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After a week of observation, Austin was finally released from the hospital. Since he was still recovering, he had Dez to bring him home. As soon as the door opened, everyone inside the house shouted "surprise". It was a welcome back party. His family and friends were there. Austin was taken by surprise but Dez, being Dez, was even more surprised.

Dez: Aww... You guys are the best! (went to hug everyone)

Austin: Dez! (chuckles) This party's for me.

Dez: Oh.. (moves away from the crowd)

Austin: Don't worry, buddy. (puts his hand on Dez's shoulder) It's your party too.

Dez: Thanks, bro.

Austin: (smiles and hugs him) Proud to call you my brother. (pulls away)

Ally: (walks up) Hey!

Austin: Ally! You're here! (hugs her by the waist and kisses her temple and pulls away)

Ally: Of course! Why wouldn't I be?

Austin: (shrugs) I don't know...

Ally: (giggles then smiles sweetly) Welcome back, Austin. We missed you. (hugs him)

Austin: (hugs back) Good to be back... (pulls away and leans in)

Carter: Hey, slacker!

Austin: (moves away) Carter!

Carter: Did I interrupt something?

Austin: Nah.. (hugs her then pulls away) Excuse me, ladies. (went to his parents) Hey guys.

Mike: You're okay...

Austin: Yeah... When are you heading back?

Mike: As soon as everything's settled here... So roughly.. In two days.

Austin: I'm gonna miss you guys.

Mimi: We're gonna miss you too, Austin.. (nudge Mike)

Mike: Um... Son... You know, you could come back if you want..

Austin: For real? (smiles)

Mike: Yeah... Being here... I've learnt to accept you as you. As my son.

Austin: (hugs them) I love you guys! (pulls away and went to Ally and Carter)

Carter: Why are you so excited about?

Ally: (smiles) Yeah, what's up?

Austin: I can go home!

Ally: (face fell) What?

Austin: (smile fades) I'm going back to California. Aren't you happy for me?

Ally: I have to get some air.. (walks out)

Carter: Well, I'm happy.

Austin: (looks at her) Of course you are...

Carter: What? I am. I'm happy that your scumbag dad finally accepted you. (chuckles)

Austin: Hey! My dad's not a scumbag.

Carter: Whatever. You better talk to Ally. She looks pretty sad. See you, slacker. (walks away)

Austin walks out the house and found Ally in the balcony. He walks up to her, stood beside her and held her hand.

Ally: (sniffs) It's not that I'm not happy for you. I am.. But I.. (looks at him with red puffy eyes) I don't want to lose you.

Austin: (wipes her tears) All you had to do was ask. (cups her face) Ask...

Ally: Don't go..

Austin: (kisses her)

Ally: (kisses back as a tear fell from her face)

They walked back hand in hand, then suddenly, Ally stops at her track and turns to face Austin.

Ally: I want you to go.

Austin: But I thought you said...

Ally: I know what I said but I can't hold you back from your family.

Austin: (held both of her hands) Is this what you want? What you really want?

Ally: (nodded)

Austin: Okay... (kisses her forehead and walks towards his parents) Hey.

Mike & Mimi: (looks at him)

Austin: I'm ready to go.

Austin's parent shared a look before smiling at him. In the next two day, Austin and his family would be at the airport for their departure. At 8a.m. in the morning, Austin and Ally finally arrived the Miami Airport. Austin parked the car, took out his dufflebag and his guitar and walked into the airport with Ally by his side. Once they got in, Austin and Ally were greeted by their friends. Dez, Trish, Carter and even Dallas was there.

Austin: Dallas... What are you doing here?

Dallas: You need to know how sorry I am before you leave.

Austin: It's okay. You don't have to. (held out his hand) Nice to meet you.

Dallas: (shook his hand) You too. (took his hand back)

Austin said his goodbyes and was shock to see that his brother, Jason wasn't with the family.

Jason: I'm not going with you, Austin. I'm old enough to stay here.

Austin: (hugs him) I'm gonna miss you, Jason.

Jason: (hugs back) I'm gonna miss you too. (pulls away)

Austin: (went to Ally) I wish we had more time.

Ally: Me too.

Austin: Ally...

Ally: (kisses his lips and pulls away) I love you.

Austin: I love you too.

And with that, Austin and his parents left Miami. Austin leaves with a strong feeling of hope. He knew he'll come back sooner or later. Miami was after all, his home. Miami is where he belongs. With Ally...


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