I check that my bandos plate body is positioned correctly, my dragon plate skirt is fastened well, my dragon sword is sharp, my totz-ket-xill is bearing the logo of the K.A.C.U.F.B.O (Kingdoms and Countries Uniting for Battle Organisation), and I lower the helmet onto my head and take a last look around the camp, staring at the brave but nervous faces of the once ordinary people forced to prepare for battle, some of whom I may never see again.

It has been an eventful last week, and a fateful day that has caused today's battle to begin. It all started last Sunday when I was simply going to, once again, fight the greater demons in the dormant wilderness volcano.

I walked through the entrance into the gray, rocky inside of the volcano, but instead of seeing the demons and hellcats that usually just roam around, there was no living creature in sight although, through the mist, I thought I saw a light so I walked towards it, and as the light became bigger it was clear that the light was fire.

There, on logs that circled the campfire, were the hellcats. The demons sat in a heap on the ground as well. The demons were talking loudly, so I decided that if I got just a little bit closer, I would be able to hear what they were saying (It would be hard to miss their words. Demons don't know how to have a quiet conversation). So I crept closer and hid behind a boulder and began eavesdropping on the conversation.

Demon 1: "If we pull this off, we can finally fulfill Zamorak's wish!"

Demon 2: "We must persuade the others to join us. Even all the hellcats and demons in the world would never be enough to fight several countries' armies."

Hellcat 1: "If we can persuade all the evil creatures to join us, then we can go into battle with a good chance of victory."

Demon1: "Yes, and then we can destroy the world and be rewarded by Zamorak!"

Cheering and applauding erupted, and I started panicking. The evil creatures were planning to take over and destroy Runescape!