*This story takes place some time after the end of the third book.

Title: Nightmares Made Flesh, Part 2
Author: Aijin
Setting: Kaeleer, at the not-so-humble abode of Jaenelle, Daemon, and whatever friend -- kindred or human, alike -- decided to pay a visit.

/place/ - Setting change.

Daemon moved slowly possessing a stealth that could rival many a cat. He stepped lightly around areas he knew would creak, staying near to the wall of the corridor. A mischievous grin played across his angled face as he took to playing one of his favored games: Catching Jaenelle off guard.

He stopped a few feet from the door at the end of the hall, nodding at the hardly noticeable glow emitting from under the crack. With a gentle probe before him he discovered, to his delight, that Jaenelle was indeed within the room. Taking a few more cautious steps, he moved just in front of the door. Slowly, he laid his hand on the handle, turning it with extreme care. He pushed the door opened and stepped in the room, spotting Jaenelle tucked away in the far corner, busily working over something, oblivious to his entrance.

A smirked tugged at the corner of his mouth though he played it down. In his smooth, deep voice he called, "Hello, sweetheart."

The lithe frame of the woman before him jumped clear out from the chair she'd previously occupied, turning at the same time, face set in surprise. "Daemon!" All at once, her face fell to a pout. "I thought you were asleep."

He chuckled softly, closing the distance between them in three long strides. "Up late, I see. You're making a habit of this."

Jaenelle moved her body between her husband and the table behind her. "Yeah, well, I'm a big girl now," a wry grin crossed her lip.

"This I know." Daemon's eyes were alight with amusement. "But even big girl's need their rest, lovely." He made to pull her into a light embrace and was surprised when she stepped back, bumping into the table. "Jaenelle, sweetie, what's up?"

"Nothing," her voice held forced innocence, bordering the tone a child takes when caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Daemon raised one perfect eyebrow toward her antics. "Working on some big secret?"

Jaenelle looked away coyly. "No," she said to the floor.

Daemon suddenly gathered her up in his arms, laughing softly at the sound of surprise he received. He placed a gentle kiss on the junction of her neck and shoulder before setting her down where he'd previously been standing. She blinked before realizing what he'd done.

"Daemon!" Her tone was certainly not a lovng caress..

Daemon smiled smugly. "Dear, I'm only going to peek." She crossed her arms and huffed, though a smile crept to her lips. Daemon smiled quickly in return before turning to the table where his wife had been working. He saw a mortar with crushed herbs and spices in it, a few scattered bowls with various contents, and a small vile containing a bluish liquid. His eyebrow rose with his curiosity. "Jaenelle?"

"Honestly -- what's the use of poking around if you can't even tell what it is?" Jaenelle said a might tartly.

Daemon turned to face his wife only to find her retreating form. He sighed in amusement as he walked up behind her and engulfed her in an embrace. He kissed her neck softly and spoke in a murmur. "What are you making, mm?"

Jaenelle tilted her head to allow him better access. "Oh, nothing," her voice was a breathy whisper.

"Your potions," he brushed his lips over her earlobe, "are never 'nothings', sweetheart." He smiled against the flesh behind her ear. "What's your potion this time?"

Jaenelle's eyelids were fluttering and she was close to purring from his light ministrations. Ignoring her previous stubbornness to tell, she spoke softly. "It's just an old hearth witch's potion for morning sickness." The moment the sentence had slipped her whole body tightened up.

Daemon's kisses stopped abruptly as his heart lurched for a moment. With a voice that only those who knew him would recognize as tight he asked, "Oh?"

Jaenelle quickly wriggled out of his hold. She turned to face Daemon with a look the reminded him so much of the curious child she had been, yet different.

Daemon sighed at the loss of contact. "And who is it for?"

The witch licked her lips and tucked a lock of her shoulder length hair behind her ear. She looked him in the eye as she spoke, though he noticed her wringing her hands. "Daemon -- I'm pregnant, we're having a baby."

The tall man stood stark as stone, his dark eyes fixed on sapphire orbs. Jaenelle fidgeted, growing more and more nervous as each second ticked by. Tentatively, she reached out with her mind to brush Daemon's psychic scent.

Excitement, happiness, worry, relief...

She stood confused. If he was excited then why didn't he do something?

Suddenly, a huge grin spread across Daemon's face. In an uncharacteristic move, Daemon took her in his arms and rained down on her with bubbly laughter. "We're going to have a baby!" He hauled her up and planted a large, happy kiss on her lips.

Jaenelle laughed, relieved with Daemon's happiness. "Now put me down so I can finish," her words were spoken gently though a command lay just beneath the surface.

Daemon set her down like one would set down a precious stone. She groaned. Smiling smugly once again, he all but strutted and barely managed to reign in his excitement as he spoke. "We've got to tell Lucivar and father."

Jaenelle smiled up a him through her annoyance. "Yes, some time next week maybe. Better yet, we could wait for Papa's visit, his due to come some time soon."

"What's wrong with now?"

Jaenelle looked at him as if he were crazy. "Now? For one, it's not even dawn yet --"

"Lucivar believes in early training."

Jaenelle blinked. "You're serious?" At his nod, she sighed, resigned to abandoning her potion for the time being. She took his hand as one would a small child and led him to their room. She pushed him down on the bed and walked to the other side, sitting as well.

"Jaenelle --"

"Daemon, honey, I love you very much, but right now, you're scary." She smiled at him.

"It's just..." He fumbled for words briefly before pausing. Sitting up straight he sighed. "You're right -- I'm just excited." He grinned at her.

Smiling warming, she tugged on his arm. "Come to bed with me, we'll talk about telling everyone once the shock's worn off, mm?"

Daemon nodded his conceit, sliding under the covers and pulling her body to his. He let his hand fall to her abdomen, a light chuckle playing from his mouth. Jaenelle sighed contentedly, snuggling into his warmth.

/Tersa; Kaeleer/

Tersa was rummaging around her dwelling, looking for something to store the delicate web in. Settling for a soft sack, she made her way back to the framed vision. With great care she picked it up, though paused before setting it in the bag.

There was a new strand, at least, it looked to be new. It was thick and strong, and seemed to be humming itself. With a gentle brush of her hand, she was thrust back to the web's hidden vision.


Tersa looked around her. It was dark again. She didn't need to squint, however, to make out the two persons before her.

Jaenelle stood with Daemon's arm draped about her hip and his other hand rested with hers, atop her heavily swollen belly. The pair was grinning, whispering quietly to each other and exchanging chaste kisses.

Tersa smiled briefly as she looked at them before she noticed something from behind.

It was crouched low to the ground and possessed an odd swagger to its movement. All at once, it was next to Daemon and Jaenelle, leering at Jaenelle's distended abdomen with a carnal hunger.

But the look was gone as Daemon spoke harshly to it.

Tersa watched, slightly confused, as the creature morphed. Its tail and scales disappeared, leaving behind a naked male form with smooth, pale skin. As it --he-- looked at Daemon he sunk to the ground, curling into a ball.

Jaenelle immediately left Daemon's side to comfort the seemingly small boy, stroking his hair and speaking softly.

Tersa stood confused. As she looked closely she saw his eyes. His eyes sang of something deep and dark, something mysterious; something powerful.

With an animalistic cry the boy was once again the creature and it sprung on Jaenelle, slashing and ripping at her prone belly.

Tersa felt pain tear up and down her body as she lurched forward, desperately reaching for Jaenelle.


Suddenly, Tersa was thrust into the light. She blinked repeatedly before gaining a bearing on where she was. She stared down at the web in her hand and took a shuddering breath. Carefully stowing the web in the sack, she rushed out her door, in search of the nightmare.

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