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Lost Love.

A very sad love story with shattered hearts and high hopes. Their friends were taken from them and they took his heart and Kurumu's happiness with them. Will Tsukune be able to love again and save Kurumu's life?


"GET OUT OF THERE! RUN!" Tsukune screamed and screamed but as always it never helped.

He could never save them, never protect them. He was as useless as the as the day he first showed up at Youkai Academy.

"MOKA!" he screamed waking himself up.

He sat in a large bed clutching the ruby red sheets. He wished he could cry, he hadn't cried since that day, he never felt any emotions anymore, even in his dreams he could only feel pain. He felt a pair of delicate hands wrap around his scared chest and a warm body push up against his back.

"Was it Moka this time?" Kurumu asked as gently as she could.

Tsukune only nodded, it was the only indication that he even knew she was there. Tsukune couldn't say he was used to it, he would never get used to it. Every night Tsukune dreamed about them, the same horrible dream where he couldn't save them. Every night a different friend would die and he would be powerless to stop it. Every morning he would wake up screaming a different name, Moka, Mizore, Rubi, Yukari, Kokoa and even Gin and Fong-Fong. Every morning Kurumu would try to comfort him. Tsukune only ever showed the minimal amount of interest and barley acknowledged her, but she never gave up on him. Every morning she was the one who cried. She cried for her friends, she cried for herself and she cried for Tsukune.

"If he can't cry. . .then I'll cry for him." Kurumu thought still holding Tsukune.

He could feel Kurumu's tears run down his body. He could hear her quite sobs, and her arms grip him tighter. Tsukune would wait for her to cry herself back to sleep or to let go of him. It had become normal for the two of them to be trapped in a pit of darkness, though only one of them saw the light. A light the was diminishing every day until it was hard to see and will one day be gone forever.

Kurumu and Tsukune had been sleeping in the same bed for a while now, for two reasons. One because Kurumu couldn't stand to leave him alone anymore and two, because she thought it would help him recover. She even convinced him to have sex and they did every now and then, but there was no love. Tsukune had dropped out of school seeing no reason to go anymore. Kurumu had followed him and they bought a house with the money the Wong family gave them for being Fong-Fong's friend. Nobody knew where they where and that's the way Tsukune wanted it. Kurumu would always write to her mom and Tsukune's parents but never put a return address on the letters and always mailed the letters from different locations. Kurumu didn't like deceiving them but she didn't want them to worry.

Word had spread quickly after the death of their friends. Each one of them had become a martyr and incited the wrath of many in the youkai world. Many of the witches, ice maidens, werewolfs, the Wong family and even the Exorcist and his followers had hunted down and killed everyone involved with Faiy-Tail. Akuha and Kahlua even turned on Fairy-Tail after their sisters died, but neither of them survived. Alucard had been destroyed and the world was safe once more.

"But at what cost?" Tsukune would ask himself every morning.

Kurumu had pretended to fall asleep again because she couldn't force herself to let go of Tsukune. He had then gently laid her back down and covered her with the blankets. Kurumu waited till she heard the shower running before she rolled over and pulled out her diary that she has had since she was a little girl.

"Dear Diary,

Tsukune woke up to another nightmare and this time it was Moka again. Every night it is a different friend and he always has the nightmares in the same order that they died. I have tried going into his dreams but he is so distraught that I can do little to stop them. I have even tried going into his memories and change them, but they are seared into his mind and soul. He is so depressed, sad, and angry that he doesn't notice me anymore, not since that day. He doesn't notice me when I'm in his dreams or his memories and he doesn't even notice me when he is awake and when I am crying on him. We have been living like this for a while now, I don't even know what today is or even what month it is. I wish that I could save him. I wish that I could have saved our friends. I wish that he would love me."

Kurumu quickly hid the diary when she heard him get out of the shower. Kurumu examined him as he walked around the bedroom getting dressed. His body was still muscular but it was now lean and gaunt. His hair hadn't been cut in months and there were so many scars. Kurumu began to cry as she looked at him, the man she hopelessly loved. There was no room in his heart for her, it was filled with remorse and stuck in the past. Filled with feelings for their dead friends and today, Moka was the only one in his heart. Kurumu cried for Moka and she cried of jealous rage. Moka had stolen his heart and had died with it and without it Kurumu could never be happy. She pulled herself together and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. She looked herself in the mirror and she didn't recognize the person she saw looking back at her. She was also lean and gaunt like Tsukune, but she also noticed her hair had begun to lose its color and her eyes no longer shined. Like Tsukune, she never smiled anymore, except there was nothing that kept back the tears.

Tsukune knew that she pretended to fall asleep because she had done it often. After he heard her get into the shower he made his way downstairs. As always he would go out walking in the city in the morning. He always went to the worsts parts of town sometimes hoping to find the answers other times he just didn't know and didn't care. Most of the time his body would move on its own while his mind replayed those horrible memories over and over again. When he saw a mugging or a thief he would easily stop them, without killing them, and leave without saying a word. Once he saw a murder and feelings for his lost friends over came him. He lost control for a split second and the murderer was left paralyzed from the neck down.

He had become renown in those parts of town, they called him the 'Silent Reaper'. Tsukune didn't know why he did these things. Maybe he did it to let out anger or maybe he did it to atone for his mistakes. Maybe he hoped that he would find someone stronger than him that would put him out of his misery. Some days it would be humans, other days it would be ayashi. After a while his reputation grew, and stronger and stronger ayashi challenged him. None of them were a match for him and he disposed of them quickly without killing them. He wasn't a murderer, he did not kill, not anymore.

Some youkai federations and organizations tried to recruit him. They tried to offer him such meaningless things, such as, money and power. Some had tried to force him but they were not strong enough an he left them like the others, unconscious and defeated. One organization even dared to blackmail him by threatening Kurumu, and within a matter of hours he tracked down and eliminated everyone in the organization, leaving most of them crippled.

He quickly became know as, sort of, a taboo, no one knew his name, no one knew his intentions, all they knew was that they called him the Silent Reaper, worse than the devil himself. He soon became the most wanted man in the ayashi world but that didn't mean anything to him. Stories were exaggeration and rumors were spread fast. They say that he can kill you with the slightest touch and paralyze you if you looked into his eyes, leaving dead in his wake, never saying a word, hence his name the Silent Reaper.

Tsukune walked down the dark streets and alleys of the part of the city that was known as the Demon's Den. Everywhere he went people ran from him, human or ayashi. He knew what they called him, he could hear it whispered as he passed by. As he was walking down a particularly dark alley he noticed that he was being followed. He stopped in the middle of the alley, an overhead light began to flicker on and off. Tsukune was in no mood to find out what the stranger wanted, especially today, it was Moka's day. Without any warning and before the light could flicker again, Tsukune lunged for his throat and slammed him agains the wall. Before Tsukune could incapacitate him the light flickered, shining on his face.

"It's been a long time Tsukune." A cold and pale face of Fong-Fong stared down at him.

Tsukune was shocked, but his face and demeanor remained expressionless.

"You are not Fong-Fong. I watched him die!" Tsukune said his voice full of anger.

"I did die Tsukune, and Ling-Ling brought me back." Fong-Fong's face was expressionless.

"THEN WHY DIDN'T SHE BRING THE OTHERS BACK!?" Tsukune yelled at him and his aura began to spike.

"She only brought me back out of necessity and not all come back as they once were. Being a zombie is a living hell. You can't eat, you can't sleep and you can't even feel the warmth of the sun." Fong-Fong said not concerned that Tsukune was holding him off the ground by the neck.

"Then what are you doing here?" He said loosening his grip on Fong-Fong.

"I came looking for three people and it seems that I found two of them." Fong-Fong told Tsukune as he put him back on the ground.

"It has been almost three years Tsukune and I have been looking for you this whole time. Then my family heard rumors of this Silent Reaper and I was sent to investigate. I never would have guessed that the Silent Reaper was you." Fong-Fong explained.

Tsukune didn't say anything he just stood there and processed the information.

"Three years? We would all be graduating right about know." Tsukune thought remorsefully.

Fong-Fong examined him for a long moment and he could clearly see his pain, the pain that he still carried all of these years. He looked into his eyes and knew why they called him the Silent Reaper.

"Tsukune, where is Kurumu?" he asked.

Tsukune looked towards the direction of their house.

"She is safe." he answered.

Fong-Fong followed his gaze mentally noting the direction.

"I need to see her." Fong-Fong told him.

"No! It would only cause pain and bring false hope." Tsukune said sternly.

"Then I shall give you a warning. A Succubus lives on love and without it they would die. I have my friends best interests at heat and it is clear that you two are still suffering." Fong-Fong told him.

Tsukune turned and looked straight into his eyes and said, "What would you have me do?"

"Love her." Fong-Fong said sincerely.

"I can't. I don't feel anything but pain and sorrow." Tsukune said and dropped his gaze.

Fong-Fong just looked sadly at him.

"Then here is some advice. Lay low and spend some time with Kurumu. You are the most wanted person in the whole ayashi world. There are many powerful enemies out there looking for you." he said to Tsukune.

Tsukune looked back towards his house and said, "I have to go. She will get worried soon."

He began to walk out of the alley but stopped.

Without turning to face him he said to Fong-Fong, "It was good to see you again." then he made his way back home.

Well that was the beginning and it is nowhere close to being finished. This is not the first story I have written but it is the first one I have posted, ever. Well, my first story is a mess so I guess this would be my first true story. I personally think it is the best story I have written as far as plot, organization and stuff like that goes. Anyway, please give the story a chance to develop before you judge. I will be updating as soon as I review it and make sure there are minimal errors. Also, just for a warning, if you do not like sad stories, then this story is not for you.

I will also be posting some of my 'happier' Rosario + Vampire stories as soon as I can. They are not quite as far along as this one, so updating them will take longer.