This is based more on the manga and the games, except for a few tweaks here and there.

Warnings: Implied child abuse/rape, depressive tones, hinted suicide attempts.

The fact that my entire life had been based on lies, deception and wrongdoing was something that I could never truly understand. How could I comprehend something when I had done it for so many years willingly and it had been a part of my everyday life? When it was something I was born and raised to do - told that it was right and I had to do it?

I could never really grasp why that boy was so obsessed over me – as if I was something he could fix. I didn't need fixing; I was perfectly fine as I was. I was normal, life for me was normal, even if it weren't sunshine and lollipops.

The things I did realise were wrong, however, was the way I would harm myself every day, tell myself how worthless and disgusting I was – how I would allow others to use my body whenever they felt like it and how I had even attempted to take my own life several times.

Even so, I had a purpose for living. I knew I did. The only purpose I could think of was that I was meant to be this way. There were times where I would look up at the stars and try to understand why I had been cursed with this life, but every single time, the stars would stare back at me, mocking me as if to say, why aren't you dead yet?

So, I suppose, as I sit here and tap my knuckles against the hard wooden coffee-table, I should begin my story and allow you to understand what a fucked up, worthless-piece-of-trash-whore-who-is-only-good-for-sucking-cock I am.

Whether or not you judge me, I don't care – I stopped caring about being judged when I was just a little boy.