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Title: Nightmares Made Flesh
Author: Aijin
Summary: Tersa has always been a powerful black widow. She saw the coming of Witch, the Heart of Kaeleer. She aided in bringing her son back from the Twisted Kingdom, where she lives. But even Tersa couldn't understand her latest web of visions. It spoke of something too old to know, in a voice to ancient to hear. What becomes of this vision? What does it mean when the powerful black widow can't understand the web of visions?


Tersa looked curiously at the web that stood between its frame. The threads were weak, crumpled, as if the web had been long standing. Yet the web was new. Each chord trembled with every breath Tersa exhaled. She drew in her breath, holding it still. Carefully, she lowered a sharp fingernail to the pad of one finger before placing the droplets of crimson on each thread. The web hummed, shaking vigorously, springing to life. The threads, though remaining thin, grew much darker.

With a strong, careful hand, Tersa brushed the web, asking for its secrets. The web hummed loudly, singing pictures before her mind.


Witch. Jaenelle. Witch.

Tersa looked out among the darkness that didn't prohibit her sight. She easily made out Jaenelle standing in a black, cobwebby dress. Behind Jaenelle?in Jaenelle?stood Witch, her human legs that ended in pointed hooves, her fawn tail, and her delicately pointed ears.

Kaeleer's heart. Witch.

Yes, Tersa saw her.

But there was something else, something off in the distance. Carefully, slowly, Tersa walked forward, treading lightly, her footfalls going unheard. She stopped a handbreadth away from Witch, from Jaenelle, and looked again into the darkness.

This darkness was different. She could barely see through it as if it wasn't meant for her to see through it. This darkness was dark.

She carefully stepped around Jaenelle and walked toward the black darkness. She felt an ache start in her body, resonating from her heart out to her fingertips. Tersa pushed against it, not willing to be pulled back to comfort.

Jagged black rocks sprang from the ground in front of her. She walked on, bare feet and legs victim to the cutting edges. Blood flowed freely down her legs and into the ground. The rocks around her hummed and grew. Now at her waist the rocks cut into her clothes, ripping them away from her body. The rocks grew more and blood fell from new wounds.

Tersa pushed through rocks rising above her head, pushing further, further.

Finally the rocks stopped and the path was clear though dark. She closed her eyes and walked gently on bleeding feet, ignoring the searing pain.

A chill ran up and down her spine then up again. She stopped and slid her eyes open. What she saw confused her.

Human chest, human back, human organ. Scaled skin, tinted the colors of the jewels. Human hands and human feet. Tail resting on the ground, scaled, also tinted as the jewels.

She moved her gaze up and rested on the figure's head.

Delicate ears, small and smooth. An angled face, strong and sure yet pale, human.

Eyes, oh, those eyes.

Tersa's focus was drawn to those eyes, a swirl of color. They sparkled and shone with colors and hues that Tersa had never seen. And the age in those eyes. It wasn't just age it was old, ancient.

Another cold whisper down Tersa's bare back, this one spoke, Nightmaress made flesh.

Tersa stepped back. Something was wrong, very wrong.

An almost tangible gray light circled around the creature.

Power, Tersa felt, dark power.

The creature was suddenly drawn to motion and brought its lips up in a snarl, letting loose a cold, guttural growl. It dropped into a defensive stance, pale human hands in front of its confusing face.

Tersa took another step back.

The creature leaned back on its haunches, preparing to attack.

The area around swarmed with color, commotion.

The creature stood stiffly, emotions flashing through its strange eyes.

Anger, sadness, confusion, denial.

Suddenly it fell yet not merely to the ground. Tersa took a step forward to look. Mist, dark swirling mist, dark, dark. It fell and fell, yet didn't move. Its limbs flailed as it attempted to grab onto something solid. From the walls around it grew dark rocks. As it grabbed the rocks the flesh on its hands tore away.

A scream of pain and anger filled the air around Tersa. She stepped back again.


All at once the darkness left, bringing in the harsh sunlight of day. The scream stopped. The creature was gone.

Tersa looked around the small kitchen, not completely understanding where she stood. She shut her eyes as a slight tremor passed through her.

"Nightmares made flesh," she whispered, "Witch."

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