Tsukune opened his eyes looking for the one who had screamed his name. He was no longer in the darkness. The sun was shinning on his face and there was a light breeze. Pillars of smoke and fire were rising into the sky and the air was filled with the stench of the blood. His body suddenly became very week and he collapsed to his knees. He looked down and could see the blood pouring from his chest. His life was quickly fading away.


He looked up and his eyes focused on a beautiful girl with long, flowing, pink hair and emerald green eyes. Her look of dread and shock was enough for him to know how serious it must have been. Tsukune had done his best to save his friends but in the end he was only human. There was only one thing he had to do before he could die without any regrets. He raised his hand and placed it on the side of her face.

"Moka. . .I love you." Tsukune said before his world started spinning and the sounds of battle began to fade.

"Tsukune!" others screamed.

He could see Yukari, Mizore, Rubi and Kurumu rush to his side. He was thankfull he could see all of their faces one last time, he just wished that they were not so sad looking. He fell backwards into the darkness and time seemed to pass impossibly slow. The farther he fell the darker thing got. Although, he saw the others his eyes were focused on the one he loved, Moka.


Kurumu ran through the darkness towards the only light. She knew Tsukune was there, she could feel it. She also knew a great evil also waited for her. One that she had beat before, but still greatly feared. It's power was overwhelming and surrounded her. The light began to get brighter and at the epicenter she could the man she had given everything for, the man she loved with all of her heart. Kurumu quickly approached him and dropped down to his side. He looked like he was asleep but his eyes were quickly darting around under his eyelids. His breathing was sharp and shallow, it was like he was suffer from a nightmare.

"It's okay Tsukune. I'm here now." Kurumu told him gently.

Before she could reach out and hold him she was knocked away by a powerful blow to her stomach. A deep vicious laugh echoed all around her. Kurumu looked up angrily at the figure she hated and feared so much.

"Welcome back." he said standing in front of Tsukune.

"Shouldn't you be in some hole somewhere!" Kurumu yelled at him.

"You mean the one you put me in!" he sneered at her.

Kurumu stood up and faced the abomination. Hatred overwhelmed her. She hated the abomination that stood before her. She hated that her friends were taken from her. She hated always living in a nightmare, never knowing when it would end, always scared and always crying. She had enough of it. Why couldn't she live happily with the one she loved, without the bloodshed and death.

"NOOOO!" Tsukune screamed, startling Kurumu.


When he hit the darkness it exploded around him in a violent explosion. Those around him were blown away from the force and sent crashing into the nearby debris. There was a new crater with Tsukune standing in the middle of it. When his friends saw him, they knew something was terribly wrong. His entire body was black with menacing wings sticking out of his back. His eyes were deathly white and his power radiated around him. They all looked at him in shock and fear. The ground began to shake and the beast in front of them let of a vicious roar. They all cowered and covered their ears and the ground around the best began to crack. It charged towards its first victim and everyone was paralyzed with shock.

"Tsukune. . .?" Kokoa said in disbelief, staring past the best and into his soul.

He ripped his arm out of her chest and she collapsed into a pool of her own blood. Silence surround them and the tears began to fall. Their greatest nightmares had become reality. Most of them couldn't comprehend what had happened. The darkness swirled around them and fear crept into their hearts. His next victim did not have any chance to defend himself. He slashed through Fong-Fong's chest and down through his midsection. His coin sword dropped from his hands and fell into pieces on impact. Fong-Fong soon followed, his chest hitting heavily on the ground. Screams of horror and cries of disbelief were heard. The monster stood motionless as he looked down at the pool of blood by his feet. Moka took an unsteadily step forward with tears in her eyes.

"Stay back! That is no longer Tsukune!" Touhou yelled as he approached the beast.

The wind began to change directions and a low grumbling sound came from the abomination. The Drak Lord and the beast charged each other and the resounding clash pushed the others back. Enormous energy swirled around everyone as the two of them exchanged blows. The two were on par with each other but Touhou was old and weary. His movements began to slow and eventually he was struck down. He was bleeding badly and was quickly fading from this world.

Kaluha and Akuha charged obsidian beast. Their fighting style was perfectly synced, but no matter how many wounds he took they would quickly heal themselves or even reattach themselves. The fight raged on, but with one minor slip and the two sisters fell dead at his feet. Rubi and Yukari had fought through the tears and shock and were now focusing all of the energy, love and hope into one single spell. The energy began to grow and it drew the terror's attention. He began to charge but was tackled by two figures. He stood there with both Gin and Haiji on his back holding him tight in both or their monster forms. Gin shouted at the witches to hurry in his deep werwolf voice.

Rubi and Yukari focused on their enchanting while Gin and Haiji held on tight. The demon roared, broke Haiji's arm and threw him aside. He delivered a sharp blow to Gin's side with his elbow but Gin held on. Again and again he struck Gin, but he would not let go even when he started coughing up blood. Finally the abomination reached up and threw Gin over him and he smashed hard into the ground. Gin's eyes were glassy as he looked up past the dark demon.

"Sun. . .I love you." Gin said weekly staring up at the sky.

The monster reached down and grabbed Gin's head. In one sharp motion, he snapped his neck. He stood up slowly and was soon hit by a powerful binding magic from Rubi and Yukari. His attention was turned towards the witches straining to hold the magic. They both had tears streaming down their faces and a look of disbelief as if everything was still a dream. The beast switched its attention from Rubi towards Yukari causing the young witch to shudder in fear. Her focus wavered and the spell shattered under the pressure of his power. In an instant he lunged for the young witch but Rubi had intercepted him.

"Rubi?" Yukari whispered covered in the older witch's blood.

Rubi reached up and placed her hands on the side of his head, with blood streaming out from the mortal wound and from the corners of her mouth. Rubi dropped to the ground in front of the horrified little witch. Yukari collapsed to her knees and shakily touched her friend.

"You monster. GIVE ME BACK MY FRENDS!" she screamed at the abomination in front of her.

Anger and immense grief overwhelmed her and she funneled all of that into her last spell. A bright light erupted all around her as she tried to cast an unknown spell. She put her heart, soul and even her life into the spell, but it was not enough. After the blinding explosion of light only the abomination was left standing.

"Tsukune. . .fight it. You have to." Yukari said with her last breath and the last tear she will ever shed fell from her face.

Only three of them remained but only one of them stood a chance. Although, she could do nothing in her sealed state and the only chance they had left was Kurumu. She knew that and was trembling in fear and was suffering terrible strain from her connection with Tsukune. She charged at the best with only one person on her mind, the only one she could save. Even if Tsukune did not love her she would still do anything to save him. Before she reached her target it disappeared. Then suddenly a terrible ripping pain exploded from her wings and she was roughly thrown aside and crashed into the ground. No matter how much she tried, she could not move and could only watch helplessly from the sidelines. Mizore was able catch the him in her ice and she charged directly towards the beast. She lunged and latched onto him, holding him tightly.

"Tsukune, I love you and I have always loved you and I am sorry." Mizore cried as she embraced him.

The temperature around them began dropping quickly and the ice began to build around the two of them. Mizore poured all of her strength and love into stopping him. There was nothing the others could do but watch her sacrifice herself to kill the one she loved. When temperature finally stopped dropping all that was left was cold, clear blue ice. A magnificent monument and a testament of her love that stood tall and proud. The world stood still to admire its beauty, but only for a short moment. A large crack appeared in the ice followed by another. Soon the entire monument shattered into pieces, the abomination was still alive. Moka collapsed to her knees helpless in her sealed state.

"No Tsukune! No!" Moka screamed over and over again.

She did not know what to do, she was scared and helpless. She could not even save her friends. They thought it was over, they thought it was safe, so she had put the rosary back on.

"It's all my fault. Tsukune I'm so sorry." Moka cried not even realizing that the horrible monster was standing right in front of her.

She looked up and could the thing that had taken the one she had loved away from her. She stared into its eyes as if she could see Tsukune behind them.

"It's all my fault. I turned you into this." she cried.

The monster struck down through her chest and destroying the rosary that hung there. Her hair turned silver and her eyes became blood red.

"It's all my fault." Moka said one last time.

An emourmous explosion of pink light erupted from the destroyed rosary and engulfed everything.

Tsukune then found himself floating through empty space surrounded by a swirl of colors. Out of the nothingness a pink haired vampire appeared before him. A swirl of emotion surrounded them as their two souls collided. Tsukune could not even say anything after all of the horrible things he had just committed. He was on the verge of tears and felt like her was suffocating.

"Don't cry Tsukune. Promise me you won't cry." Moka asked him with a few tears falling from her face.

All Tsukune could do was nod his head and fight back the tears.

"You made me happy Tsukune and have given me everything. I love you Tsukune." Moka said.

Suddenly everything began to get dark and Moka began to drift away.

"Moka. . ." Tsukune cried out.

"Fight it Tsukune." she said drifting away.

"Moka!" Tsukune yelled after her.

"Fight it." Moka said one last time and faded away.

"MOKA!" Tsukune screamed and was engulfed by the darkness.

Moka was gone and only the evil remained. Kurumu had seen it kill all of her friends and consume the one she loved. She had been so scared that she could not have done anything, but she was still alive and she still loved Tsukune more than anything. The monster started to approach her but she could not run, not even if she was able. How she hated this cruel world. She had just wanted to live her life with her destined one, but now he was swallowed whole by this demon before her. She thought it was over when the demon appeared, but now she could feel Tsukune's presence sense inside of it. She could feel him fighting it, it gave her some hope. She would not sit by and do nothing and wait for the end to come, while the one she loved needed her help. She loved him and he needed her even if he did not feel the same. With the last bit of her strength she stood to face the black monster. Kurumu stumbled towards it getting closer and closer, paying no heed to her injuries. When she got close enough the demon prepared to strike her down but suddenly stopped. Kurumu wasted no time and took the opportunity to embrace it.

"I still love you and will always be there for you." Kurumu said and gave him a kiss.

She dove into the blackness and pulled the man she loved, back to the light. Just like before he came back to her and they both collapsed together. Kurumu cradled Tsukune's head in her lap, her tears cascading down on his face. She looked around at all of their dead friends and then down at Tsukune's peaceful face. It was so surreal, as if nothing had happened. Terrible thoughts of what would happen if he woke up flooded her mind. Even if she had saved him he would still lose himself in grief, knowing that the monster inside of him had caused so much pain. She knew he would blame himself and he would never recover, she only had one chance to save him. He would still suffer but she had no other choice.

"Please forgive me. I was not strong enough for you. It is all my fault." Kurumu cried, holding him tightly.

Kurumu held his head in her hands and her tail snaked around and latched onto his forehead. She forcibly took away all of his recent tormented memories and replaced them with her own.

"You fought bravely Tsukune, but in the end I was the only one you could have saved." Kurumu said, almost believing in it.


Tsukune had remembered all of the sealed memories from that terrible day. It terrified him, it weighed heavy on his heart and his soul. He had been the one that killed his friends, the one that had ended so many happy lives. He could never forgive himself and never wanted to. He hated every fiber of his being for not being strong enough to protect his friends. No matter how much he wished he could disappear for ever, he still found himself laying in the darkness. Unlike before, it was not just him and the darkness. There was a warm light shinning through the darkness. The more he focused on it he realized there was another light and that they were very close to each other. Suddenly one of the lights wavered and sudden realization dawned on him. He knew where the lights were coming from and they needed his help.


Kurumu was giving it her all. She was fighting with ever once of strength she could muster. Back and forth the two of them went, fighting in the complete darkness. A great struggle of will power with neither side gaining ground. That was how it had started, but the longer Tsukune suffered the, stronger the black demon got. She soon found herself on the defensive side of the battle and struggled to return any attacks. She could her Tsukune screaming and crying out. It didn't take long for her to figure out what was happening to him and she cursed the monster before her. She was enraged and pushed unwanted thoughts out of her head. Such thoughts as, how Tsukune would react when he woke up or what he would think of her knowing that she had sealed away his memories.

In her blind rage she made the grave mistake of overextending herself and the demon didn't waste his opportunity and thrust his hand through her midsection and straight into her womb. Kurumu's eyes went wide and pain and a horrible realization quickly followed. All she could do was stare into the cold deathly eyes in front of her. A sinister look on its face appeared and the blood poured from the wound. Fear crept into her heart, a type of fear she had never felt before, a most terrifying maternal fear. Before she could even react to her fear the abomination in front of her stiffened in shock and blood gushed from a sudden hole in his chest. It looked down at the hand protruding from its chest and then back at the owner. Tsukune stood there with a look of pure hatred and sorrow on his face.

"You are to late." the demon said cracking a vicious smile.

Tsukune ripped his hand from his chest and the abomination shattered like glass and disappeared. Kurumu collapsed into Tsukune's arms and he cradled her carefully. She reached up and held the side of his face and he reached up his hand to hold hers.

"Let's get out of here." Tsukune said with a soft smile.

Together they had escaped the darkness and defeated their fears, but new fears awaited them. A fear of the unknown, a fear for each others safety and a fear for their child. All they could do was hope.

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