I'm so sorry it's been several months since I've updated this fic, but my depression got so severe, I wasn't doing _anything_. Now that I'm mostly better, I feel this fic should be updated regularly once again.

Months had passed by and Silver seemed to have put some amount of trust in Green. He wasn't as closed off and silent as he used to be, but he still resented close proximity. However, what showed progress between the two of them was the way Silver openly showed distress now. He would hang his head low and fidget, but he no longer denied anything being wrong.

Now, as the two sat around the dinner table, small discussions came and went. They talked about Green's day at the gym, about what Silver had done while he was home alone, and how the younger had been improving.

But the dreaded question that had been plaguing Green's mind could not stay silent any longer.

"Are you happy here?" Green asked, watching the redhead carefully. He knew that Silver was unpredictable and often exploded when asked the wrong thing.

Silver stopped twirling his fork through the barely-eaten spaghetti. He narrowed his eyes and glared at Green.

"..." Silver bit his lip hard enough to draw blood. So many thoughts ran through his head that he just couldn't make sense of any of them. "...You... Why would you... ask that?!"

Green flinched at Silver's scream. He knew to stay calm and quiet, but he had never seen Silver this bad. The shorter boy had thrown his plate against the wall before flipping the table.

"You know I...!" Tears fell down Silver's cheeks as he choked on his words. "...I... You should know!"

It was no surprise when Silver punched the wall hard enough to create a hole. Almost in the blink of an eye, he had grabbed a knife off the bench and held it at his wrist.

Green gasped and got to his feet. He put his hands out in front of him as he slowly approached Silver.

"Silver, put the knife down..." Green said in a soft tone.

"N-no..." Silver's hand trembled, as did his voice. It seemed that his outburst had been short-lived, only to be replaced by heartbreak. "You... You're not happy with me... You want me to leave, don't you...?"

"No, not at all!" Green couldn't help but cry out. "Silver, I love having you here!"

"Bullshit!" Silver shouted. "No one could ever enjoy being around me... I was stupid... to think that... that I had finally... found a home..."

So that was what was bothering Silver. He thought that he was being kicked out. That Green was unhappy with him.

Green took a step forward. "Silver..."

"Don't come any closer!" Silver shouted. He pushed down on the knife, drawing a few drops of blood. "I'll kill myself here and now – that will make you happy, won't it?!"

"Silver, stop this... I don't want you to do this..."


Green sighed. "Silver, I admit; I am a liar, but... I have never lied to you... Please... You've got to believe me... I've only ever wanted to help you... Let me help..."

Silver let out a sob as his face scrunched up in agony. Green's first thought was that he had slit his wrists, but once a tear dropped down Silver's cheek, he realised that the younger was crying.

Silver dropped the knife as he collapsed to his knees. He reached up and grabbed at his hair, ripping in anguish. Green could only kneel down next to him and pull him into a hug.

"I'm here, Silver..." Green whispered as he rested his chin on Silver's head. "I'm here..."

Maybe Silver was just going soft, but he really did trust in those words. He knew that Green was the most trustworthy person he would ever meet.


Though things had been going good for Silver, everything was about to go wrong. As he and Green sat in the living room of Green's home, watching TV, neither were aware of the distant sound of shattering glass.

Eevee raised her sleeping head from Silver's lap and hissed. Both males looked down at her.

"What's wrong?" Green reached out and picked the fox Pokemon up. It made him worried that Eevee was currently the only Pokemon that they had on them – both his and Silver's were in at the Pokemon Centre.

Silver instinctively reached out as the sound of footsteps approached them. He grabbed Green's sleeve and whimpered.

"It's okay, Silver..." Green put his arm around the younger's shoulder as he kept the fox cradled in his other arm. "It's okay..."

Voices sounded from the kitchen. The hairs on Green's neck stood on end; the only room separating the kitchen from the living room was the dining room...

"Silver..." Green whispered as he stood up. He placed Eevee on the ground before he grabbed the younger's hand. "We've got to hide."

Silver nodded as a single tear spilt down his cheek. He didn't care that Green was touching him; he knew that Green was going to look after him and could be trusted to physically handle him right now.

Green opened the door to the study and pushed Silver in. He went to enter the room himself before a yelp from his Eevee stopped him. He turned around, only to come face-to-face with the scene of his precious Pokemon being squeezed to death by an Arbok.

"Stop it!" Green shouted as he rushed out into the open. The only thought on his mind was that he had to save his Pokémon. "Let it go!"

"Hand over the kid and you can have your precious Eevee," an unknown voice called from the kitchen.

Green gasped. Was this about Silver…? "W-who are you?!"

"We were four of Team Rocket's elites," a second voice called out. "But Giovanni disappeared. We want that kid. We want it now."

"You can't have Silver!" Green shouted. "You can't!"

Silver, who was cowering under the desk in the study, was in tears. He knew those voices. They belonged to the old Team Rocket executives; Proton, Petrel, Ariana and Archer. The four of them were here and they wanted him.

"Green won't let them have me…" Silver muttered to himself as he rocked back and forth. The small amount of trust that he had in Green was enough to tell him that the elder would still protect him. "Green says he loves me… He'll look after me…"

Silver silenced a scream and shoved his head between his legs when the study door was knocked off its hinges. Scenes from his past played through his mind as if they were on repeat.


Silver dared glance before him when he heard the thud of a human body hitting the ground. His eyes widened at the sight of a bleeding Green lying before him.

"L-leave him alone…" Green whimpered as he grabbed his left arm. Blood spilt through the gaps in his fingers; a sure sign that the brunet had been injured worse than he was letting on.

Archer let out a laugh. He moved over to the brunet and kicked him in the chest, resulting in a large crack ripping through the air as Green's ribs broke. Silver could only watch with wide eyes as his one and only friend in the whole world was beaten savagely just because he existed.

It wasn't fair; Green didn't deserve this treatment – especially not because he had been kind to Silver. Was this really how bad the world was because he was in it? Surely it would be better if he had never been born. Why did the Gods have to curse him with this fate? Why?

"Silver~" Ariana cooed as she knelt down beside Silver's hiding spot. She reached out and dragged him into the open, the boy paralysed in fear. His natural instinct was to not fight this woman – not right any of the Rockets. He knew exactly what would happen if he tried. "Silver, baby, why have you been hiding from us?"

"I'm sorry..." Silver whispered, tears streaming down his face. "...I-I'm so sorry..."

"You know that's not very nice." Ariana's hand moved from the boy's arm down to his hip, her fingers toying with the hem of the redhead's pants. "Don't you remember your punishments, Silver? Your tongue is so very talented."

Green, despite the pain he was in, shouted for the woman to leave Silver alone. He could only watch as the child's head was forced down to the woman's lap. He knew exactly what was going to happen, and he had to stop it.

Ignoring the pain and the difficulty breathing, Green kicked the Executives away from him and hurried to Silver's side. He threw himself at the woman, knocking her away from his charge, but that was a big mistake; the Arbok that had been curled lazily at the door hurried forward, hissing. It wrapped itself around the Gym Leader as it had said man's Eevee, crushing him.

Silver snapped out of his memories at Green's pained screams. He looked around before his eyes settled on the scene before him. He felt an emotion he had never experienced before grow; the terror that he was about to lose someone important to him.

"No!" Silver screamed. He shoved Ariana away from him and got to his feet, running towards the purple snake. He jabbed the creature's eye with a pen he had swiped from the ground on his way over, ignoring its cries of pain and instead grabbing Green who had been released from its coils.

"Green!" Silver screamed, tears flowing freely as he shook the older, unconscious male desperately. "Green, please!"

The redhead was aware of Proton coming towards them but, all of a sudden, the barking of several Growlithe and the howls of Arcanine stopped them. Officer Jenny stood in the doorway, her gun drawn and pointed at the criminals.

Silver sobbed as he moved in close against his guardian, closing his eyes. He didn't want to know what was happening, so he didn't look when human footsteps ran past them, followed by several canines.

Silver looked up at Officer Jenny's voice, his own voice catching in his throat. He couldn't hear what the woman was saying, finding himself in the process of fainting.