Kurumu was a little uneasy about the flight home. She had only been on two planes in her life and both of them crashed. The flight home turned out to be uneventful, for Kurumu anyway. Tsukune on the other hand kept noticing people staring and him and when he walked by some of them would bow and murmur 'Reaper' or 'Silent Reaper'.

Tsukune had been on edge all day. They all seamed to know who he was and he could sense the were all youkai but he could not sense any killing intent from them, more like respect or fear. He didn't relax until their house came into view. As they got closer it was Kurumu who noticed that something else was wrong.

"Tsukune, look." Kurumu said pointing at the front door.

It was ajar as if someone had kicked it in. A deep uneasiness settled over Kurumu as many thoughts ran through her head. Someone had violated their home, their sanctuary, their place of healing.

"Stay in the car." he told Kurumu as he stepped out.

Kurumu had ignored him, got out and walked slightly behind him keeping her guard up. Tsukune stepped over the threshold and walked inside of the house. He couldn't sense anything threatening and figured that it was probably a thief and was long gone by now. He still searched the house to make sure and to see if anything was stolen. Kurumu had also figured that whoever broke in had left long ago. She branched off and went into the living room to relax from the plane ride and the drive home. She was walking with her head down when she entered the room.

"There you are!" a very furious and threatening female voice had said.

Kurumu looked up and screamed terrified for her life. The very angry and bloodthirsty figure was upon her nocking Kurumu to the ground.

"WHERE IS HE!" she yelled at Kurumu shaking her by the front of her shirt.

Tsukune had heard Kurumu scream followed by a loud commotion. In seconds Tsukune had stood in the entryway looking at the two women on the ground with only one thought in his head, "How did she find us?".

The woman on top of Kurumu noticed him standing there observing them.

"It has been a long time Tsuki." she said menacingly still mounted firmly on Kurumu.

"Hello Kyoko." Tsukune said to his cousin not making eye contact.

Kyoko got off Kurumu and stood up and Tsukune gently helped Kurumu up holding onto her with one arm. Kurumu was still shaking, as the air around them seemed to get colder.

"What are you doing here?" Kurumu asked worried.

"You mean how did I find you?" Kyoko retorted still very angry.

Kurumu looked away holding onto Tsukune very tightly and cowered under Kyoko's accusing glare. They had been so careful and had lived in peace for so long, but if Kyoko could find them, then anyone could. Kurumu began to feel very insecure, they were not ready to pull back the veil that they had hide behind for so long.

"So where are the others!" Kyoko asked looking around.

"I know you there! You can come out now!" she threatened.

Kurumu started to tear up and grabbed her necklace and Tsukune stared at the ground. Kyoko stared at Tsukune waiting for him to answer but he remained silent.

"Tsuki answer me! I have a bone to pick with them. Did they think that they could drag my precious Tsuki away, all to themselfs." Kyoko said cranking her knuckles.

Tsukune brought his head up and looked her in the eyes and Kyoko's heart was gripped by a terribly cold feeling. Kyoko didn't recognize this Tsukune, she wanted to scream and run for her life but she was paralyzed by fear. It was like being dragged into the abyss were only the tortured souls live with no light of hope.

"There all dead."

He had said it barley above a whisper but those words seemed to linger in the air, to torment those that are already tormented. He released his hold on Kurumu and turned away to walk into the kitchen. The moment he took his eyes off her, Kyoko collapsed onto the floor and held herself tightly. Kurumu sat down on the couch and cried into her hands unable to control it anymore.

"So evens she is afraid of me!" Tsukune thought getting a glass of water.

"This is exactly why I was avoiding them." he thought furiously and the glass in his hand shattered cutting his hand badly.

He stared down at his hand. He hadn't seen his own blood for a long time, it reminded him of Moka, but it wasn't his blood, it was her blood that ran through his veins. He could almost smell the scent of Moka and was reluctant to wash it away.

Kyoko was still holding herself unable to process what was going on.

"What is going on? What does he mean they are all dead? They can't be! And those eyes. . .so cold and lifeless." Kyoko was thinking when she heard the glass break.

"What has happened to you?" she thought looking towards the kitchen, not concerned about the broken glass.

Kurumu wiped her tears away and walked into the kitchen and Kyoko hesitantly followed. Tsukune was picking up the glass when he felt a hand grab his arm. He looked up at Kurumu and she turned his palm upward. Kyoko watched Kurumu pick the glass out of his hand and wipe the blood off. Tsukune reached up with his good hand and wiped a tear away on Kurumu's cheek.

"They both look so hurt." Kyoko thought sadly to herself.

"Tsukune. . .Im sorry. . .I shouldn't have come." she told them and Tsukune and Kurumu just sat there not looking away from each other.

"I'll just go then." Kyoko said and turned to leave.

"Kyoko. . .its getting dark out,you should probably stay." Tsukune told her not wanting to make eye contact.

"We have a spare bedroom you can use." Kurumu told her as she cleaned the cuts on Tsukune's hand.

Kyoko stood with her back turned towards them.

"Ok. . ." Kyoko said admitting that she didn't have anywhere else to stay.

"I'll go get the room ready." Kurumu said and left Tsukune and Kyoko alone.

Tsukune stood up and pulled some linen out of a drawer to wrap his hand in.

"Here. . .let me help." Kyoko said noticing Tsukune was having problems.

Tsukune held out his hand and she wrapped it. Old memories began to fill his head, memories when he was a kid, before Youkai Academy. Rare and beautiful memories that he could hold onto without being hurt.

"Just like old times right?" she said now taping the damaged hand.

"Remember when we were little and you crashed your bike? After I wrapped you up your mom thought you were a mummy." Kyoko said slightly laughing to herself.

"Or when you peed your self and I poured a bucket of water on you so no one would know?" Kyoko said reminiscing.

"You were always there to take care of me." Tsukune said remembering the past.

"Ya. . .but not anymore." she said sadly holding his warped hand.

"Do you love her?" Kyoko asked talking about Kurumu. Tsukune pulled his hand away and turned around.

"She has always been there for me, even though it hurts." Tsukune told her thinking about all the times he had seen Kurumu cry.

They both then quietly retired to the living room and Kurumu soon joined them with some tea she made. Kurumu and Kyoko enjoyed the tea in silence. Tsukune looked into the dark swirls in his cup blocking everything else out. He looked deep into the cup and the darkness began to swallow him whole. His whole body burned with the pain of his friends and he saw nothing but there terrified faces. All of them calling out his name for help.

"Tsukune!" Kurumu said sharply a little worried.

Without realizing it Tsukune had used his energy to super heat the tea and the cup shattered.

"It's ok it didn't cut me this time." he said holding up his hands to show her and he picked up the pieces and put them on the tray.

"So where did you guys go. I saw all of your luggage." Kyoko asked trying to lighten the mood.

"We went to Hawaii." Kurumu said feeling a little better thinking about it.

"What! You went to Hawaii? How did you afford it?" Kyoko asked shocked.

"It was Tsukune's idea, and we don't have to worry about money anymore." Kurumu told her looking at Tsukune.

He smiled slightly at her and she blushed a little thinking about that night on the beach.

"What was it like?" Kyoko asked excitedly.

"It was so romantic! It was everything I ever wanted!" Kurumu said happily but then turned on Tsukune glaring at him.

"Even though he cheated!" Kurumu said coldly and Tsukune looked away blushing.

"What do you mean he cheated?" Kyoko asked pondering it.

"HE READ MY DIARY!" Kurumu said looking at Kyoko and pointing at Tsukune accusingly.

"Tsukune!" Kyoko said shocked.

"I thought I raised you better than that!" she said folding her arms acting hurt.

"You used to read me your diary." Tsukune said defensively.

"That's when we were kids! A woman's diary is completely different!" Kyoko said angrily.

Tsukune didn't want to dig himself any deeper so he just sat there silently.

"Anyway. . ." Kyoko said turning happily to Kurumu,

"I want to here all the details! Tell me everything!"

"Well we had limos and champagne, a private jet. . .a romantic landing. We lay on the beach under the stars falling asleep to the singing of whales." Kurumu told her the full story and all Kyoko would say was, "Wow." and giggle happily every now and then.

Kurumu had purposely skipped over the sex parts but Kyoko wasn't fooled.

"So how was the sex? Was he good in bed?" Kyoko asked Kurumu and Tsukune spit out the tea he just poured for himself and Kurumu blushed deeply.

"Kyoko!" Tsukune said sharply.

"What? I have to make sure you know how to treat a woman." she said simply and Tsukune started to blush.

Kyoko looked at Kurumu waiting for an answer.

"It was. . .good? Really good." Kurumu told her not exactly sure what she wanted to know but Kyoko seemed satisfied with the answer.

They both sat there uncomfortably while Kyoko examined them.

"So this is your house? How long have you lived here?" Kyoko asked them.

"About three years now." Kurumu said looking around the house.

"Three years! What about school!" Kyoko asked a little stunned.

Kurumu looked down at her tea cup.

"After what happened. . .I couldn't have gone back there, and joining another school would have brought up painful memories." Tsukune answered Kyoko looked down sadly.

"So what's you plan then?" she asked them.

Kyoko noticed that Kurumu put a hand on her belly.

"We don't have a plan. We just want to. . .heal." he told her and Kyoko understood and nodded.

They spent the rest of the night sharing stories eating some snacks Kurumu made. Even though it had been unexpected and very unsettling, having Kyoko visit was. . .refreshing.


Tsukune's dream was a short one. A fleeting image of a beautiful red-headed girl in her dying moments. The last thing Kokoa ever saw was Tsukune's shocked face.

"Tsukune. . ." was her last words be fore she collapsed to the ground dead.

"Kokoa. . ." Tsukune whispered out to her.

"NOOOO!" he screamed bolting upright in his bed.

Even though it was a short dream it had disturbed him greatly. It was the first time he had seen someone he had cared about die, one of his friends. She would not have been the last to die that day.

Kurumu made breakfast for everyone and Kyoko prepared to leave. They were thankful that Kyoko didn't hear Tsukune screaming or Kurumu crying this morning or if she had they were thankful she didn't bring it up. Tsukune walked up to Kyoko with Kurumu behind him. He had a thick paper package in his hands. He handed it to Kyoko and she stared at it puzzled.

"What is it?" Kyoko asked and opened it.

"Tsuki! This is a lot of money!" She exclaimed and tried to give it back.

"Take both of our parents and go on a long vacation. You all deserve it." Tsukune told her and pushed the package towards her.

"I can't take all of your money!" Kyoko said trying to reason with him.

"It's ok. I have plenty more where that came from. Just tell them you won a family vacation or something." he said with a smile.

"What do I tell them about you?" she asked sadly.

"Tell them. . .that it might be a long time, but I'll visit as soon as I can." Tsukune said and hugged her.

"Don't come looking for us again. It's not safe." he whispered to her.

Kyoko nodded then hugged Kurumu and she said goodbye and left. They watched her get into a limo that would take her to the airport. Then they both retired back to the living room. He help Kurumu clean up from breakfast, trying to distract himself. He had been feeling on edge all morning due to Kyoko's departure. There were dangerous enemies out there that could easily use Kyoko against him.

"I'm going to make sure she gets on the plane okay." Tsukune said.

He couldn't take the uncertainty anymore he had to do something and Kurumu nodded in acceptance. He had no problem catching up to the limo and made sure Kyoko was alright inside. He kept his distance though just in case. When they arrived at the airport Tsukune easily got past the security as he followed Kyoko. From across the terminal he watched her as she was reading a magazine she had bought at a shop. He never got close to her and never even glanced in that direction for more than a couple seconds so no one could have made the connection if someone recognized him. All he used was his senses to keep track of her.

Once he knew she was safe he broadened his sensing ability and was relived to find no one with any killing intent. One fact did bother him and that was the amount of ayashi that were in the air port. Distracted by pondering such an absurdity, he hadn't noticed that Kyoko had left her seat to go somewhere else. He attention was brought back when he had heard her agitated and possibly scared voice.

"Let go of me!" Kyoko yelled as a man had grabbed her arm.

A group of five man stood around Kyoko harassing her and pushing around.

"What's a pretty girl like you in such a rush for." The tallest one of the group said.

Tsukune anger was mounting rapidly and considering that the offenders were ayashi made the situation even more dire.

"Is that your friend over there?" said an unfamiliar voice beside him before Tsukune could react.

Tsukune turned towards the man also noting that he was a ayashi.

"Allow me." he said and walked over the thugs.

His distraction was enough for Kyoko to safely get away. Tsukune couldn't hear the words they were saying but the thugs took one look in his direction and fled in terror. The man walked calmly back to where Tsukune was sitting and sat down in the chair across from him. He observed the man carefully, he was strong and he wore a black suit and kept a passive expression.

"I am from Yokai Academy. I am one of the headmasters personal guard. You can call me whatever you like because I have no name. As to which name you prefer to go by I leave that up to you because either name is incredibly dangerous to be throwing around."

He quickly looked over to see Kyoko boarding the plane.

"She will be safe. The headmaster has your family in protection now."

The thought that the headmaster could have leverage over him greatly disturbed him.

"What does the headmaster want from me?" Tsukune asked the man sourly not even trying to hide his discontent.

"The headmaster is still greatly fond of you and has your best interests at heart. All he asks for is when the time come you will fight, fight for what I'm sure you still believe in. Fight for peace between humans and ayashi."

The man leaned back and folded his hands.

"When Fairy-Tail was defeated it left a power vacuum, an outcome that was foreseen but inevitable, and now a stronger group has taken its place. They have the backing of many vampire houses and any and all yokai have raced to join this new organization. They have more members and more recourses and the worst part is that we don't know who is pulling the strings. Almost anyone who hates humans or those looking for revenge have joined them. Besides fighting, when the time comes, all we need from you is your reputation. People fear and respect you, they will fight for you or at the very least they won't join the other side. The fate of the world is back on the balance and we need you to tip the scales in our favor."

Tsukune took in what the man was telling him and pondered it. Tsukune didn't give a reply for some time, but the thought of another Fairy-Tail enraged him.

"For the protection of my family, for humanity and for long lost dreams, I will fight. I will not allow anyone to even consider what Fairy-Tail had planned. But let me warn the headmaster now, Kurumu stays out of this. If anything happens to her there will be no force great enough to stop me and I won't stop till the world is covered in ashes."

The man sat up straight and nodded slowly.

"Very well, she will not be asked to participate and will be under guard when needed."

With that said the man stood up and walked away. He watched Kyoko's plane take off and he left the airport when she was out of range to sense. Only then did Tsukune start to make his way back home, being sure to get home as quick as he could. He did not like leaving Kurumu alone.

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