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Summary- What if things were to have turned out differently? Joey and Dawson have never gotten back together, and Pacey and Andie have never started to date? What could happen if after Joey and Dawson break up they start to see each other in new eyes?

Author's Note-I have never wrote a Dawson's Creek story before, so this is my first one ever. So please, read and review.

Chapter One

It was a day like any other day in Capeside. Same thing, but just another ordinary day. I sat by the dock looking into the water of the creek while the sun shined down casting a reflection that touched anywhere close by. That was one thing I loved about Capeside, besides that it is utterly boring, and the malfunction of the people it was one of the most beautiful and peaceful places. My older sister Bess was in the house with Alex, so I sat at the dock and focus on my thoughts. I came out to think of my thoughts, how I broken Dawson Leery' heart- my childhood best friend, and pure innocent sole-mate.


It was the night of the dance, and the whole group decided to tag along. Andie McPhee, the new girl wouldn't stop annoying us with the school dance, and how it is a great experience for us. Dawson and I, Pacey and Andie, then we set up Andie's brother Jack with Jen. This was going to be an interesting night. I still haven't told Dawson about the kiss with Jack at the Ice House, even though it was purely innocent on my side. I did kiss him back though, so I am a little confused about this whole thing at the moment.

Here comes Andie walking towards us at the dance. Obviously it wasn't enough for her that we actually came to the dance.

"Hey guys, come on what are you waiting for, lets dance." Andie stated with her happy excited voice of hers.

"Andie, how can we put this into words that you will understand? This little group of ours Dawson, Pacey and I we're not social school event type of people. We aren't pep rally, or spirited students, and for one we do not dance." Joey told her nicely. All she did was look at us strangely.

"What do you mean you guys don't dance? It is a dance, that is what you do at a dance... you dance!" Andie exclaimed and then laughed.

"McPhee, I do not dance. I would much rather just stand here. I would much rather watch the others make a fool of themselves while they dance. I do not want to claim myself as a fool now." Pacey told her calmly.

"Me either, Andie. " Dawson joined in.

"Oh you guys are no fun. Come on, please just for like ten minutes, please! If it isn't fun by then I promise that you don't need to dance again." Andie said as a compromise to to get them out onto the dance floor.

"Fine." The three of them said in unison and walked onto the dance floor.

Dawson was noticing the tension of Joey at the dance. He couldn't pin-point the issue, but he was determined to find out. Just like he is determined about anything else that comes his way. Especially about Joey. Dawson is just watching Joey and Jack talk, he sees her storm off, and soon after Jack follows her. Dawson decided to follow the two of them.

"Jack, I don't want to talk about this right now. It was a mistake, and was a spur of the moment thing. It should have never happened in the first place, and I do not even know why it did. I like Dawson, he is my boyfriend!" Joey explained to Jack.

"Well, if it was so innocent, then why did you kiss me back?" Jack asked curious now.

"I don't know, I just don't know. I wasn't thinking. It didn't mean anything to me. I still haven't even told Dawson yet, because if I did it would rip his heart out." Joey said, not knowing that Dawson has been standing there listening to the whole thing.

"Tell me what, Joey?" Dawson said, hoping that she would tell him the truth even though he has been listening to the both of them the whole time.

"Well... um, you see... uh... Jack kissed me last week at the ice house. It was innocent, and a mistake. I..." Joey got cut off by Jack.

"If that was so, then why did you kiss me back? If it was innocent like you say it is then why are you making it such a big deal? Obviously it wasn't as innocent as you claim it is to you." Jack explained before walking away.

"Joey, you kissed him back? You are my girlfriend and you kissed him back? Why Joey? Why would you do that? We are supposed to be together." Dawson explained in utter sadness.

"Dawson, I don't know, okay, I just don't know! It was a mistake, and I was confused. I am confused about everything. So, maybe, just maybe I need time to figure things out, and I need time to figure myself out. I am sorry Dawson but for now, it just can't be. " Joey said, and walked away.


I am sitting on the dock, and I look up to the voice that is so comforting. It was Pacey, yes, Pacey. The boy since I have known since childhood, and we have a relationship of bantering back and forth to one another.

"Potter, now what are you doing out here by yourself in the cold?" Pacey said and giving her his jacket.

"Pacey, if you haven't noticed, this is my house? I was just thinking about everything you know." Joey told him, looking at him. He has really nice eyes, I can get lost in them.

"You know Potter, I worry about you. I just came by to see how you were. You know, you seemed upset and all. Now, we can't have little miss Potter upset, and sad. We don't want to think she is a girl now, do we?" Pacey stated sarcastically like he always does. He always seems to be able to put a smile to Joeys face. It lightens up her day.

"Ha, aren't you funny. I don't know what girls find so appealing about you, Pace." Joey mentioned with a laugh.

"You know, Jo, I have to admit a lot of girls find me rather attractive and all. Must be my good looks, and my charm you know. How can they say no to this?" Pacey says in amusement while doing a little spin for Joey to show her.

"Yeah right, Pace." Joey stated and started to laugh. She had to admit, that's one thing Pacey is always good for, a good laugh. He always knows how to put a smile on my face.

"Hey Jo, would you like to go for a walk? It's a beautiful night out?" Pacey asked kindly, with a smile on his face as always.

"Sounds great, Witter." Joey said, while reaching for his hand and getting up.

What a beautiful night out, the sun has set. Capeside, just looks beautiful at the moment. Nice and peaceful, a peace of mind. I am spending it with Pacey, I do not know why. I don't find him that charming or anything, he is Dawson' friend, and my friend too. I just enjoy his company, and his witty charm that he has. It is always different, when I am with him, he just not as bad as it is when we're around people. It's just Pacey and I, in our own little world. You know, that smile of his, and his deep ocean blue eyes, I can get lost in them forever. What is wrong with me? This is Pacey, my enemy who I always fight with and banter with. Eh, it must be the night, and the moment. Well, I hope so anyways for the sake of my dignity.