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Working with Jace was like trying to teach a human to fly. You never to got anywhere, so I just basically made him my second personal assistant. He loved to hang around my office, just because it was big and it had a view.

"Why you don't live here remains a mystery to me."

"Because its an office Jace." I muttered, while clicking away at my laptop.

"Yeah but it so big, it could easily be a house."

"Jace." I said, pushing myself away from the desk. "This is an office, not a home. I can't live here. I have a home already."

"Yeah, its bloody big. I wonder where you got the money for it."

"There is a big story about that, actually."

"Care to enlighten?" Jace asked, inquisitive.

I sighed. "This house has ran through the Roses' for generations. It was actually a Victorian estate, that was built. It has had many renovations, of course. This house was passed down to the eldest child of the next generation of Roses' when the previous generation had died. So my grandmother, then my mother but before it got to me, my mother took out 100 million dollars of inheritance money, so each of us got 50 million, when she died. She died of heart cancer, and we got the money, and paired with our jobs at Diamond Corp. we have a lot of money to spare. Most of it goes to numerous charities that we support and some goes to jewels and clothes."

Jace's mouth had formed a little "o" shape, which was uncharacteristic for him.

"Sound's like you had a very peachy childhood after you got adopted."

"Yes, I was lucky enough to get a family with so much love to spare even though they had a child already. I just happened to be older."

"Oh no. I wasn't talking about the love, I was talking about the money aspect of it."

My head whisked around from the view I was looking at, to glare at Jace. "The money has nothing to do with anything."

Just then, I knock on the door whisked me back to the real world. "Come in," I called to whoever was at the door. My real personal assistant Maria, strolled in casually and announced,

"Miss, you're shooting lesson is like right now."

"Okay thanks." I appreciated Maria. I would have died without her because my schedule was so damn busy. It may not have seemed that way, but it was.

"You best leave. I don't think you want to see me shoot objects." I warned Jace. He merely smirked and shot back,

"I'm ready for anything, Your Majesty."

"Well okay then. But I will talk to you after about this little "Your Majesty" thing you've come up with."

The black glass walls went up around me. My gun handed to me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I was in my element now. Shooting sounded like a fancy thing to do but basically, all it was, was to get blindfolded and every time I heard a noise, I would shoot in that direction. I would only shoot about five or six directions a day. It was pretty fast paced and exciting. I heard the first noise, a rustle of leaves coming from a south-easterly direction. I whirled around and shot. Not even a moment after, the second noise came, a mechanical buzzing this time, coming from directly behind me. That meant it was coming north-westerly direction. I shot again. The third noise, then a loud gun shot, then a fourth noise, a gun shot. The walls came down. Huh, I was only doing four today. That was rare.

Jace was staring at me as if I was a murderess or something. I guess this wasn't the type of thing shadowhunters were taught. This was an extra for me, a measure of protection from kidnappers or something. It was something I wanted to learn.

"So why did you call me "Your Majesty" before?" I asked.

Jace was still staring and he burst out "Where did you learn to do that?"

"My mother taught me. Answer the question."

"Yeah, I called you that because you are controlling and bossy. You act like a snobbish queen."

"That's my job Jace!"

"Yes, but you could be nicer to people."

"I am nice." I argued.

"To everyone except me."

"That's because you haven't completely gained my trust."

"So what should I do, to gain your trust?"

"Trust doesn't come easily Jace. It takes patience and control. If you want my trust, you best have a lot of patience, because once anyone breaks mine or my sister's trust, it takes a long time to get it back. If you want someone's trust easily, go to my sister. She trusts. That's a fatal flaw in her."

"I like a conquest."

"Well be prepared. I am more than just a conquest."

We worked in silence after that, me finalising the press conference tomorrow and Jace filing and taking my phone calls. At the end of the day, I got in the back seat of the car and my chauffeur drove me home. Little did I know, that Jace was following me.

I got home and went inside for a shower and when I cam down for dinner, I saw a very unwelcome guest at our table. Jace. My sister was sitting two chairs down from him.

"What are you doing here?!" I whisper-yelled.

"Gaining your trust. Now lets eat! I'm starving!"

I'll have to admit that he was determined, but I was even more. Alexandra and Jace made light conversation at we ate, while I remained silent, pondering why Jace wanted my trust so badly.

After dinner was well awkward because Jace didn't want to leave, but I wanted him to. But some part of me didn't want him to as well. I ignored that part and sided with the rational one. In the end, I pushed him out of the door, and locked it in his face. I went upstairs only to find well I guess you knew, Jace in my bedroom.

"How did you get here? Actually no, forget that. Get out!"

"Nah I quite like it here. Sweet room." My heart fluttered and I mentally kicked myself.

"Glad I have your opinion. Now out!" My voice a scary kind of calm. Jace must have noticed this because his face went kind of sad and betrayed at the same time.

"You know," he whispered. "You could be a little nicer to me. I haven't done anything to you." With that, he climbed out of the window and down the ladder, taking it with him and leaving me speechless.

I immediately felt guilty. I wasn't supposed to offend him. I was rude, I acknowledged that, but his words left a sharp guilt in my chest that I couldn't explain. I would swallow my pride and apologise tomorrow, I promise myself. I would.

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