Authors Note: I have no experience with be transgender, so I apologize if I get facts wrong. I mainly wrote this piece because there are hardly any stories on the wonderful Alexis Meade, and I wanted some. Let me know if I should continue to write this story, and I will.

"Alexis darling, it's Alexis now." As soon as those five words were spoken now, it all became incredibly real for her. She plotted and planned with Wilhelmina for almost her entire surgery and recovery. Alexis wanted Meade, yes. But as soon as it was all finished, the pain was finished, and she felt right, it hit her with such sudden force, …"It's Alexis now"…

The rain was pouring down in buckets, ruining every single lovely angora coat that was making its way to the Mode office. The city was in a hurry, cars speeding while splashing the mucky leftovers onto innocent by-standers and people pushing their way through the crowds, trying to enter any building. However, most importantly, it was busy at Mode.

The moment the woman in the azure double breasted Dior coat stepped out of the long limo, she was bombarded with the press and paparazzi taking photos and asking questions. It was now Alexis's second day back at mode, and Daniel's injunction was not holding up. Yet, she decided it was time for a new tactic, she needed old 'Danny" to not even want the position. And who best to convince Daniel? His reliable and dishonorable to fashion assistant Betty.

Alexis walked with confidence to the elevator, and to her pleasure, Marc was on his way up. "Hello Marc," said Alexis.

"Oh hey Alex-is…. Wow, I love love love your jacket, how chic for such a day!" He responded, ever flamboyantly.

"Thank-you, now Marc… I have a little something for you to do for me, you're devoted to Willie I hear?" He nodded. "Good… After watching at the office yesterday, I noticed a few little things, such as you being friendly to his assistant B-"

"-Betty is most definitely not a friend, and I despise her butterfly and puke inspired wardrobe, don't you? It's funny, I actually started a blog abo-"

"-Not interested. I need you to tell her that Danny didn't show up for his Editorial meeting this afternoon, and while she's not at her desk, make him plans a club tonight with more than a few models. Yes? Do whatever you can to make her truly believe that he's falling hard.

"I do not want Betty on his side, because I can see he's be nothing without her. Make her nag, and him react. This will help to get the injunction stopped, me getting Meade, Willie getting Mode, and you getting…" She eyes him carefully "A raise."

"Daniel being man whore, Betty being over-protective? A regular day at the office… Got it."