Chapter 1: The Letters

The soft rays of the white round sun shone through the huge, glass windows of Anakin and Padme's bedroom, waking a sleeping Padme up, her husband's arm draped across her waist as another held her right hand so softly but firm.

After a few minutes of just staring at his sleeping form, his bright, blue eyes snapped open and rested on her soft face,

"Good morning sweetie" she whispered as he smiled back,

"Did you have a nice night?" he asked,

"Of course" she replied, giggling as he pulled her on top of him, her soft, brown eyes stared into his and she shared a luscious kiss on his sweet lips before a sharp disturbance snapped them back into their real reality.

"Like anything would be addressed to you, Luke!" shouted Leia, from across the living room, waving a cream coloured envelope in her hand,

"The messenger dropped it off for me so it must be for me!" Luke shouted back as Leia just laughed,

"It was obviously a mistake. Did you not see who the messenger was? Not even from around here!" she argued as Luke snapped back,

"Still you have no right going after my stuff!' he told her, starting to climb over the lounge, nearly able to reach the envelope when it just flew out of Leia's hand, as if it was pulled by an invisible string and Luke and Leia turned to see who had done it, knowing that they had woken up their parents.

"How many times have I told you not to start fights at this hour?" Anakin asked, seeing Luke and Leia lower their heads in humiliation of being caught, he looked at the envelope in his hand,

"What's this all about anyway?" he added as Luke piped up,

"This messenger stop by and dropped off this letter for me and Leia wouldn't hand it over" he informed him as Padme noticed another envelope near the edge of the lounge,

"I think there is one for each of you" she pointed as Anakin looked at his,

"This is for Luke" he spoke up, sending it back to his son, before moving over to where he stood as Padme stood with Leia, who were eager to see who had written to them. Luke was the first to open his letter, and he certainly wasn't prepared for what he was about to read:

"Dear Mr Skywalker,

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on 1st September. We await your response by no later than 31st July

Yours sincerely,

Professor Mineva McGonagell

Anakin looked over at Padme, curiously, after both had finished reading the letters,

"Hogwarts?" Padme asked innocently as Leia and Luke looked up at their parents,

"Is it some kind of special additional Jedi schooling?" Leia asked as Anakin laughed,

"It can't be because I've never heard of it" he answered her as Luke reread the letter again,

"It says witchcraft and wizardry. I think it's something different" he spoke up as Anakin moved over to the phone,

"I'm contracting Obi Wan. He should be able to help us. I hope" he informed them, dialling Obi Wan's number at the Temple while Padme, Leia and Luke all looked eagerly over his shoulder as a tired, looking figure of Obi wan came into focus,

"Anakin, this better be important to call me at this hour. Is one of the twins missing?" he asked as Anakin coldly looked at him,

"No time for joking master. I need to ask you something" he replied,

"What's wrong?" he asked as Anakin took a long, deep breath before speaking again,

"Obi Wan, have you heard of place called Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?" he asked as Obi Wan just stared blankly,

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Why you ask?" he asked, as Anakin quickly explained about Luke and Leia's letters, making Obi wan really think,

"This is a tricky one, although I have a lot about this new place, which is inaccessible to us only by invite" he informed him as Padme spoke up,

"What do they want with our children?" she asked,

"Only good things. They must have more than just Jedi tricks in them" he suggested, "let me know if you find out anything else" he told him, shutting off as Anakin leaned back, his family looking down at him, he suddenly very uncomfortable with six pair of eyes looking at him,

"I think the only way to find out if this place truly exist, is to reply back with our answer" he sighed.

"The letters were received by everyone on the list we have retrieved from the school" the cold voice asked the smaller figure who had entered the room,

"Yes, master" they spoke, in an utter whisper, "And using our links to spy on the school, we have our first reply" they went on as the figure slowly turned his head slight,

"Oh, who is it?" they asked,

"Luke and Leia Skywalker" they answered as the figure formed a slight, curvy smile,

"Excellent, it seems that Anakin Skywalker is keen on unleashing his children into a new world without any protection. This will be easier than I thought" he laughed.

"Anakin, I don't feel comfortable sending Luke and Leia away like this, especially to a place, we know nothing about" Padme told him, his arms slipped around her thin waist and his head nuzzled in her thick, glossy hair as she smiled, running her fingers through his strong fingers,

"I'm not letting them go without protection. I'm going with them, to watch over them" he informed her as he went on,

"Qui Gon's warning keeps coming back to me about dark times, how they could threatened Luke and Leia" he told her as she smiled, leaning her head back,

"Oh Anakin, I knew you would make me feel safe but I am coming with you" she told him as Anakin stared,

"No, it will be too risky" he instructed her,

"If the council can have you infiliate the school, then I am going along too" she told him, twisting around, so that her dark, brown eyes pierced through his blue eyes, telling him it was no use arguing because he would never get the last say.