilege of cocoa embers, dancing around in her cornea, so close to her pupil. Her hair is a bit past shoulder length, and is as red as ever in the dark moon light. And that's when I see it.

Her height. She's so small, but drives such a large car. I push open the door, holding it for you, she nods a solemn "thank you," at me and nod a "you're welcome," at her. I walk down slowly to the milk aisle, and see the redhead on the other side, looking for her milk, as well. I scan her clothes while her back is to me. She is wearing a white jumper, black skinny jeans, and some black flats, a Buddha jade necklace. I smile. Oh, FUCK! I am fucked! She's caught me staring at her, lip tucked between two teeth of mine. She gently grabs a carton of chocolate milk and stars at me a bit, before taking a small step toward me. Chocolate milk. Just like her eyes, I note mentally. And then the next thing that happens makes me shite my knickers.

"Can I help you with something?" a husky tone questions.

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