Hey there :) I think this is probably the only story in the fandom world with this pairing. But I wanted to see what I could do with them. Dean and Katie are a pairing in my overall plan for how things pan out in the next gen for all my characters. I'm not exactly sure whether the characters are done to what JKR would like them, because they were fairly minor characters without much depth. But this is my interpretation of them, in a nutshell. Please enjoy :) and remember, there will be references to this pairing in my other fics :) xx

Chapter One

It was New Years Eve. The eve of the new millennium. Everyone seemed to have a place to be, a party to go to. Except one Dean Thomas. He trudged his way to the Leaky Cauldron for his usual Friday night drink, feeling alone and empty. As expected, the Cauldron was buzzing with activity as groups of people gathered to celebrate the new millennium. Dean felt a stab of loneliness as he realised he had no such gathering. With a sigh, Dean slumped down at the bar and asked for his usual Firewhiskey with a hint of raspberry. Tom soon slid the glass across the bench and Dean took a large swig.

"A glass of Butterbeer please, Tom," said a soft female voice. Dean looked to his left and almost choked on his mouthful of Firewhiskey. There, standing next to him, was the beautiful Katie Bell. Of course, Dean hadn't seen her in years and yet the sight of her conjured up those feelings he had often tried to hide. Her dark brown hair was shorter than when he last saw her, and gently grazed her shoulders in elegant waves. Garbed in a long, dark purple dress with full red lips, Dean imagined that she was meeting someone. Still, he couldn't help but admire her. She was still as beautiful as she had been at Hogwarts. The absence of the black school skirt and baggy Gryffindor jumper was working wonders for her. Katie's dress flowed elegantly around her slender frame, giving her shape while still leaving a lot to the imagination. He smiled. She was still the same, innocent belle.

As she didn't seem to recognize him, Dean decided to make the first move.

"Katie Bell, fancy seeing you at the Cauldron," said Dean, the smallest of smirks pulling at his lips.

Katie turned and put a hand to her chest. "Oh my, Dean!" she cried, shaking his hand. Dean smiled at her reaction and brought her hand to his lips briefly. What could he say... Dean had always been good with the ladies. A delicate blush lingered across Katie's cheeks at his touch.

"I didn't know you were a regular?" chuckled Dean.

"I'm not," she said politely. "I only just returned from 3 months in Ireland for a Quidditch Tournament and I thought I'd have a night out. I mean, it's the new millennium."

"Indeed," said Dean finishing his glass of Firewhiskey. "Let me get you a drink," he offered pleasantly. Katie blushed but agreed, as Dean slipped Tom some money for Katie's Butterbeer.

"So, you're with Puddlemere United, right?" asked Dean.

Katie nodded. "Yeah, I was really surprised when I got asked to train in their reserves. But now I'm Chaser!" she exclaimed proudly.

"You shouldn't have been. You're a great player," said Dean.

"Thanks!" Katie took a sip of her Butterbeer. A moustache of froth formed above her lip. Ever so elegantly, Katie's small tongue darted out from between her ruby lips and licked the foam away. Dean was transfixed by that one action. Desire courses through him. How could one woman evoke such strong feelings by simply licking her lip? Dean was suddenly overwhelmed with fantasies of his own tongue licking the foam away then slipping inside her delicate mouth as his teeth pull at her voluptuous lips...

"So what do you do with yourself, Dean?" Dean was pulled back to reality by her soft, melodic voice.

"Er... I'm a reporter for the Daily Prophet. I write the Quidditch column."

"Oh, yeah," said Katie nodding. "I've read some of your articles. They're pretty good."

"Thanks," said Dean, feeling elated at her compliment. "So is it true? The rumours about you and Oliver?"

Katie choked on her Butterbeer and coughed violently. "Of course not!" she exclaimed. "What rumours?"

"Well, my colleague spotted you and Oliver having a very cosy lunch in Ireland one afternoon." Dean smirked and waggled his eyebrows at her.

"I was meeting him about the wedding," she said flatly. "If your colleague was a good reporter, then they would've noticed that Alicia joined not long after."

"Alicia Spinnet and Oliver Wood?" asked Dean in surprise.

"Yes, they are getting married next month. Alicia made me her maid of honour."

"How come I don't know about this? I'm the Quidditch reporter? How did I miss something this big?"

Katie smiled a little. "They were very good at keeping it a secret. They hardly ever were seen in public together. I guess they didn't want Puddlemere United's great Keeper's personal life plastered all over the Prophet by people like you."

Dean swallowed uncomfortably, feeling sheepish.

"It's okay," said Katie quickly, reaching out to pat his hand. "You just do your job.

Katie's hand lingered in Dean's a little longer, conjuring those same strong feelings as before. Dean suddenly withdrew his hand from Katie's, afraid of his feelings

"Do you want another drink?" he asked her.

"No, I'm fine," she said pleasantly. Dean merely shrugged and ordered his favourite Friday beverage.

"Firewhiskey and raspberry?" Katie raised a perfect eyebrow.

Dean grinned. "Sure. It's the only way to drink. You ever had it?"

When Katie shook her head, Dean handed her his glass. "You've gotta try it."

Katie eyed his suspiciously but took a sip. Her eyes widened at the taste.

"Wow," she said, handing Dean back his drink. That was really nice."

"Do you want one?"

Katie blushed and looked down sheepishly.

"Yes please."

Dean smiled and ordered her a drink. Katie eagerly sipped it, satisfaction evident on her face. Dean chuckled to himself a little. He had never understood his feelings for Katie. Although he had been with many girls before, Katie had been off limits. He had always admired her; she was gorgeous and sweet and popular and a great Quidditch player. She was far too good for a womanizing prat such as himself; who was only interested in one thing. He would never want to use her like he had with other girls. It would ruin him.

"I love this song," said Katie dreamily, closing her eyes and swaying slightly to the music. Dean smiled and took her hand, pulling her up and away from the bar.

"What are we doing?" she asked.

"Dancing," said Dean. "You said you liked the song."

Katie pulled her hand out of Dean's and stood rooted to the spot. "No. I'm not dancing. I'm a complete klutz."

Dean chuckled and put his hand on Katie's waist, bringing her body closer.

"I've seen you in the air, Katie Bell," he smirked as he placed her hand on his shoulder. "You are definitely no klutz."

Katie rolled her eyes but slipped her hand in Dean's. They rotated on the spot in time to the music. "That's different."

"How?" Dean cocked and eyebrow at her.

"It just is," said Katie stubbornly. "I'm a terrible dancer."

"You're doing just fine right now," said Dean, pulling Katie closer so that they were touching, chest to chest.

"Well," she blushed. "We're not really doing anything. We're just spinning. Be glad I haven't stepped on your toes yet. These heels are lethal."

Dean chuckled and bent low to her ear. "I wouldn't mind really, if I was dancing with you."

Katie stared at him with her dark, bottomless eyes and her cheeks turned a dark shade of pink. But instead of replying, she laid her head on his chest. Dean's heart thumped wilding against his ribcage. Acting on instinct, he tilted Katie's chin and kissed her. She was hesitant at first, but soon her lips began to move with is. Tongues intertwined; tasting, exploring. Katie's hands gripped Dean's lean shoulders. Dean's hands pressed into the small of her back. They both pulled back reluctantly, needing to breathe. Desire swam in Dean's eyes. Katie's face was flushed.

"Let's get out of here," Dean whispered, his voice low and husky. Katie's dark eyes widened and she blushed fiercely.

"Sure," she purred.

It wasn't long before they were inside Dean's apartment, clumsily pulling at each other's clothes and stumbling into the bedroom. Clothes were strewn all over the house; Katie's dress lay crumpled on the kitchen floor, her heels piled next to the front door along with Dean's shoes, Dean's shirt hung carelessly on the back of a chair, his jeans lying in the doorway to his bedroom. The bedroom floor was covered in various undergarments. Dean took Katie to bed. It was her first time; it was his first in two weeks. As their bodies tangled and the passion between them electrified, Dean couldn't help but marvel at how lucky he was. In his bed, was the girl of his dreams; naked and willing. It was almost too much for him to comprehend. He glanced down at his chest, where Katie's head was resting and smiled. She was so beautiful at that moment; with her elegant hair messy and tangled, her red lipstick smeared across her cheeks and down her neck, her creamy skin flushed from his tender affections. But he took in more than that; he saw her long eyelashes clinging together from the mascara, her small, slightly upturned nose with a band of dark freckles, the purplish-green bruise on her right hip from being slammed into the goal posts at training. His fingers traced her spine, ebony on ivory. Dean hummed in contentment. He knew from that moment on, that he would change his ways. He didn't want this to be just another night of pleasure. He could think of nothing better than waking up beside this beautiful woman for the rest of his life, hearing her laughter and seeing her blush. Dean bent and brushed his lips against hers briefly while she slept, before wrapping his arms around her. He fell asleep instantly.

I will have to admit, this was harder to write. Dean is an interesting character to me. I kind of see him as a huge womanizer and a player as such. And then there's Katie Bell- pretty little Quidditch star who's as innocent as a child. Please read and review and tell me what you think :) xx