Title: Lilly's Push

Author: Sally97

Summary: Lilly is very much alive, and being her usual pushy self, she decides to help Veronica become her lovable sassy-self. With the help of some friends, Lilly is going to create the Veronica we know and love.

Newspaper Article:


Mr. Aaron Echolls, the famous movie star, was arrested earlier this month due to his attempted murder of Kane heiress, Lilly Kane. The victim's brother, Duncan Kane, found Mr Echolls hitting an unconscious Lilly, in the pool house of their Neptune California home. She was tied to a chair. Duncan Kane found them and called the police. Duncan suffered mild injuries, such as bruising and cuts, but was otherwise unharmed. Whereas Lilly Kane suffered a blow to the head, resulting in slight concussion, and a black eye.

Early next month Mr. Echolls will be tried for attempted murder.

The sun was bright and sunny, like most days in Neptune California, and I was lying on a towel, on the beach. My mp3player, and the sound of waves in the background, was slowly rocking me to a restful sleep.

"Hey Veronica! Veronica Mars!" My best friend Lilly called out my name in a singsong voice, as she walks towards me.

"Hey!" I call, as I take out my headphones and get up to hug her, carful not to touch her still recovering black eye.

"How are you?" I ask her, concern clear in my voice. After Aaron was arrested for attempting to kill Lilly, her parents whisked her off on a two-week surprise holiday.

"Well considering I just spent a couple of weeks on 'holiday' with my parents and my brother. How do you think I'm feeling?" She says, as she screws up her nose and gives me a look of disgust. I put my arm around her and give her shoulders a squeeze.

"Well, we still have about 4 weeks of school left, and then next semester you will be a senior. You'll have to graduate and go to prom, and then you'll leave me to die while you go off to collage!" I grin at her.

"Hey, we'll still see each other!" She says as she hugs me. "Anyway, what's been going on since I left?"

"Well, Logan's mum has gone for a holiday in LA, staying with her family. She's staying there until the whole Aaron thing dies down. So Logan is staying at my house until his mum gets back."

Seeing the tentative look on my face, Lilly laughs.

"I don't blame Logan for what happened! But I do blame him for kissing Yolander!"

"But Lilly, you cheated on Logan way more!"

"Yeah but, I... can we not talk about this right now? I just got back." She says looking over at the water. I nod. I'll talk to her about it some other time.

"Are Logan and Duncan in?" She asks, gesturing randomly towards the surfers in the water.

"Yeah, they got here about 10mins before me, and they went straight in." I reply.

"K." She says as she flops down on the sand next to me. She pulls out a magazine from her designer bag and starts to read. I settle back down on the sand and start listening to music again.

About an hour later Logan and Duncan walk out of the surf towards us.

"Oh damn! I was gonna leave before they got out so it didn't look like I was running away!" She says angrily, as she starts packing up her things.

"Lilly," I say patiently, "You need to talk to Logan! He is my friend too, and I don't want to lose him as a friend!" I say calmly to her.

Cocking her eyebrow, in the most Lilly-ish manner, she sits back down and forces a smile. "Fine."

"Hey Ronnie." Logan says to me, smiling. "Lilly." He says tentatively.

"Hey Logan. How was the water?" I ask, not looking at Duncan, who was regarding an interesting point on the horizon far, far out to see.

"Bit cold." Logan replies.

"Not as cold as the shoulders we've got here." I say, just loud enough for everyone to hear.

Logan grins at me with mischief in his eyes, while Lilly glares at me, and Duncan stares at the sand, in full robot mode.

"You guys are blocking our view of the hot guys that are bound to walk past any minuet!" Lilly says coldly to Logan, as she picks up her magazine and tries to set fire to the pages with the power of her eyes.

Duncan turns, as if on queue, and walks away.

"See you later Ronnie!" Logan says as he follows Duncan, still smiling broadly.

"I'm making dinner tonight!" I call to him.

"Then I'm buying takeaway! You want some?" He turns around, and starts walking backwards, grinning amusedly.

"What's wrong with my cooking!" I yell at him, in mock anger, also grinning.

"You have to eat it before it eats you!"

"It's the thought that counts!"

"Not if the food bites back!" He says, laughing. Suddenly he walks backwards into a rubbish bin, and falls over. I quickly get up and jog over to him.

"Were you trying to walk into the bin, or were you distracted by my beauty and quick wit?" I say smiling at him, as I help him up.

"Yeah, something like that." He replied.

He was staring at me with a look of curiosity and approval, as he dusted sand off himself, and his surfboard.

"See you at home, Mars!" He calls, as he runs over to his car, and jumps in. Duncan was already in the passenger seat.

"See ya!" I wave, as he backs out of the parking lot, and I notice a smile still on his face.

"Now that is the Veronica I would like to see more of!" Lilly says happily, as I sit back down next to her.

"What do you mean?" I say confused.

"Veronica Mars, I know the true you, the one you keep hidden most of the time. You only ever show that side of you to me, and maybe your dad, sometimes. Your true self is red satin, sexy and witty!"

"What are you on about Lilly?" I say, slightly amused.

"You! Veronica Mars, the true you! The person who was just talking to Logan, just then, was the true you. The witty banter between you two. You are an awesome person Veronica Mars! What with your wittiness and sarcasm! You aren't this simple, dull girl that you pretend to be! You don't need to take care of people like you do! You need to let yourself become the person you truly are!"

"Alright Lilly, I think you've had enough sun for today." I say as I get up and start packing up, "And I should be heading home."

"Ok, fine." She says as she picks herself off the sand.

"Bye Lilly." I say as I walk towards my car.

"Bye Veronica!" She calls after me.

As I drive home I wonder about what Lilly had said. Maybe I have changed. Ever since Duncan dumped me I have been feeling angry and have been acting differently. He just dumped me out of the blue, so how was I supposed to feel? He didn't even tell me why.

Talking with Logan at the beach was fun. We were arguing differently to how we usually argue. Usually he doesn't fall over bins walking backwards talking to me! And the way he smiled at me was... I felt goose bumps on my arms. He never used to smile at me like that!

Maybe Lilly was right. Or maybe she was just being her usual insane self. I laugh at the thought of Lilly being right about my so called "sassy-self."

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