An Unsound Soul

by AngelG93

A/N: First of all, I want to credit the idea for this story to Gentsmaster3000. She will likely continue to feed me ideas for this (thank you so much, dear!)

To clarify some things, I will be using general stuff from the dubbed Soul Eater anime as my reference – it's all I know – but I won't adhere strictly to the plot itself, if you get what I mean. As for the Fullmetal Alchemist aspect… you really only need to know who Ed and Al are, this being one of those "Ed gets pulled into the world of another anime" stories. Suffice it to say he hasn't even gone to Leore when this starts.

This is most definitely going to get really creepy really quickly (not much in this chapter, though), so I'm giving you fair warning. With that said, enjoy!

Chapter 1

Confusion! Edward Elric in Death City?

Medusa examined her crystal ball with wide, slit-pupiled eyes and licked her lips hungrily.

"What is it, Lady Medusa?" asked Eruka, craning her neck to get a look at whatever had captured her colleague's attention so intently.

"Something very interesting has entered my field of vision," answered the serpentlike witch. "At certain times, magic connects with other worlds, whole separate universes. It would seem that I have been lucky enough to catch one of those opportunities. As a scientist, I can't help but be… curioussss." The final word lingered on her tongue with a hiss.

"So, what are you going to do about it?" Eruka persisted.

"Why, stupid girl, I'm going to reach my hand across this breach and see what I can grab – perhaps it'll be something that can kill my boredom." Without further ado, Medusa spoke an incantation over her crystal ball, and purplish light danced across the walls of her lair. A whooshing sound filled the chamber, so loud that Eruka pulled her pointed hat down over her ears to block it out.

Once the room had settled, the younger witch blinked in confusion. "Um, Lady Medusa? Nothing happened."

"Wrong," Medusa corrected, rising from her cushion and straightening her robe. "Something tantalizing has just crossed the gap between worlds." As she pulled up her hood to frame her sinister smile, she added, "Or, should I say… someone?"

"What… the… hell?"

Edward Elric had seen many strange things in his short life (and no, not that kind of "short"), but this topped everything else. The crescent moon, instead of hanging serenely in the sky, grinned down at him wickedly with blood seeping out from in-between its bared teeth. It just… wasn't natural.

"I must be dreaming," the young alchemist reasoned. In order to test this theory, he pinched himself, hard, but this only produced a raised, tender spot on his left shoulder. "Okay…" he said to himself, trying to stay calm, "think, Ed. Think about how you got here."

As he racked his brains, the story slowly pieced together: he and Al had been on an assignment for Mustang, but – all of a sudden – something had grabbed him from behind and dragged him into a dark place full of strange voices. He might have thought it was the Portal of Truth, but his gut told him this was different somehow. In any case, before he knew it, he had ended up in his present location.

"Speaking of, that would be…?" He had no answer for his own question; nothing in his surroundings looked even remotely familiar. He was currently standing on the outskirts of the strangest city he'd ever laid eyes on. Taking into account the sparse illumination of the moon, Ed bet it looked even weirder in the daytime. Behind him lay a barren wasteland of windswept desert. "Well, I guess there's no going that way." Left with little other choice, he ambled toward the nearest street. Before he got far, however, a blood-curdling laugh met his ears.

"Well, well, lookie here! A hapless human has wandered into my domain!"

Ed revolved on the spot, trying to locate the owner of the voice. "Who's there?" he called. "Show yourself!"

A hulking shape darted out of the shadows, grazing his face as it rushed past him. "Oh, me? I'm just a simple murderer with some time to kill. And now that you're here, I have a person to kill, too!" The stranger charged again, but this time, Ed was ready for him. He pressed his hands together, summoning his skill in alchemy to transmute a blade out of the metallic plating on his right forearm. "Oooh, shiny," cackled the psycho, slashing at Ed's weapon with a clawed hand. When the stranger attacked directly for the second time, his sharp nails caught on the edge of the blade, sending sparks off of the points of impact like they, too, were made of metal. The extra light gave Ed a chance to see his enemy's face. It was distorted almost beyond human recognition: eyes rolled back so far that the red veins stood out against the whites, a hooked nose twisted at a seemingly impossible angle, and a lipless mouth drawn back in a wide sneer.

"What the hell… are you?" Ed gasped, disgusted and shocked by what he had seen.

"That's an interesting question, boy, and it has an interesting answer to match!" Howling with deranged laughter, the villain stepped back a little to monologue. "I used to be a human, long ago, but then I began feeding on human souls. With their power inside of me, I'm well on my way to becoming a kishin, for sure!"

"A quiche-what-now?"

"It doesn't really matter if you understand," giggled the demonic being, "because you'll be dead in another second!"

The killer rushed toward him, and out of an inexplicable terror, Ed shut his eyes and slashed with his blade, not caring where it hit. After several beats of empty silence, the small blonde peeked through half-open eyelids. The strange psycho had disappeared, but where he had stood only a moment before now hovered a red orb with a comet-like tail dancing at the uppermost tip like a candle flame. Curious, Ed poked the glowing ball apprehensively, but it didn't seem to be dangerous. All the same, the sight reminded him of pictures he'd seen in books of what the Philosopher's Stone was supposed to look like. Was it possible that this was-

"Hello there."

The greeting caught him so off-guard that he nearly fell over. He spun around to find a woman watching him… from a broomstick… six feet off of the ground. This day just couldn't get any weirder, could it?

Medusa eyed the golden-haired boy like a vulture would a wounded animal: ripe for the taking. Still, she deemed it was best in this instance to play the card of "motherly concern." Arranging her features accordingly, she crooned, "Are you lost, little one?"

"I'm not little!" came the instant rebuttal.

The witch shook with mirth. "But you are lost."

This made the boy's face turn crimson. "Well… yes."

"Can I point you in the right direction?"

"Thanks for the offer, but I don't even know what direction to take."

Medusa's eyes shimmered with phony tears. "Poor thing. This won't do at all. Why don't you come with me? My home isn't far off. You can stay there until we get this mess straightened out."


She could see his mind working, debating, but under no circumstances was she going to let this golden opportunity slip away from her. "It's dangerous out here at night, but you'll be quite safe with me, I assure you."

After a long moment of deliberation, the boy sighed, "Well, I don't know what else I can do at this point. Thanks, ma'am. I appreciate it."

"It's my pleasure," she purred, swerving her broom in the direction of her lair. "By the way, my name is Medusa."

"Edward Elric," announced the boy, bowing to her in respect.

"Well, then, just follow me, Edward."

As soon as her face was hidden from his view, Medusa's usual smirk appeared. Her larger plans would have to take a back seat, but that hardly mattered. Asura had slept beneath the DWMA for hundreds of years; he could sleep a little longer. Right now, Edward Elric seemed like a much more entertaining investment.


Yeah, it's a short first chapter, but for this story, I would rather do shorter chapters (it means more frequent updates, for one thing ^_^)

Okay, so I was inspired by this awesome LOTR/FMA fanfic called "Stray Child" by junodog to write stupidly ridiculous outtakes. Here goes!


Eruka: "Uh, Lady Medusa? Nothing happened."

Medusa: "Dammit! I hate it when I get those 'you failed casting the spell' notifications!"


Eruka: "So, what are you going to do about it?"

Medusa: *troll face* "LET'S EAT IT!"


Ed: "I must be dreaming." *pulls out top and twirls it on the ground – it continues to spin perfectly on the tip* "OMG! IT'S AN INCEPTION!"


Random Murderer: "I'm well on my way to becoming a kishin, for sure!"

Ed: "Dude, you're gonna turn into a quiche? Sweet, I'm starving!"


Medusa: "Hello there. Want some candy?"

Ed: "Hell, no, creeper lady! My mommy told me to never take candy from strangers!"


Medusa: "By the way, my name is Medusa."

Ed: "As in the evil, snake-headed, demon lady?"

*awkward pause*

Medusa: "Yeah, exactly like that."