A year had passed since Silver had been taken in by Green. He was smiling a lot more these days, finding joy in just being around people he cared about – even if it were only Green and Gold, the latter now officially named as the redhead's best friend.

Silver still disliked physical contact, finding it too hard to be within close proximity to others. He had a form of PTSD triggered mostly by violent actions, but he was getting better at handling it considering he was very rarely around brutish behaviour.

Currently, Green was standing in the kitchen, cooking lunch for Silver and Gold, having already eaten. His Eevee sat by his side, purring happily as it rubbed against its owner's leg.

"Smells good, doesn't it?" Green smiled down at his Pokemon as he prepared the last of the onigiri. "Do you want to try some?"

"Eevee!" The Fox smiled up at its owner in its own animalistic manner.

Green's smile widened as he took a lump of onigiri and placed it in the food bowl sitting in the corner of the room. He returned back to the bench he was working at, looking through the window that overlooked the backyard. He watched as his own Pokemon played with Silver's, the creatures happy as could be. Golbat had even evolved into a Crobat just last night, proving to everyone how much Silver had changed.

In the living room, Gold lounged about on the couch while Silver sat on the end, his nose up in the air as he frowned upon his friend's lazy habits. He himself sat in a much more dignified manner, his back straight as he kept his hands clasped neatly in his lap.

"Put the next movie on, please," Gold asked as he slipped into an even more uncomfortable position, his legs resting against the top of the couch as his head hung upside down.

Silver rolled his eyes as he got off the couch and moved over to the DVD player. He picked up the case that was sitting on the stand, glaring at it as if it were the cause of his annoyance, but he spoke to the older teenager lazing behind him.

"Why are we watching this crap?" Silver asked as he opened the case and popped the disc out, slipping it into the DVD player.

"Because it's good." Gold smiled idly at his best friend. "And I know you like it, too."

"Pft, whatever..." Silver pressed play on the DVD player once the menu popped up before he took his position back on the couch. He shoved at Gold's feet when they came to rest in his lap, the raven-haired boy moving back into a (semi) normal position.

"I'm not your personal stool!" Silver hissed, seething at the treatment.

"Yeah, yeah." Gold's playful grin widened when Green appeared in the living room, a tray of onigiri in his hands. "Gee, thanks, Green!"

"Thank you..." Silver mumbled quietly as he grabbed a small rice ball, his annoyance already forgotten at his guardian's appearance.

"Sit up so I can join you," Green said. He moved onto the side of the couch when Gold moved closer to the younger boy. He laughed at seeing the uncomfortable expression on his charge's face as the raven-haired boy wrapped his arms around Silver's shoulders. "Don't pout, Silver."

Silver's frown turned into a scowl. He shoved at his friend before he crossed his arms over his chest. "I do not pout, Green."

"Sure, you don't," Gold teased, poking Silver with a persistent finger.

Silver's scowl grew, but he soon smiled softly when the two older males burst into laughter. He knew that they were only playing with him and, because he was only new at having fun with others, could only laugh hesitantly, used to restraining his emotions.

But with Gold and Green around him, Silver was certain that he would be laughing freely soon enough.