This is a quick one-shot about Lorna Bucket, the girl who joined the Clerics in order to find The Doctor in 'A Good Man Goes To War.'

My name is Lorna Bucket. I was a kid when I met him for the first time. Thirty seconds. That's how long he stayed before he disappeared in his blue box. But trust me, thirty seconds was more than enough.

He came to me like a knight in shining armour to save me from death's cruel clutches. Except it wasn't armour he was wearing. It was a tweed jacket and bowtie but I thought it suited him.

He ran into the middle of the Gamma Forrests where I was hiding, took my hand and told me to 'run'. And boy, how far we ran.

Ever since that first encounter, I vowed to find him again in anyway possible. Even if it meant joining a group of people who wanted to fight him. Anything to catch one more glimpse of that wonderful man.

I had stayed a couple of months on Demons Run before I saw him again. He came over to me when I had been blasted by one of the Headless Monks. He seemed older than the last time I saw him, like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. But he was still the same Doctor who had saved my life all those years ago.

He thanked me for helping his friends as I sat there on the brink of eternal sleep, trying not to let go for as long as possible. I asked him if he remembered me as I certainly remembered him. He just smiled and said he remembered everyone. He said 'You and me. We ran didn't we, Lorna?"

I smiled back before closing my eyes for the last time with only one comfort in my final moments. He remembered me.

When you run with The Doctor, it feels like forever. But everyone knows forever doesn't last. No matter how hard you want it to, it just isn't possible. But I know even in death, you can achieve anything you want to. Goodbye, Doctor. Thank you for remembering me.

I hope this is OK. It's just a quick drabble and I know The Doctor didn't really remember Lorna but she didn't know that.

I hope everyone enjoyed it and leaves a review :)

Love Amy x