Author's Note: Sorry for any continuity issues appearing with the T.V. show and my stories, I find they sometime get in the way of the story I'm trying to tell. Thanks for reading and please review if you'd like me to continue with this.

The halls of Mode were as white and bright as ever as all employees left for the evening. It was only Alexis Meade and one or two janitors who were still there. Alexis was sitting in her office chair, still feeling that cozy feeling in her heart. Daniel had really surprised her today. He started out calling Alexis a he, and as the day progressed and they decided it wouldn't be so bad to work together, Danny called her a she, a steady improvement. She knew that Daniel still had his doubts, she knew he would, however she was so happy the sibling rivalry had toned down and he was coming to terms with everything, again, as he did with her "skiing accident."

Although she tried for it not to, every word Daniel said earlier had hurt her. Alexis felt guilty for leading them all on that she had died, but that was the only way to keep herself in Meade Publications, and away from her fathers disgusted eyes. Even though she was soft with Danny, and was finally felling good, there was one thing that hadn't changed, her hate of her father. She was glad he was locked up, and now she was running Meade and was no longer fearful of a run-in with him.

Alexis had a moment of childishness, she began to spin herself in circles with her feet while sitting in chair, and she began to laugh a tinkling laugh.

"Um, Ms. Meade," Alexis stopped spinning and as her eyes focused she saw Daniel's assistant; Betty. Other than the run-in with her in the elevator and her driving Daniel and herself together at Coney Island today upon their mother's orders, she hadn't spoken with her much.

"Betty!" Alexis cried out, "I didn't know you'd still be here, I'd thought almost everyone on the floor had left…and, well I always forget that you can see everything around here. I should buy some curtains… Anyways, is there something you needed?

"Well, Ms. Meade, -"

"Please, call me Alexis."

"Alright, well, Alexis. It seems that Daniel left the Book in his office tonight, and didn't sign off on the Dior spread. It looks like he went to some party tonight, or at least it does on his schedule." Betty was examining his schedule as Alexis was catching on. "Hey, I didn't write this!" Betty said.

"Oh Marc…" Alexis whispered


"Nothing, I'm sure it was a mistake. Just leave the Book on your desk when you leave, I'll pick it up."

"Okay, I will." Betty began to walk out of the office.

"Oh and Betty," Alexis called.


"Maybe it might do good to keep his schedule under tight security for a while." Betty looked puzzled. "Just trust me." Betty nodded and as she turned to leave again she walked right into the glass doors. Alexis started to laugh against her will, and tried to compose herself, she didn't want to be a bitch. "Are you alright Betty?"

"Yeah!" Then Betty began to laugh too though, and Alexis began again.

"I guess it would do us all some good to buy some curtains for around here. Have a good night Betty."

"You too," and Betty left again, this time without such a bang.

Alexis originally thought that Betty could be better with a new wardrobe, makeover, confidence, and grace, but she now changed her mind. Betty was good as she was, even when she walked into doors.

After Alexis signed off on the spread, changed her hormone patch, left a note for Marc to stop trying to ruin Daniel (doubting he would), and was ready to leave, she saw the entrance to the roofs, and couldn't resist going for a quick smoke.

When Alexis arrived at the roof, she was bemused. For some reason there were hundreds of old mannequins, some shattered, spread all across the roof. She could only imagine that this was Wilhelmina's place to vent rage. She then saw a lone figure standing on the roof, a mere ten feet away from her. The moonlight gleamed in her hair, and Alexis thought that it was Amanda, only to see it was another mannequin that tricked her eyes. For a second she was exited, she really liked Amanda, well… well enough. The door slammed behind her as she was lighting her smoke, to see it was the real Amanda coming towards her.

"Hey Amanda, I had fun last night."

"That's good. I saw you come up here, do you smash mannequin's too?"

"Is that a thing around here?"

"Oh yeah! Well, it is for me, at least."

"Ah, well unfortunately I came up here to smoke."

"Do you want to smash heads with me, it'll be so much fu-un!"

Alexis laughed and threw her cigarette to the ground. "What the hell?!'

"That's the spirit!"

Alexis grabbed one of the many bats lying around and held it up to smash a mannequin, and saw that the male mannequin eerily resembled her father. It could've been a trick of the light, but Alexis saw her dad saying that he'd rather she died than go through with the operation. The bat fell onto the head and it shattered to pieces.