SPOILERS FOR RETRIBUTION! If you have yet to see Retribution and don't want spoilers don't read and get your ass to a cinema so you can watch it.

Then come back a read my fic :P

I have no beta so all mistakes are mine. I also don't own the characters or the movies (If I did they would stop killing Rain and have her hook up with Alice)

A short fic about what could have been going through Alice's head when she meets Bad!Rain for the first time in Retribution.

As we leave the house I see her. My breath catches as I see her again for the first time in nearly 7 years. But it's not her I remind myself, she's just a clone impersonating Rain. But that doesn't help my racing heart beat slow. Or the pain.

I quickly try to push all this away as my need to protect Becky kicks in.

"There's a child here." I say, subtly moving in front of Becky. It doesn't help when Ra- The clone is the one to reply, especially when the reply is exactly what Rain would have said.

"Your problem, not ours." Rain was sweet when it was just the two of them, but when she was on a mission she always was a cold bitch. I push down my rising emotions at the sound of her voice and make a snarky remark back on instinct.

"All heart, you haven't changed a bit." A confused look crosses her face as she replies.

"I don't know you, Lady." Those words stopped my heart cold and brought the pain to a new level. She sat there with Rain's body and yet had none of her memories. At least none of me. I fight to keep the pain from showing. I'm almost thankful when One's clone orders us to surrender or die. It distracted me from the pain in my heart.

Of all the people they could have cloned and sent after me, I wonder if they knew that Rain would cut me the deepest?