Lucy POV:

I sat in the confined space of the dark ball trying to pass the time. I didn't know how much time had passed, but I was starting to get really bored. I couldn't see or hear what was going outside the ball so I basically felt alone. I knew Natsu and everyone from Fairy Tail would come and save us sooner or later! But then again the Master Forbid us to go and attack the guild without his consent and no one dared to defy the Master's words for fear of expulsion. I had to find a way out of hear, even if I was only trapped, maybe one of my spirits would be able to help me out! I reached down to my brown pouch where I kept my keys but realized that they weren't there.

I switched my position sitting on my knees and looked down at where my pouch should have been but of course it was gone.

"Aquarius is going to kill me for dropping her key again…" I said completely scared at what she was going to do to me this time. I started panicking wondering where my keys were and hoped they were somewhere safe. Then again if I tried to summon a spirit we would be both stuck in this ball and it would be completely cramped, so summoning a spirit wouldn't be such a good idea.

I then realized that I did have one key on my person I kept in my pocket, Capricorn! I hadn't made a contract with him yet so I hadn't put him on my key chain. Even so I still couldn't summon him in this small ball we would both be completely cramped.

All of a sudden the ball started moving and I started panicking on what was going on . Finally I could see out of the ball and what was going on! My ball cell was suspended in the air by a chain and so was everyone else's. I got closer to the edge of the ball and put my hands against it to support myself to get a closer look at what was going on. We were in a giant arena and people where battling right below us. Ice, Fire, Metal and dark ghost shot up from the ground but I couldn't see who it came from.

I was pretty positive that Natsu, Gray and Gajeel where down below though, had they really defied the masters words and came to rescue us?! I looked over to Carla's ball, she was still unconscious and it started fading around her.

"CARLA! CARLA!" I yelled slamming my fists against the ball trying to get her to wake up but my voice only bounced off the walls. The ball disappeared and she fell rapidly towards the ground. "Someone save her!" I screamed trying to get someone's attentions from below. Thankfully Happy had noticed, flew up and grabbed her in mid air and set her down in the stands around the arena. I looked over to Laki and Reedus who were also looking through there cells at the battle below. Both Laki and Reedus had fear written on there faces that there cell might be next to disappear. Yet we did have Happy to fly up and save us but his magic didn't last very long and who knows when the cells would disappear if they did.

Then Laki had a determined look on her face and it looked like she was hatching a plan. I saw her hands move and a few minutes later a piece of wood came flying up, max speed, at her ball and cracked it. She grabbed onto the chain that was holding her cell up and screamed. I guess she didn't think that much through yet on after she cracked it.

"Laki!" I screamed, but of course she didn't hear me. Pantherlily flew up and rescued her thankfully and set her over by Carla and Happy on the stands, he then returned to the battle bellow. I tried to think of a way to break out of this ball but nothing came to mind.

A huge wind gust came from the ground at me and Reedus and moved our cells back and forth a bit. Then it hit me, I stood up as best I could and started rocking back and forth making my ball do a back and forth motion. Reedus realized what I was doing and joined me. After a few moments our cells were violently swinging back and forth and we were so close to ramming into each other.

Three failed attempts later, our cells finally hit each other and cracked, raining down black glass down below on the battle field. Reedus thankfully grabbed onto the chain when the ball cracked but I had barely missed mine by a few feet.

"LUCY!" Reedus screamed as he tried to reach out to my hand, but we were far out of reach by that time. I was falling towards the ground very fast and I didn't have a plan at all. I screamed hoping that someone would hear me and be able to catch me or something!

"LUCY!" Natsu yelled. I saw below that he had paused his battle with some weirdo to look up at me.

"Happy!" He yelled and he flew over to him grabbing his collar and flying into the air towards me. The Afro weirdo Natsu was fighting tried to shoot him down with some dark magic but he dodged every attack and caught me in mid air. The wind was knocked out of me at impact as I tried to cough and catch my breath.

"Natsu! Happy! Thank you for saving me!" I said to them putting my arms around Natsu's kneck as he held me tight not letting go.

"Aye!" Happy said putting us down in the stands of the arena. Happy flew off into the air and went to retrieve Reedus who was still hanging by the chain.

"Are you alright Lucy?" Natsu asked as he looked me up and down to see if I was harmed at all.

"Natsu, I'm fine now that were together again." I said hugging him again, I didn't want to let him go ever again. He pulled away to kiss me, his lips were full of passion and longing, which got me to question how long I was gone for…

"DRAGON SLAYER! It's time to end this! I will destroy you!" The weirdo with the afro said, (the one who was battling him before he saved me). He pulled away from the kiss and stepped in front of me.

"I'm all fired up now." he said charging right at him they both continued to battle it out. I looked across the battle field and saw that Erza, Wendy, Gray, Gajeel, Juvia, Cana, Romeo and Levy were all fighting! Levy and Gajeel had teamed up against three dark wizards, Wendy and Romeo had also teamed up, Gray, Cana and Juvia battled it out with a ton of creepy looking wolves and Erza was battling it out with one guy. He could of been the guild master, but he didn't feel powerful enough to be the guild master.

I could feel the presence of someone behind me, a dark pulsating force just waiting to explode. A hand wrapped around my kneck and arms pinning my hands together behind me so I was stuck in a hold. I screamed completely scared on my attacker.

"Who the hell are you?!" I gasped out in panic as Natsu was witnessing what was going on but afro weirdo guy was trying to keep his attention locked on there battle.

"That's no way to talk to such a powerful guild master now is it?" The dark voice said. I could remember that voice from when we were captured, it must have been there Master. We were all completely doomed now that he had shown his face in the battle.

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