Heyy Guys, I'm back with my newest story. I you are a fan of my others, I don't think I will be updating them as I write when I get inspiration and have lost the inspiration for my other stories. I'm just writing the first chapter of this story as I wanted to see if you guys thought it had potential. The only thing that's stopping me from writing it is the thought that it doesn't have potential. So read and tell me what you think.

Summary – What if Clary wasn't actually Clarissa Fray but another person entirely. What if she was actually Katerina Elizabeth Rose, the very powerful and very beautiful shadowhunter who was thought to have died in a fire that killed her family. Katerina is now a very powerful vice president in one of the biggest companies in the world Diamond Corp. Set in City of Glass when Clary finds Jace kissing Aline.

I suppose I should have felt shocked, betrayed, angry and sad but I didn't. I didn't know what to feel. It was like a whirlwind of emotions inside me and I just couldn't chose the right one to feel. Of course, I loved Jace, but I didn't love him enough. I loved him enough to only feel slight jealously at the thought of him with another woman. I had trained myself to do this, to not love someone so much that the passion consumed me and the emotions made me weak. This girl was pretty enough, I guess, she had straight jet black hair and small almond shaped eyes.

"Aline, meet my sister Clary." Jace said, his voice full of warmth and at the same it was acidic as well, which cause a sharp twinge inside me but I willed away determined not to let my emotions show.

"Oh." Aline huffed embarrassingly, "I have heard so much about you!" She held out her hand but instead of shaking it I threw my head back and laughed making a quick decision in my head. I could feel how awkward Jace felt.

"I think it's time." I laughed.

"Clary!" What is the meaning of this?" Jace exclaimed, having finally found his voice. His posture was stiff and rigid and his knuckles were white from clenching his fists.

"You will see!" I laughed mysteriously, my voice tingling like a thousand bells. I pulled out my hair. Literally. My red hair was a wig. I actually had dark brown curls that fell down my back to my waist. I didn't have the same face as well. It was a mask. I had pale flawless skin like Isabelle's. I was also taller. To make myself appear shorter, I had perfected the art of walking and running on my knees and I wore prosthetic legs. I pulled them off and stood up. My legs were a bit shaky from walking on my knees for so long. There was one more thing I knew about myself. I wasn't cute anymore. I was beautiful in an exotic way.

"Clary." Jace whispered, his voice sounding utterly betrayed and venerable, but none of it fazed me.

"I know you really thought I was Clarissa Fray but I played you and I played you good. This is the first time I outplayed, I beat the great Jace Wayland. My actual name is Katerina Elizabeth Rose. I am the vice president of Diamond Corp. Perhaps you have heard of it.

Jace was reeling in shock and betrayal. Clary, his supposed sister Clary, his first love Clary was not her. For the first time Jace Wayland wanted to stamp his feet like a stubborn little boy and demand that everything return to the way it originally was. Katerina had her hand outstretched and gingerly, he took it, allowing himself to feel the smoothness of hr palm and her voice that was like the angels were singing.

"Well, perhaps you have heard of my mother Janiane Smith, she was a infamous shadowhunter."

"The Janiane Smith! The one who her and her daughter perished in a fire and whose bodies were never found!" Aline gasped, her long red fingernails digging into her palms creating cuts that she would scream about tomorrow.

"That is right, except for a tiny detail. Her daughter survived and was adopted my another shadowhunter family who recognised her. She was trained to be a shadowhunter but to not be family in that world so instead she sought fame elsewhere and built herself s life in the human world. The MUNDANE world. Me. Katerina. Elizabeth. Rose.

"No." Jace whispered, barely audible but Katerina heard it.

" Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes." Katerina said gliding around the room like a princess. Her glide was effortless and she seemed to have a classiness about her and an air that Isabelle didn't seem to have. Just then Simon ran up the stairs and when he saw Katerina his posture became rigid and his eyes cold.

" Katerina," he drawled. "How lovely of you to grace us with your presence."

"Simon." Katerina said, her head nodding slightly as a way of greeting.

"I believe you have held up your end of the bargain and I mine, so let us part ways as friends."

"Friends," Simon snarled, which was so unlike him. "You don't know know the meaning of the word friends. We are only partners, acquaintances at the most. You are viscous and cruel."

His speech failed to faze Katerina, but it did faze Jace who snarled "Who are you?"

Katerina sighed and said "Do we really need to do this again. I thought just had a proper introduction, in fact, I told you my life story. I thought you were smarter than that Jace."

"But who are you, really" Jace's eyes narrowed suspiciously and Katerina rolled hers.

" I am only a... person to say the least, seeking answers to my questions which I have already gotten but I imagine you have yours and I respect that."

"For starters, why have you done this, betrayed us and yet you seem completely unfazed. Why? This isn't how shadowhunters treat each other"

"You forget Jace that I haven't been raised the same as you. I wasn't taught to not betray and lie others and my swears mean nothing to me. I was trained only to fight others. I wanted answers and I did what I had to do get them."

"What kinds of questions?" Jace questioned

"Things like why you broke my sister's heart and why you insist on carrying around an object that is not yours but mine."

"What object?"

"Your steele Jace. That's mine, not yours." Jace too the steele out of his pocket and glared at it with shock and horror. A steele was meant to be your own, A treasure for keeping.

"You can't glare holes into it Jace. Stop with the intense gaze."

Jace momentarily glanced up at Katerina and saw an expression he couldn't quite place at that moment and glanced back down at the steele. He threw it on the couch and said tiredly "Just go to sleep. I will talk with you tomorrow. You may stay in one of the many rooms in this house."

"Jace offering hospitality. I'm speechless." Katerina taunted

"Just go. Get away from my sight before I change my mind. Be ready to talk at exactly nine am tomorrow." Jace growled, his eyes ablaze.

"Actually, you abide my my rules. I will not be staying here as I have my own house which as clothes and a warm shower waiting for me. I will come tomorrow whenever I please."

"No." Jace growled yet again.

"Yes." Katerina growled back with as much strength as she possessed.

"Fine. Just be here.

" Of course." And with that Katerina walked out of the house with all the tallness and grace she possessed.

How did you like it? Does it have potential? I wanted Katerina to be as tall and graceful as my role model Anne Boleyn played my Natalie Dormer on The Tudors so yeah...