Chapter 1

"Isabela… maybe I should sleep in the hold for a while..." Hawke sat on the edge of the bed pulling off her Champion's armor slowly tossing it on the floor carelessly.

"Sweet thing," Isabela began, frowning at Hawke in concern, Hawke usually took very good care of her armor. "Even if I did let you sleep down there, you wouldn't because the men would be all over you." She threw her arms up in a dramatic gesture, "it'd cause a mutiny." Her eyes light up momentarily, "but if you're reconsidering on threesomes…"

"No!" Hawke's eyes widened and she blushed shaking her head vehemently. "I will not reconsider that!" she turned around reaching out to touch Isabela's shoulder but pulled back with a curse as her hand started to shake.

Isabela's eyes rose as she took in Marian's shaking hand, catching the mage's hands in her own tightly as Marian tried to them pull away. "I just want you to get a good night's sleep, more than just once night…" Marian said quietly as Isabela took a deep breath, in one fluid moment she straddling Marian's lap. Marian winced slightly, waiting for the sharp barb or slap to the face that was sure to come; she closed her eyes trying to hide from Isabela's stare. She was definitely not in the mood for anything.

"Mrmph!" Hawke gasped in surprised as her was mouth pressed against Isabela's for a minute. Melting into the caress, she moaned as hands grabbed her by the vest she was wearing. Heavy breathing tickled her ear as Isabela pushed her onto the bed slowly.

"You're barely able to stay awake, you goose and you're worrying about me?" she hissed as she trailed a kiss down Hawke's neck electing a long moan.

"Yes..." Hawke breathed throatily as Isabela sighed and looked down at her lover with a disapproving look on her face. "I told you Hawke that I was going to change for you. That I'd just need some time… An irritated noise in the back of her throat made Hawke focus sleepily on her.

Hawke shifted as she rested her hands on Isabela's thighs and leaned forward a little, her head dropping onto the pirate's breasts, but made no other move. The poor woman was exhausted, barely awake, and yet here they were… Isabela almost chuckled at the irony, but she was still seething inwardly for Marian's stubborn stupidity.

A soft voice interrupted her thoughts. "But I nev-…"

Looking down into bloodshot eyes, Isabela sighed, her heart torn at the sight of the haggard face. "What good is change if you won't let me help you?" Isabela asked softly as she cupped Hawke's face in her hands.

"I'm the one who's supposed too be strong." Hawke replied quietly as she pulled Isabela onto the bed and snuggled into the pirate. "The Champion protects …everyone, Hawke…Hawke always saves the day…" Hawke muttered barely coherent as she yawned again, her eyes closing despite trying to stay awake.

"Shush you; being strong doesn't mean you can't sleep," Isabela stroked Hawke's hair gently, "go to sleep, Marian. I'll be here when you wake up."

"You never call me Marian and you don't like staying…" Hawke murmured as she was pulled closer into Isabela's embrace. "You're an exception, Hawke, but just this once. You can pay me back with mind-blowing sex later." Isabela chuckled as she stroked black hair softly though the laughter never reached her worried eyes; Marian's eyes were already closed blissfully asleep.

Maybe the nightmares won't come tonight... Isabela looked down at her lover, watching her breathe with a longing look. Leaning back into the mountain of pillows Hawke had insisted upon stuffing on the bed, Isabela cursed silently as she held the sleeping mage closer, tightening her grip around her.

Several hours later...

"Hawke, wake up!" Isabela was nearly thrown off the bed again as Hawke twisted and screamed, hands clawing at the air. Incoherent words tumbled from the mage's mouth as she struggled against Isabela's grasp.

Marian struggled against claws that held her back trying to reach Isabela as the monster drew a claw down her belly, the blood gushing out as it called evilly. The screams tore her soul apart as Marian struggled but she couldn't free herself as the world around her rocked. She closed her eyes and when she opened them blue ethereal light shone from them, leaking like a light mist as she began to chant to herself gathering her magic within her.

A crackle of air was the only telltale of magic before a bolt of light briefly flared illuminating the dark cabin. "No magic, Marian," Isabela grunted as an elbow slammed into her stomach. Groaning Isabela managed to wrap herself around Hawke and rolled them off the bed as Hawke's eyes began to glow. A thud echoed as they hit the deck, and slammed into the wall as Hawke released her spell.

Marian went limp in her arms as Isabela tried to sucked air into winded lungs. "Marian?" Isabela called her name softly as Marian pulled herself up slowly looking around her with a blank look on her haggard face.

Turning around to look at Isabela's face, Marian Hawke could feel the guilt rising in her as she tasted blood in her mouth and her jaw ached horribly. But she stared at Isabela's black eye, the bruises on her arms, and small scrapes trailing over the pirate's body; the tears began to well in her eyes.

"Shush..." pulling the trembling mage against her, Isabela hugged her tightly stroking the short jet black hair. "No harm done, love. It was just a dream..." The short gasps sobs continued on for what seemed an endless time, Isabela only rocked the crying woman in her arms as she tried to calm Marian down. Finally when the sobs stopped and her body was limp did Isabela relax. There was a moment of silence, and then a flurry of curses as Isabela groaned tiredly. "Maker's tits, Hawke! I'm not quite made out for this." Still she held the mage tightly in her arms as she closed her eyes.

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